Tenjin Kotone (天神子兎音) is a female Japanese Virtual YouTuber.

Introduction Video

【 0】おいでやす〜初投稿やでっ【天神子兎音】

【 0】おいでやす〜初投稿やでっ【天神子兎音】

  Kotone's introduction.



  • Since 12 April 2019, she hosts a monthly variety show in the REALITY app called God Summit (神々さみっと Kamigami Samitto) which is a collaboration with her co-hosts Kazamiya Matsuri, Sakura Miko, and Sister Cleaire. There are currently five episodes in total, with some of the episodes archived in their respective YouTube channels, with one episode archived in REALITY Studio channel.


  • According to her official Website, she is originally a god that was enshrined in an ancient shrine in Kyoto about 500 years ago, granting the humans many different blessings, but was forgotten as time went by. 
  • Her character designer is Noizi Ito which is known as the artist and character designer for Shakugan no Shana and Haruhi Suzumiya novels.

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