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Tsukumo Sana is an English Virtual YouTuber associated with hololive. She debuted in 2021 as part of hololive -Council-, the second generation of members of hololive English, alongside Ceres Fauna, Ouro Kronii, Nanashi Mumei and Hakos Baelz.

Introduction Video


【DEBUT STREAM】BIG STREAM🪐 -holoCouncil -hololiveEnglish

Sana's introduction.


A member of the Council and the Speaker of "Space," the very first concept created by the Gods.

After being materialized in the mortal realm, she began researching astrology in earnest for one particular reason. However, she soon stumbled unknowingly upon the Forbidden Truth, and was turned into an apostle for the Ancient Ones.

"Space" refers not only to this universe we live in, but all dimensions and matter to exist. It is a concept unbridled by definition, and one that continues to grow in scope limitlessly. As it is yet to be fully explored by man, her seemingly strange behavior and speech can be explained away with a simple, "Humanity simply isn't yet ready to understand."

As a side note, despite how she may look, she is quite chi... young.


Tsukumo Sana has a light-hearted and sometimes childish attitude. She has an interest in both astronomy and astrology, and often makes references to space. She is fond of her fellow hololive -Council- members. Sana enjoys stating fun facts, particularly those with large numbers. She may also have a tendency to exaggerate, as the age and unrestricted height she wrote in her debut were off by an order of magnitude.

She is careless, and has destroyed the planet Earth in the past as a result.

At debut, Hakos Baelz described Sana as the ultimate "ドM" (masochist), having insane art skills and a heart as big as space.



Following the success of hololive English in 2020 and 2021, COVER Corporation announced auditions for a second batch of English members from 12 February to 26 March 2021.[3] Twitter accounts for the five new members were created in June 2021 and YouTube accounts created on 26 July 2021.

Teaser videos for the new generation began on the official hololive English YouTube Channel in August 2021. On 1 August, "Prelude" revealed a story of gods creating the four concepts of space, nature, time, and civilization.[4] On 14 August, "Omen" described the creation of avatars of those four concepts plus that of the primordial force of Chaos, revealing five silhouettes.[5] On 17 August, "Council" revealed the five new hololive English members and announced a grand debut scheduled for the coming weekend.[6] Although the traditional term "generation" was not officially used to refer to the new members, who had been referred to as "hololive English Generation 2" by fans, the new members nonetheless formed a group known as "-Council-".

Upon conclusion of the Council debut PV, all five new members' Twitter and YouTube accounts were revealed, and each made their first tweet.[7][8][9][10][11]

On 17 August 2021, around 24 hours after the initial announcement, Tsukumo Sana reached 100,000 YouTube subscribers before her debut. However, YouTube soon removed around half of this number, possibly due to the sudden subscriber growth on a channel with no videos yet, which may have triggered a YouTube anti-bot algorithm. Her subscriber count was cut down yet again shortly after she reached 170,000 YouTube subscribers.


Tsukumo Sana's debut was scheduled for 22 August. However, the -Council- debuts were postponed for 24 hours due to unspecified technical issues,[12]which members jokingly blamed on the "EN curse," a perceived tendency for hololive English members to suffer from unexpected technical problems.[13] The debuts were rescheduled at the same time on Sunday 22 August (US/Europe time) or Monday 23 August (Japan time).[14]

Sana's debut stream reached a peak viewership of over 84,000. During the stream, she removed her limiter and grew to her natural massive size, throwing Earth out of orbit. However, her viewers somehow survived, and she was still able to stream long enough to sing Seikan Hikou, a song from the popular science fiction anime Macross Frontier.[15]


On 5 September, her channel got approved for monetization.

On 22 September, a video that looked like a teaser for lore between Sana and Ina was uploaded to Ina's channel (but Sana made the video) in the end the video was used to announce Sana's first official collaboration with another member outside of her generation.[16]

On 26 September, said collaboration took place on Ina'nis' channel, playing Super Bunny Man.[17]

On 27 September, her channel became open for memberships.[18]

On 13 October, Sana reached 200,000 subscribers.


  • On 26 October, Anime NYC's announced that every holoCouncil member would appear in "Anime NYC."[19]

Mascots and Fans

  • Her fanbase is officially called "Sanallite," portmanteau of "Sana" and "satellite." The latter refers to any body which orbits another in space.
  • Sana's mascot is Yatagarasu, a sun god in the form of a majestic three-legged crow. It takes its current cute form to prevent human minds from melting upon viewing it. It occasionally vomits out wishes, and appears to speak bird language.
    • It is inspired by the yatagarasu, a mythical three-legged crow appearing in Japanese, Chinese and Korean mythology.


  • "Where does the difference lie between 0 and 1. The only way to save the void is to validate the existence of "Space."
  • "BIG HELLO! Sana has landed on earth!!!!!! Did you know that when you trip into a black hole you turn into spaghetti?"



