Lt. Karl Ulrich Freiherr von Richthofen

Lt. Karl Ulrich Freiherr von Richthofen is an upcoming Filipino, English And German VTuber about to debut soon. He is a WW2 German Luftwaffe fighter pilot and an Ace with 91 (90 Allied planes; 26 British, 64 American; 1 alien spaceship piloted by none other than Maiko Ymoks who managed to get out of his gun range and crash land into the Philippines) victories in his name. He survived the war, according to him, only to gain immortality, the thing which he hates so much as time passes by. He currently makes YouTube content while he waits for L2D for his official debut.


Name: Karl Ulrich Freiherr von Richthofen

Age: 99

Sex: Male

Race: Human

Debut: Debut date To Be Announced

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Early life and career

He was born in November 10, 1921, about 3 years after The Great War. He has a deep interest in aviation but his family can't afford for the flight school until 1935. Unfortunately, he started his career as a rear gunner of the famous Heinkel He-111 A-1 piloted by OLt. Wilhelm Hartmann. However, he want to be a pilot so he applied to the Jagdgeschwader 53 and earned his wings in September 1, 1939 After the Battle of France, He was transferred to the Jagdgeschwader 51.

At that time, he tried scoring his first kill but in no effect. He tried different ways but still failed (as pilots tended to steal his kill before he could shoot it down). At this moment at the time when his mother, give him a short pamphlet which was the Dicta Boelcke pamphlet.

Battle of Britain

Richthofen and his wingman about to attack a British Vic formation in 1940 (Battle of Britain movie reference)

During the Battle of Britain, he shot down his first 4 in a single day and by the end of the year, he shot more than 26 British fighters down. It was during his 17th kill when he made the nose of his Bf-109 E-7 red (The thing similar to what Hans Hahn from JG-2 "Richthofen" in real life). In a dogfight, he encountered a British ace George L. Taylor from the No. 19 Squadron and in that fierce dogfight, Richthofen made a vertical climb and used his plane's advantage and as Taylor's plane stalls in, he made a hammerhead turn and shot up the Spitfire's cockpit, killing Taylor and sending his plane out of control and crashed into the English Channel. For him, he was a good pilot and respected his skills as a fighter pilot and sadly he never survived the fight. It was his 18th victory.


He tried climbing above 7500 meters before joining combat. As he saw the enemy at 6000 meters which all of them are Spitfires, he wait patiently before he begin his attack. He would shoot at the Vic formation leader to cause havoc and fear among them formation which is a successful one. That's how he got most of his kills against Spitfires about to intercept German bombers during the Battle of Britain.

Flight Instructor and His Early Romantic Relationship

He was tasked of training new pilots. With a lot of experience he gained in 1940, he successfully trained 290 pilots in 1941 to 1943. According to him in his own account, "I wonder what would my new pilots like... Are they going to be hunters or the hunted?" Among those he trained was future ace Kurt Schütter. In 1942, he met Erika Otersdorf and for him, "...she was the first woman I loved." He courted her so many times, try doing aerobatic stunts to impress her and in February 14, 1943 she confessed her true feelings to him. In November 10, they were officially married.

The Defense Of The Reich

He was tasked for a combat sortie. But this time defending Germany from American heavy bomber formation. He intercepted American B-17s and shot 7 of them. In his own records, "...but time comes, they appeared again like they were too many! Yes we have flak installed around the city and they suffered huge amount of casualties, they still continued to bomb us relentlessly. I need to stop them." In December 22, 1944, he and his Schwarm with the Jagdgeschwader 2 "Richthofen", they intercepted the flight of 500 B-17 Flying Fortresses heavily escorted by P-38 Lightnings heading for Leipzig. They shot down 90 of them before being intercepted by P-38 escort fighters. In an ensuing dogfight with one P-38, he shot the left engine and forced the pilot to bail out. It was his 9th victory against the P-38 Lightning fighter after shooting down his 9th B-17 Flying Fortress piloted by Lt. Kelly G. Johnson. The remaining bombers succeeded in bombing Leipzig. Among the casualties during that bombing run was Erika who at the time was inside her their house when one of the bombs made a direct hit into the bedroom and exploded right in front of her, instantly killing her. Richthofen was so grieved by her death that he swore revenge to those who did this to her.

