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VOMS Project (shortened to VOMS and stylized as #voms_project) is a group of virtual YouTubers founded by GYARI, a Vocaloid music producer and artist. They're initially formed with a longer principal name, Vox Monsters Project, before their rebranding.

VOMS members are independent, choosing their own stream content and scheduling, subject to some limited agreements with GYARI, like a minimum streaming frequency of once per week, and GYARI retaining rights to produce merchandise.

Announcement video


3人はどういうVTuberなんだっけ?| voms project


Vox Monsters Project was announced on 9 September 2019, through a tweet [1]on GYARI's account. Audition and recruitment was later started on 16 September and ended on 16 October. After recruitment and video submission filtering, they were interviewed in the first half of November 2019. Gyari mentioned that the VOMS was originally a personal project, where he planned to recruit just one talent. However, after interviewing, he decided to pick three individuals.[2]


On 7 February, all VOMS talents' social media and channels were created.

On 19 March, VOMS announced their 3 talents.[3]

On 14 June, VOMS announced launching their own website named

On 13 November, through a livestream,[4] GYARI announced the shortening of the brand name from "Vox Monsters Project" to "VOMS Project" and changing the pronunciation from bonzu (ボンズ) to bomuzu (ボムズ).


On 20 May, VOMS Project announced their official YouTube channel and Twitter account.[5]

On 29 May, VOMS Project announced the recruitment of new members.[6]

On 8 June, VOMS Project announced the release of its first original song "We are VOX MONSTERS" starring Pikamee & Tomoshika in collaboration with KOTONOHOUSE. The song will be released as part of VirtuaReal.03 (a collaboration album of vtubers) on 31 July.[7]

On 11 September, GYARI hosted a conference on VOMS Project's official channel, announcing two new talents: Haneuzu Miuneru and Daimonji Ryugon. They were initially set to debut in late September.[8]

On 23 September, Miuneru and Ryugon's debut date was finalized, now being set on 3 October, from 8:00PM and 9:00PM JST respectively.[9]


Amano Pikamee Hikasa Tomoshika Jitomi Monoe
Haneuzu Miuneru Daimonji Ryugon




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