Hi, I'm Gominokyara, but you can call me Gomi (or whatever shortening works best). I actually prefer to go by Torashii, but I can't change my username so I guess I'm kinda stuck as Gominokyara here... well, whatever, Torashii or Gomi, either is fine. I'm mostly into Holostars and Nijisanji.

I do the best I can in editing articles about topics I like/that pique my interest, so if I make any mistakes please correct me!



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(still being cleaned up)

Holostars by TCB.jpg Tsukishita Kaoru by むっしゅ.jpeg

Shellin Burgundy by フカヒレ (3).jpeg Kagami Hayato by 冬臣 (3).jpeg

Hanabasami Kyo by ɴᴀʀᴜᴇ.jpeg Shishigami Leona First Aniversary Illustration by 咲良ゆき.jpg

Itone Lloyd by en.jpg Sayoshigure Kou - Portrait.jpg

(not pictured: Neg Nasu, Amicia Michella, Hana Macchia, Taka Radjiman, Bonnivier Pranaja, Utai Makea)

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