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Hello, my name is MCPopFan, please call me MC or M for short. I am one of the many staff members here on the wiki. You will often see me editing new or old articles to make sure they follow our Notability Standard's and Guidelines. I joined the wiki as a picture contributor back in 2020 for a few of hololive talent's galleries mainly for Ninomae Ina'nis. My love of watching VTubers started with a video of Amano Pikamee from VOMS Project. From that point on... well you can guess what happened from there. Please feel free to correct me or message me if there are issues with my edits.

Status: Active

New to editing?

Use these templates as a starting point to creating your article! (Check out any of Hololive's articles for reference)
Please check that the VTuber meets our Notability Standard's and that you understand our Guidelines, Rules, and Code of Conduct

Have any questions, comments or suggestions? Please feel free to contact any of the active staff members or post on the forums!

Pages I have created

The following are considered Stubs! or maybe not. Help me fill them out.


ZonBko Minon
ZonBko Portrait.jpg


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Special Notes

  • My sandbox
  • Refresh memory on html coding and css styling (its been awhile since I have learned)
  • TODO: Work on OniGiri's page

QoL changes

  • Reupload certain images for higher quality (Reupload images for others?/STAT: Hiatus)
  • Investigating pages that do not meet the Notability Standard. (STAT: Ongoing)
  • Make it easier for dark mode users to read hyperlinked text (STAT: In Progress!)
  • Replacement of Template:Navbar to Template:Tabs to reflect the new format standard (STAT: Investigating)
  • Look into the possibility of increasing accessibility to those with small screens using Fandom Desktop / alt text on images? (Target: Mobile Users (or those with small screens)/other users)
  • Main page resign proposed by U.ayoo.p (STAT: Completed!, use User:U.ayaao.p/common.css with User:U.ayaao.p/Sandbox to see the page, See Discussion post)


For Transparency, these ONLY represent my views and not any of the staff or editors!

  • Roopyroo (STAT: Completed (Will not be moved) / Reason: While not necessarily a VTuber with a working model, she does have a avatar in png form that represents a persona and meets the Notability Standards. There is character depth with character that includes some form of lore).
  • Annasu Anona/Gallery - (Reason: Fan art (see Contribution Guideline))

Waiting for edits in the next 24 hrs

  • Whispaw (STAT: Pending / Reason: Blank page that has no edits, Content creator of ASMR using a 3D Bunny model on YouTube that meets Notability Standards / Action: Page deletion)
  • Fumpen (STAT: Pending / Reason: Blank page that has no edits, Confirmed to be a VTuber with a working 3D model on Twitch that does not meet Notability Standards / Action: Page move)