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upd8 (read as "update"; Japanese: アップデート appudēto) was a project started in June 2018 by Activ8. It supports "Virtual Talents" such as Virtual YouTubers (but not restricted to them) by offering entertainment industry-related contacts and services, in exchange for a portion of the talents' earnings.



On 1 November 2020, upd8 official Twitter account announced that the company would stop its activities at 31 December 2020 apologizing to the fans but stating that VTubers under the company would continue their activities after the company's closure.[1]


A sample of upd8's roster of Virtual talents (in 2019): Center, Kizuna AI; Upper Left, Laki, Nobuhime, Neu, Zombiko and Nora; Bottom Left, MonsterZ MATE, Ao, HoneyStrap and Mei; Upper Right, Mari, AniMare and YuNi; Bottom Right, Omega Sisters, Dela and Hadou, Kerin and Virtual Neko

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