  • The name "Tsukumo" is written 「九十九」, meaning "ninety-nine." It appears in the term tsukumogami, ninety-nine gods, referring to the belief that an object or spirit can acquire sentience by living a hundred years. Tsukumo is a Japanese surname, although it is not usually written with these kanji; however, it does appear so in the name of the character Yuma Tsukumo from the anime Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal.
    • In the 9th century Japanese work The Tales of Ise, tsukumogami is also used to refer to white hair. This has a similarity to Shirakami Fubuki, whose name "shirakami" can also be taken to mean "white hair."
  • "Sana" is a Japanese female given name. It is written 「佐命」, although the name is not commonly written with these kanji. While the first kanji, read "sa", appears in one common spelling of the name Sana, the second is usually read "inochi," meaning "life," or "mei," as in "unmei," destiny.
    • Sana is also an anagram of NASA, the acronym for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, a well-known organization whose duties involve the exploration of space. Fans quickly noticed that Sana follows NASA on Twitter. Her logo also resembles the NASA logo.
  • Sana reads her name in Western order, like Ouro Kronii, Hakos Baelz, Mori Calliope, and Watson Amelia.


  • Sana's connection to the Ancient Ones links her to Ninomae Ina'nis, a priestess of the Ancient Ones and a founding member of the original hololive English.
    • A further connection between Sana and Ina may be found in her introductory quote referencing the "void," as the name Ina'nis is Latin for "empty;" and the difference between 0 and 1, which may refer to Ninomae, meaning "one."
  • Sana is larger than Earth's Sun, but shrank down to human size in order to experience Earth. The antenna on her head is a limiter which prevents her height from increasing. If removed, her gravitational field would fling Earth out of orbit and kill the entire human race.
    • Although Sana described her true height at debut as approximately 1.7 trillion centimeters (17 million kilometers), the chart depicting her to scale next to Earth's Sun showed her to be only slightly larger. Since the Sun has a diameter of 1.4 million km, a height of 170 billion cm (1.7 million km) is likely to have been the intended figure.
    • Her restricted height of 169 cm still makes her the tallest among hololive English, and second only to Pavolia Reine among all active hololive members.
  • Although she is 13.8 billion years old, she is only a toddler in galactic terms.
    • To date, Sana is the oldest hololive member who has an age stated as a number. Takanashi Kiara is older than humans have lived on Earth (at least two million years), Mori Calliope is the personification of an abstract concept and has no age, and Ouro Kronii's age is infinity as she is time itself.
    • In her debut stream, Sana wrote her age as 138 billion years, although this is likely another error. She read it as 13(.8) billion years old, consistent with the current estimates of the age of the universe.
  • Sana is the second member of hololive English to speak fluent bird language, after Takanashi Kiara. She uses it to speak with her mascot Yatagarasu.

Likes and dislikes

  • She likes pasta, macarons, and round things like baby seals and planet Earth.
  • Sana dislikes sneezing, as her sneezes may destroy the Earth. She believes that mosquitoes are "a mistake of the universe."
  • Her favorite games are cute, bad, and psychological games. She also enjoys Pokémon.
  • Her favorite anime are Kyousougiga, Uchouten Kazoku, and Katanagatari.
  • Her favorite music is EDM (including Moeshop, Camellia Snail's House), Go Shina, YOASOBI, and Eve.
  • Her hobbies are astronomy, astrology, graphic design, drawing, traveling, hiking, snorkling, camping, and eating.
  • Sana plans to do astrology streams (performing astrology with the hashtag #Holoscope) and Kuso Monday, where she plays rubbish games.
  • Her dreams are to get a telescope, try astrophotography, see her mascot Yatagarasu in 3D, collect the laughter and smiles from everyone, and last a year (i.e. until 23 August 2022) without destroying the Earth. However, she already failed the last goal by taking off her limiter during her debut.


  • Sana's birthday, 10 June, was the date of a solar eclipse in 2021.
  • Sana's hair ornaments in her original outfit resemble represent sanshoku dango, a traditional Japanese rice flour confection consisting of three spheres and often eaten during cherry blossom viewing. Such dango are usually pink, white, and green. Some fans used the dango emoji in chat during her debut.
  • Sana noted that her hair resembles the Milky Way, the horizontal plane of our galaxy visible as a river of stars in Earth's night sky.
  • Sana has an Australian accent. She also uses Australian slang for brand names such as "Maccas" in place of McDonald's.
  • In addition to English, Sana is learning Japanese. However, she has difficulty reading certain kanji.
  • She shares her Live2D modeller with Yukihana Lamy, Shishiro Botan and Pavolia Reine. They also rigged updated models for various hololive-affiliated VTubers, several of which can be found here.
  • She is the artist for the first piece of hololive English -Council- merchandise, the debut tapestry.
  • Sana's limiter, the swirly antenna on her head, only appears when she is at human size, and is absent when she is full size. A common mistake by fanartists is to draw her with the antenna while at full size.
  • She had a pet dog named Taco who died on 11 October 2021.

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