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VShojo is a US-based VTuber agency headquartered in San Francisco. As of April 2024, the organization has 12 active talents with a combined 7 million followers on Twitch and a combined 4.75 million subscribers on YouTube.

The company was founded in 2020 by former Twitch employee Justin "theGunrun" Ignacio and YouTuber Phillip "Mowtendoo" Fortunat, with the vision of creating an organization where the talent have complete freedom. Its goals are to provide members with in-house tech, legal, PR, sponsors, upgrades, opportunities, social media expansion and a positive environment.

Unlike the major Japanese agencies who typically only debut original characters, VShojo often recruits existing independent VTubers. VShojo members primarily stream on Twitch and reserve their YouTube channels for highlight clips and edited content. However, a few talents do livestream or multistream on YouTube as well.


VShojo is a talent-first VTuber company, dedicated to the growth and success of its members.

"Founded by fans of VTuber culture, we aim to create and foster content that pushes the boundaries of VTubing and talent freedom, while maintaining deep respect for the people and companies that helped paved the way."[1]


V Logo - Color


VShojo was founded by Gunrun, who worked at Twitch from 2011 to 2018; and Mowtendoo, a popular YouTuber and video game developer with expertise in 3D motion graphics, video production, and professional music production. Projekt Melody, a VTuber originally better known for her adult content, was also involved in the early stages of the group's creation.

The project had been in the works since at least as far back as August 2020, with the web domain registered on 9 August, and the Twitter account @VShojoOfficial created that same month.


On 7 September, VShojo created its official subreddit, r/VShojo.

On 15 September, the VShojo YouTube channel was created. In 2023, this channel would be renamed to VShojo Classic.

On 16 November, VShojo created a VShojo Highlights channel. In 2023, this channel would be renamed "VShojo" and made the main VShojo channel.

On 24 November, VShojo's YouTube channel uploaded a video introducing its first seven members: the formerly independent VTubers Nyatasha Nyanners, Zentreya, Ironmouse, Silvervale, Projekt Melody, and Froot; and newcomer Hime Hajime.[2] Five of the members held re-debut events on the same day, with Froot's debut scheduled for 27 November,[3] and Hime's debut delayed until 2021.

On 28 November, VShojo's Japanese Twitter account was created and made its first tweet.[4]

On 4 December, Lewdcast's Episode 9 was the first episode as part of VShojo. Froot was its guest, making her the first member of VShojo (not including the hosts) to appear on the show post agency launch.[5]


On 30 January, or 31 January by Japan time, Hime debuted on Twitch.

On 12 March, VShojo partnered with Metaview to bring the viewers a playlist of the best VShojo member moments.[6]

On 15 March, VShojo launched its first set of merch with sharkrobotstore.[7]

On 31 March, Anthony Padilla released his YouTube video I spent a day with VTUBERS, in which he interviews Ironmouse, Nyatasha Nyanners and Zentreya.[8]

Vshow Down logo

VShow Down Logo

On 2 April, VShojo held the first episode of VShowdown, an online game show hosted by Highgai with Ironmouse, Nyanners, Silvervale and Zentreya as the contestants. Ironmouse was the winner with 4,900 points.[9]

On 6 April, VShojo's Twitter account uploaded a video hinting at a new member.[10]

On 9 April, Veibae joined VShojo, the first new member to join since the initial round of debuts.

On 13 April, VShojo members Ironmouse, Froot, Silvervale, Veibae and Nyatasha Nyanners played Among Us with prominent Japanese VTubers Kizuna Ai, Higuchi Kaede and Dennou Shojo Siro in a collab called #VAmongEarth.[11] Silvervale took the place of Inaba Haneru, who had to cancel at the last minute due to illness.

Nyanners and Kizuna AI

Nyanners and Kizuna AI in Virtual US Tour

On 24 April, Nyatasha Nyanners performed with Japanese VTuber Kizuna Ai at her Virtual US Tour. DJ TeddyLoid was also involved in the tour.[12] There was also a release party for Nyanners first single, Foolish Heart.[13]

On 16 June, VShojo made its first collaboration with hololive, between Nyanners and Takanashi Kiara. The event was streamed on both YouTube and Twitch,[14] and attracted a peak total of around 40,000 viewers across both sites.

On 19 June, another hololive EN collaboration between Ironmouse and Mori Calliope was streamed on Twitch and attracted nearly 25,000 viewers at its peak.[15]

On 22 June, VShojo was included in Nagoya VTuber Exhibit at PARCO, by collaboration with panoravr.[16]

On 23 June, VShojo made their first collaboration with VOMS Project between Ironmouse and Amano Pikamee.[17]

VRiety Show Logo

V-Riety Logo

On 5 July, VShojo appeared at AX with their first ever Japanese inspired variety show called VShojo Presents: The V-Riety Show hosted by Highgai, with Zentreya, Silvervale, Nyatasha Nyanners, Apricot, Projekt Melody, and Ironmouse as contestants.[18] Ironmouse & Nyanners' team won by 10 points.

