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Antoneo is a male Indonesian Virtual YouTuber who dreams to become professional musician.

His channel has music content such as song covers, etc. He also make gameplay of his favorite games. He uploads new video randomly (usually once every two weeks).

Introduction Video


Perkenalan Halo Namaku Antoneo. Virtual Youtuber Indonesia Episode

Antoneo's self-introduction video


Antoneo seems to be a cool shy boy with courteous manner of speech. He likes playing instrument, singing and rhythm games, but she also likes anime. Antoneo also dreams to holding his solo concert.


Antoneo has an oval face, dark gray eyes, and short black hair and some are blue. His clothes consist of a jacket with logo on its back (sometime he wear his favorite band's jacket) . He also wearing a black school pants and brown shoes.


  • He is a fan of バンドリ franchise acording on his facebook post
  • He also a fan of LiSA and Yurushii (Yurika Endou)

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