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Sir WheatBread is a virtual bread streamer that plays Nintendo Switch and PC Games.

Introduction Video


Hello I'm 🍞 - 「Self Introduction」 Vtuber

Sir Wheatbread's introduction.


Sir WheatBread's personality is similar to a piece of bread that you eat everyday.


Sir WheatBread's fans are called the Bread Lovers.


  • WheatBread is spelled as one whole word as this is a nod to Sir Baker's profession as a programmer. The "W" is maintained as a capital letter despite not a "best practice" in naming a variable because it is a proper noun rather than a variable.
  • The name WheatBread is misinterpreted as "whole wheat bread" by some but when in reality, this is a nod to the only 3 ingredients needed to make basic bread: Flour(Wheat), Water and Salt.
  • Sir WheatBread uses the ternary systems. which he is made up of 0s(Yes),1s(No) and, 2s(Maybe) so Sir WheatBread is gluten-free

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