Hime Tanaka

Tanaka Hime (田中ヒメ) is a Female Japanese Virtual YouTuber who debuted on March 18, 2018. On May 26, 2018 she began sharing her channel with Suzuki Hina as HimeHina.

Introduction Video



Hime's Introduction Video, which is not actually her first video. Her debut was delayed because her editor had his arm broken.
Her first video was instead a short preview where Hime was dancing and singing Yi Er Fanclub in front of a mirror.[1]


Hime's design is more chinese oriented despite her being japanese. Her hair is white and tied in double buns, but with the sidelocks let down. On her chest there is an ornament in which is written "Tanaka" (田中)


Hime is very loud, excitable, and talks a lot.


  • Her Twitter followers called out on her panties being visible on her design sheet. Her Introduction video was themed as a criminal interview of the fact.
  • Some fans have noted her voice's similarity to Ayapon.
  • Apparently, her shared channel with Suzuki Hina was planned from the start. Even the designer, Haru Sugar, corroborated to this on twitter.
  • Both girls have not been very successful at starting their livestreams on time.


  • On 31 August 2018 they released their RettouJoutou music video.

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