Hi my name is MCPopFan, please call me M! Who they heck am I and why am I here? Well I fell in the rabbit hole of VTubers in 2020, hololive suddenly appeared in my feed on YouTube because watching one video of an electric shark named Pikamee from VOMS Project and well... you can guess what happen from that point on. I am more of a picture contributor or article editor rather than a article creator. However I will continue to try expanding my contributions whenever necessary (current exploring)! You will likely see me editing photo details or formatting. Well, its time to get back to it...

STAT: Resuming Operations..

Pages I have created

The following are considered Stubs! Help me fill them out.

Special Notes

  • My Sandbox
  • Reupload certain images for higher quality (Reupload images for others?/STAT: Pending)
  • Investigating pages that do not meet the Notability Standard. (STAT: In Progress!)
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