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Tsukishita Kaoru (月下カオル) was a male Japanese Virtual YouTuber endorsed by hololive's branch Holostars. He was a member of its third generation, also known as "TriNero" (トライネロ) alongside Kageyama Shien and Aragami Oga.

Introduction Video


【 月下カオル初配信】どっかーーーん!月下カオルです。【ホロスターズ3期生 新人Vtuber】

Kaoru's introduction (no longer available)


An apprentice make up artist with an obsession with cosmetics.

Even as a man, he enjoys adorably cute things.

Strives to be beautiful on the inside and outside.

Worried about being in the wrong hololive audition, was guided by Shinove after confirming gender.[3]


Kaoru presented himself in a cute and bubbly manner, however, he would be perverted and also made dirty jokes sometimes.



His Twitter account was created in 10 April 2020; he made his first tweet on 27 April,[4] while his YouTube channel was created on 8 April, and his debut stream was performed on 29 April 2020.


On 28 July 2020, Cover Corp's Twitter account anounced the end of their contract with Kaoru due to personal circumstances.[5][6] All of the videos on Kaoru's channel have been privated and most of his tweets were also removed.

While he didn't have a farewell stream, he left a message in the "About" section of his channel. "It's been a really happy and dreamy time for me over the last three months. Thank you all."[7]


  • His fanbase is officially called "FUNdation" (FUNデーション).
  • Whenever Kaoru ends the stream, fans say fare well by saying "otsunail" (おつネイル).



  • His Beyblade ASMR stream was trending 1st place on Twitter in Japan after the stream was noticed by Beyblade creator Takara Tomy.
  • During a collaboration with Natsuiro Matsuri, Kaoru revealed that he was a fan of her prior to joining Holostars.
  • He once called into Kagami Kira's live stream and had a conversation so lewd that the stream ended up getting banned.
  • Due to how often he would talk about lewd things, members of hololive Indonesia sometimes refer to him as "Kaoru-ecchi."[8][9][10]
  • In Kaoru's debut stream, it was written down that his birthday was on 28 August. However, during the first TriNero collab, while the group were talking about birthdays, Kaoru stated that he was born on Yakiniku Day (29 August). Kaoru's birthdate is also corrected in his Twitter profile.

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