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upd8 (read as "update"; Japanese: アップデート appudēto) is a project started in June 2018 by Activ8. It supports "Virtual Talents" such as Virtual YouTubers (but not restricted to them) by offering entertainment industry-related contacts and services, in exchange for a portion of the talents' earnings.


Upd8 virtual talents

A sample of upd8's roster of Virtual talents (in 2019): Center, Kizuna AI; Upper Left, Laki, Nobuhime, Neu, Zombiko and Nora; Bottom Left, MonsterZ MATE, Ao, HoneyStrap and Mei; Upper Right, Mari, AniMare and YuNi; Bottom Right, Omega Sisters, Dela and Hadou, Kerin and Virtual Neko


The Virtual Talents endorsed by upd8 are:


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