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EDIT: As of Dec.6, 2019, I won't be editing entries of .LIVE and other vtubers anymore. I have decided to get away from this shit because I stopped enjoying it. If you are not aware, my favorite virtual youtuber, Yozakura Tama and another vtuber I care about, Nekonoki Mochi, are booted out of the business. Both talents had issues with Appland, the company that manages them. Because of that, I stopped enjoying new videos from other vtubers. Well, I don't really enjoy most vtubers, they are fun for a short time but because of the drama and mismanagement of vtubers (Kizuna Ai, Enogu, .LIVE, etc) I have stopped enjoying them completely. Although I hope someone with fiery passion still picks up and edit the entries I'm involved with. I'm leaving this message for the archive.



I may have created this wiki back in 2017 but I did not started it. The credit goes to DerPresenz, Shiesuchi Skyoshi who adopted this wiki and did everything from scratch. I thank them for building this wiki from ground up after me abandoning it.

I guess this is the only time I explain myself. You may have assumed that I have been a vtuber fan since Kizuna Ai's creation. Back then, 4chan is the only place I have where I can discuss virtual youtubers with other people. Then the vtuber community started growing, I saw the beginnings of Siro, Noja Loli, YUA, Kaguya Luna and Tokino Sora. I had the hunch that the vtuber industry would further expand so I thought that a wiki is badly needed. I looked for an English wiki but found none, so I decided to make one. To be honest, I'm was a noob to wikis back then and I am an ESL so I had no confidence managing the wiki or adding entries. Hence I left it in its sad state hoping that someone more experienced with the Wiki to take over and build it from ground up.

DerPresenz ,Shiesuchiand Skyoshi, thank you for picking this wiki rather than making a new one. Also thanks to all of you unmentioned who edited this wiki and added entries.

To make the long story short: I got lazy and let other people take over. 計画通り.

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