Tenkai Tukasa (天開司 Tenkai Tsukasa) is a male Japanese virtual YouTuber who shares the looks and personality of Bitou Kaiji, and just happens to have started his channel after Kaiji's channel was mostly deleted/shutdown due to copyright violations. He is the current leader of BANs.

Introduction Video



  Tukasa's introduction.




His activity started simultaneously on 2 June 2018; his Twitter account and YouTube channel was created and his introduction on YouTube was uploaded on the same day, curiously right after Kaiji's account termination. Several VTubers welcomed him back on the comment section of his introduction


On 23 March, he voluntered to help Kashiko Mari during her 3rd live event, MARism Vol.3 at WOMB in Shibuya, Tokyo along with Saionji Mary, and Yu T Kyu.

On 10 May, it was announced that he will be one of the first two participants (the other being Fairys Chan) of Nijisanji's Nijisanji NetWORK program, a partnership program that is meant to support virtual talents.[1]


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