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So Nagi (소나기) is a female Korean Virtual Youtuber who is a member of Nijisanji's Korean Branch, Nijisanji KR.

A young lady with an interest in Japanese Culture travels to Japan through the virtual world. The young girl yearns to portray a mature and adult-like image, but the person herself seems to be quite naive.[1]

Introduction Video


【初配信】나기 데뷔방송! 자기소개 시간~

Nagi's introduction.




So Nagi made her Youtube account on 12 May 2020 and made her debut on 22 May 2020 as a part of Nijisanji KR's second wave of Vtubers alongside Lee Siu, and Chae Ara. The three are Nijisanji KR's second wave livers and are called "嵐ウナギ" (Arashi Unagi).


  • On 3 February 2021, Nagi participated in the Nijisanji-wide "NIJIYANJI" event. [2]


  • Nagi's fans are called "うなぎ" (Unagi) which is a name she and the viewers came up with during her debut stream. The name "Unagi" was a spin-off from the English phrase "You and Nagi" and the Japanese word for eel, "ウナギ"(Unagi).
    • Whenever she starts a stream, Nagi would greet the listeners with a "こんなぎ~" (Konnagi~) and ends the stream with a "おつなぎ~" (Otsunagi)


  • Nagi's full name, "소나기" means a rain shower in Korean.
  • Notable units within Nijisanji:
    • "嵐ウナギ" (Arashi Unagi) - So Nagi, Lee Siu and Chae Ara. These three debuted together.
  • Color: #7E88DE [1]
  • Nagi is fluent in both Japanese and Korean. She would sometimes translate what she says in the other language and would also tweet something while mixing Japanese and Korean words.
  • Nagi is good at illustration. She draws a lot and often stream with her drawing and interacts with her fans.
  • Preferences
    • Nagi likes: horror, cyan, roses (especially blue roses), seafood, dogs, chinchillas, hamsters, and her favorite senpai, Ange Katrina.

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