Good day to you! I am a staff member of the Wiki! I prefer, quality of articles over quantity, it is better to make a good article over three lacking ones. I like to research on VTubers history if you see big History section in articles there is a fair chance I might have been involved in its development, while I focus on hololive content, I enjoy a variety of other VTubers and agencies. I joined the wiki as a hobby, making small corrections to articles, then started my own project in updating hololive article's "History" section back in late 2019.

Wikis are community projects, thank you for your efforts in making articles better for everyone!


First user to contribute to the wiki for 365 consecutive days on 7 December 2020.

Pages I created


Amane Kanata Kiryu Coco Tsunomaki Watame Tokoyami Towa Himemori Luna
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Kiryu Coco - Profile Picture.jpg
Tsunomaki Watame - Profile Picture.jpg
Tokoyami Towa - Profile Picture.jpg
Himemori Luna - Profile Picture.jpg
Yukihana Lamy Momosuzu Nene Shishiro Botan Omaru Polka Mano Aloe
Yukihana Lamy - Profile Picture.png
Momosuzu Nene - Profile Picture.png
Shishiro Botan - Profile Picture.jpg
Omaru Polka - Profile Picture.jpg
Mano Aloe - Profile Picture.png
Kureiji Ollie Anya Melfissa Pavolia Reine
Kureiji Ollie - Profile Picture.png
Anya Melfissa - Profile Picture.png
Pavolia Reine - Profile Picture.png


Ratna Petit Yukishiro Mahiro
Ratna Petit Portrait 2020.png
Yukishiro Mahiro Third Costume Portrait.png

774 inc.

Kazami Kuku Yunohara Izumi Shiromiya Mimi
Kazami Kuku Portrait.jpg
Yunohara Izumi Portrait.jpg
Shiromiya Mimi Portrait.jpg
Shishio Chris Ryugasaki Rene Kojo Anna
Shishio Chris Portrait.jpg
Ryugasaki Rene Portrait.jpg
Kojo Anna Portrait.jpg


Kano (Hanayori) Hanamaru Hareru
Kano Portrait.png
Hareru Portrait.png


Hanabasami Kyo Shishigami Leona
Hanabasami Kyo Portrait.png
Shishigami Leona Portrait.png

Propro Production

Koinoya Mai
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Sephira Su Rosuuri
Sephira Su Portrait.png
Rosuuri Portrait.png
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