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Amemori Souma



Amemori Souma is a Male Filipino and English Virtual Youtuber. He is a member under the Virtual Youtuber Group called Ark Clover Project.


English - Rainforest Moon

Japanese - 雨森そうま Romaji - Amemori Souma


4.5 billion years old (Earth years), 14 years old (Celestial years)




Celestials (Spirit)


Debut date to be announced.

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Twitter - Amemori Moon Ch.

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Instagram - Amemori Moon Ch.

YouTube - Amemori Moon Ch.

Twitch - RainforestMoonCh

Discord - Amemori Moon's Bulalakaw


Bathala the Supreme God created the heavens, the earths and the seas.

Bathala's creations

His first creation was Araw. Araw is our big brother, a very protective one at that, he makes sure that no one gets sick by radiating his warmth unto us. Second to join Araw is Malakaragatan. He is a planet stationed at the farthest domain of Araw. He is our protector as well and a very nice brother. Together with Araw, they both protect us the younger siblings. The third creation was twin planets, they are Masingsing and Pahilata. Masingsing is a very cool sister, having so many rings around her. Pahilata on the other hand is a lazy sister, always lying down, she doesn't even want to get up. The fourth creation was our biggest brother planet with his many wives. I think he has over 64 wife moons and even sent an invitation to to join his harem even though I am but a young moon and a boy at that. His name is Lakimata since he has a big eye circling around. He swore to protect our other frail brothers and sister. The fifth creation were another twin planets. They were the most beautiful planets as well. One of them, I am betrothed with. They are Tala and Daigdig. Tala is the brightest of them all and has an exceptional beauty but unlike Daigdig, Tala is a hot-headed planet which makes many men crumble in fear. Tala is also a little bit rebellious since she decided to go against east to west direction. She spins from west to east. Daigdig is the kindest of all and also the one I supposed to marry. Daigdig is home to the various flesh creatures and spirits.(edited) The sixth creation were triplet planets . They were the smallest of our planet brothers under the domain of big brother Araw. One of them Kalamigan was a planet so small that she was almost a moon like me. The other one is Mapula the bravest of our sisters which married two small moons named Dibuo and Pabilog. The last of them was Bilis, the youngest of our planet siblings. She is also one of the most loved by Araw due to her liveliness, the messenger between us celestials and the closest to Araw. You can see her from Daigdig every dawn waking up Araw and every dusk putting Araw to sleep. She is a sweet little sister.

The last creation of bathala was us twin moons. Buwan and me Bulan. If you are wondering why I am named Souma, it is my acquired name after I completely fell down which I will put into detail later. Buwan was my twin, well she is Daigdig's companion and also the strongest of us moons. She is one of the most beautiful moons as well.

Bulan's little journey

Although Araw is very against me playing around and going far out there, I did not let him stop me and I went to visit every planet siblings we have until one day...

Advent of the void creatures and the chaos master Sitan

Sitan, Bathala's rival came upon us, Bathala's creation. With him, Sitan brought Bakunawa, the Celestial Devourer with a mission to eat all of us Bathala's creation.

Bulan's downfall and rebirth as Souma

While going back home from traveling far out, I arrived at the baddest timing possible. Buwan, my sister, deflected Bakunawa's attempt at eating Araw changing Bakunawa's course coincidentally to my path. I was devoured with nothing left but my core which I managed to protect. My fragments was excreted out by Bakunawa, spreading it onto the nearby planets. On that day, the second moon 'Bulan' which is I, collapsed. The scattered fragments fell onto Daigdig annihilating 70% of it's inhabitants which includes the Dragons whose bones were thought to be dinosaurs and many more ancient magical beings. My fragments which contains massive magic power poured into Daigdig, doubling her magical ability and further enriching her inhabitant's magic as well.

I with my core escaped to Daigdig, falling as a meteorite to the land of the rising sun. I was found by dryads and named Amemori Souma, Amemori being the place where I was found, a Rainforest and Souma, which means beautiful moon, reminiscent of my past glory.

I travelled countless forests to hide from Bakunawa's wrath brought by me surviving his attack. I settled within a Rainforest in a land later to be populated by humans and named as the Philippines, Pearl of the Orient Sea.(edited)

Amemori Souma's mission

From there, I intended to gather my missing fragments which fell on Daigdig, so that I can regain my celestial body. This mission proved to be impossible since my fragments gained sentience from staying on Daigdig. Since then, I changed my body to that of a celestial spirit with rain and forest, and the moonlight as my magical attribute. My new mission is to guide my fragments to a joyful and stress free life through VTubing and someday raise our hands and fight against the looming threat of Sitan, his void creatures and Bakunawa the celestial devourer.