The "Top Gun" skill

Richthofen in his "Top Gun" mode

Due to Erika's death on the bombs that fell into Leipzig, he was even more determined to shoot all of them until his last breath. This is when his Top Gun skill is born where eyes changed into demonic red eyes that gives him an ultimate ability to be fully aware of their presence even at 3km away from almost all types of altitude they have. The aim for this incredible skill he had was to butcher enemy pilots and their aircraft before returning to his former self of just 10 minutes and while his victim managed to bail out, he will shoot the parachutes or kill him while in a parachute.

Final Years Of WW2.

The Americans unleashed their P-51 Mustangs to escort the bomber raids which caused them even more trouble before attacking the bombers. In January 1, New Years Day, Jagdgeschwader 51 lost 39 pilots by aggressive American fighter sweeps, reducing the number of their experienced pilots with the loss of just 8 Mustangs from the Eighth Air Force. Richthofen shot down 3 Mustangs and survived the engagement but he saw the almost destruction of his Staffel. He lost 9 pilots in his command and only him and his wingman Wilhelm Hertz survived. He described it that "We stood no chance to those P-51 Mustangs. They outclassed our Bf-109s with their speed advantage. The only thing we can do was to hope that they made their own mistakes. I shot down 3 of them but it seems that those guys are rookies. Most of the Mustang pilots who destroyed my Staffel are experienced in combat. We lost hope. No chance at all." In February, they received the new revolutionary jet-powered Me-262s for their Jagdgeschwader 51. Richthofen made a request for a Jagdverband and the High Command agrees. He created the Jagdverband 51 and it established its reputation by shooting down 245 planes before the end of the war in Europe which he shoot down 24 of them. After the war, he surrendered his Jagdverband to the Americans and was shipped to Britain as a prisoner.

Later Years

None of them knew what exactly his life after the war. Some speculated that he committed suicide in 1948. However, he destroyed those speculations by the following: "My life after the war was quite interesting as I never been speaking about my wartime experience. I go back to West Germany after 10 months of serving in Britain until 1948. In 1963, I dated a girl named Hanna in a grocery store and like what I did to Erika in 1942, I did the same tactic on Hanna to make her confess her true feelings. It was until she found out my records showing me shooting down helpless men in their parachutes, (which happened when my Top Gun skill was activated) she suddenly change her mood to me, accusing me of stalking her. That's maybe the reason why I don't wanted to be shipped with someone else ever again... Or atleast court them. Years have come, I wondered why in the hell after years fighting during the war, I still retained my young physical appearance until now. But times had passed and I think I suffered some what was called today as PTSD as I experienced the horrors of war again. I remembered in 1972 I was crying when I experienced flashbacks of my comrades killed during the war. I decided to go into my mother's country of birth which is the Philippines. When I came to this strange but beautiful archipelago, I encountered an Afro guy asking me for help in his flying machine. I was impressed by its exotic design of being a flying disc which was uncommon that day since 1939. Then I see bullet holes. Ach! Scheisse! I remembered flying my Bf-109 F-4 while training 3 pilots when I saw that same flying disc flying in 7000 meter below us which was flying in 8000 meters. I dive upon to commence attack and I damaged the plane. It suddenly go spiraling down though I don't have time to confirm the kill. At last! Finally! That day was January 20 1987 when I finally confirmed the kill! But you know what happened? He suddenly increased his grudge against me then the funniest thing happened in my life came. After that, I decided to stay in the Philippines. That's how I came up living in Cebu this day. Plus, I quickly learned 3 local Filipino languages! That was a blessing. It's 2021 and still retaining my physical appearance since 1939 and I will be joining this Community for a while."

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