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Kon'nichiwa, I'm プレゼンス aka Der Presenz.

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I am a writer, and a Psychologist.

I'm a Japan2.gif Japanese girl, who loves to be under a kotatsu.
I play video games. I write short stories.
Sometimes I compose music.

I don't speak Japanese, nor any language at all, because I'm mute.

Don't forget to visit my talk page if you want to talk about anything!

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I'm the Bureaucrat of this wiki.

If you need help with stuff related to the main page, including the VTubers featured, an also with things related to the VTubers and Virtual Groups in the list below, please post a message at this thread, and if you need to report a spammer and/or summon the banhammer, request it here (Also please make use of the report function, be sure to read the guidelines before reporting).


About Me

I play video games. I write short stories.

I'm a member of the circle LRF. In addition of being a psychologist, I also have studies in Philosophy, Mathematics, Education, and Music.

I publish my stories on Shōsetsuka ni Narō (a.k.a. Syosetu), Kakuyomu, Pixiv, Everystar, Magical Land, Honeyfeed, AlphaPolis, MAGNET MACROLINK, Novel Up +, Wild Strawberries, Berry's Cafe, Waiting LN, Hameln,, LN street, NOVEL DAYS, Novelba, Novema, Stunning G, and Hatena Blog.

I'm what one would call: himejoshi (姫女子), Yurijoshi (百合女子), Yuri Ota (百合オタ) / Yuri Otaku (百合おたく、百合オタク、百合ヲタク), Yuri fangirl, Lily Fan, Yuri Fan, or Girls' Love Fan / GL Fan.


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Welcome to Virtual YouTuber Wiki
Created 24 November 2017

This Wiki contains information about VTubers and Virtual Groups.

VTuber Wiki
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This wiki is dedicated to virtual idols/characters that appear in YouTube and/or other streaming/video services. This includes any fictional character that portrays a virtual idol that uploads on regular basis talking and acting on a certain topic or play games as a fictional character.
Any online entertainer represented by a (digital) avatar generated by computer graphics (or other means).

Please remember to read the Contribution Guideline before editing!
If you would like to add an article for a VTuber for the wiki, please check if they meet the Notability Standard!


Virtual Groups
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Alt!! Logo.png VDP.jpg Anclara Lara and Kanimiso-chan.jpg ShinkukanDolls.jpg Aogiri High School Game Club.jpg
S׃gnal Logo.jpg AsanoHikari.png ReAcT Logo.jpg DelaHadou.jpg OmegaSisters.jpg
Naisen.jpg Ginjosisters.jpg MeltyMagic.jpg HachigatsuNiyuki.jpg AdukiChiyu.jpg
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Kizunaai.jpg Miraiakari.jpg Kaguyaluna.jpg Siro.jpg Azumalim.png
Hinata.jpg ShizukaRin.jpg Kanatahikari.png HibikiAo.jpg Hoonie.jpg
Eilene Chibi.png Amiyamato.jpg Tsukino Mito - Portrait.jpg Fujiaoi.jpg Tokino Sora 2019 Portrait.png
Ootori Kohaku.jpg Sister Cleaire - Portrait.png GoldShip.jpg SuperSonico.jpg Jashin-chan Portrait.png