On 15 July, VShojo & friends had a dramatic reading of the script of Tommy Wiseau's 2003 movie The Room on Nyanners' Twitch channel.[19]

On 16 July, VShojo started a partnership with V-Clan, a VTubing project by Nippon TV.[20]

On 21 July, VShojo made their first collaboration with NIJISANJI EN, between Projekt Melody and Pomu Rainpuff.[21]

On 4 August, VShojo made their second collaboration with NIJISANJI between Ironmouse and Bonnivier Pranaja.[22]

Vshojo on BBC news

Veibae and Froot on BBC NEWS

On 6 August, both Veibae and Froot were interviewed by BBC News on the topic of VTubers in the UK.[23]

On 12 August, Ironmouse had her first episode of her talk show "Speak of the Devil" with Sykkuno as guest.[24]

On 17 August, Zentreya and Froot had a collab with NIJISANJI EN's Selen Tatsuki.[25]

VShojo Auditions


On 20 August, VShojo's Twitter account announced auditions for new members.[26]

On 30 September, VShojo closed the auditions.[27]

On 3 November, VShojo announced "After sorting through thousands of applications, we sent an email to EN applicants who are advancing in the application process."[28]

On 21 November, VTuber Nux Taku revealed that since spring 2021, VShojo talents and applicants had been targeted by malicious users impersonating VShojo to gain personal information.[29] VShojo responded by informing him of their ongoing investigation into the matter, releasing an official cubyersecurity statment on 23 November.[30][31] Nux's reporting was criticized by VShojo members, who feared that it revealing their methods would inadvertently aid the attackers. Nux apologized, releasing an apology video and a statement on Twitlonger, and privating the original video.[32][33] On 26 November, VShojo released a blog post clarifying the issue.[34]

On 13 December, VShojo announced a partnership with GoodSmile_US and the release of a Nyatasha Nyanners Nendoroid figure.[35]


On 19 January, VShojo created a VShojo Shorts channel.

On 3 March, VShojo announced that they would be holding a week-long fundraiser for Project HOPE, a humanitarian charity helping out during the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.[36][37]

On 12 March, VShojo's own Nyatasha Nyanners, Veibae and Ironmouse were nominated in The Streamer Awards for the category of Best VTuber Streamer.[38] They lost to Code Miko.[39]

GShojo G Logo


On 1 April, as an April Fools joke, VShojo it a rebrand into GShojo, with the various members being replaced by gecko-ized versions, based on a form initially introduced by Zentreya.[40][41]

On 6 June, VShojo announced that it would be working on a new project with Kagura Nana.



On 15 June, Projekt Melody debuted a new model for Melware, her evil doppelganger. The VShojo social media accounts featured a takeover by Melware, with the VShojo YouTube account briefly changing its profile description to a binary representation of the ASCII string "MELWARE IS HERE," and the Twitter account posting teasers in binary meaning "SHE HAS KEY" and "SAVE HER!!!" The event concluded when the day was saved by cyber Zentreya from the future.

On 24 June, an official VShojo x Senpai Squad Itasha wrapped GT-R was announced to appear at Anime Expo [42]

On 2 July at Anime Expo, VShojo announced two new members: Kson, a formerly independent VTuber who made an in-person appearance at the convention; and new Japanese member Amemiya Nazuna, designed by Kagura Nana.[43]

On 16 July, Kson made her official redebut under VShojo, and Amemiya Nazuna made her original debut.[44][45]

On 26 July, VShojo, looking to bridge the gap between the Japanese speaking content creators and the English audience, released a translator application form.[46][47]

On 6 August, VShojo members Ironmouse, Nyanners, and Projekt Melody attended the Crunchyroll Expo VIRL Experience, selling merch released by Senpai Squad.

On 30 August, Kson appeared on Nico Nico Live Broadcasting.[48]

On 2-5 September, VShojo attended PAX West with appearances by Ironmouse, Silvervale, and Kson. At the same time, from 2-4 September, VShojo appeared at the San Japan convention with Nyatasha Nyanners and Ironmouse.

On 6 September, Kson had her first collab with GOOM STUDIO's Mirai Akari.[49]

On 25 September, VShojo opened applications for Spanish translators.[50]

On 6 October, VShojo announced that they would be partnering with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (@BCRFcure) this month for the Paint Gaming Pink charity.[51]

On 27 October, Streamy Awards nominated VShojo's own Zentreya, Ironmouse, Nyanners and Veibae in the VTuber category.[52] Zen formally applied to withdraw from the nominations.[53]

On 24 November, VShojo pushed back its 2 year anniversary to November 28th, because it fell on the same day as the U.S. holiday Thankgiving[54]

On 28 November, VShojo celebrated its 2 year anniversary by releasing their cover of DECO*27 - Zombies, featuring all 7 original members: Nyanners, Projekt Melody, Ironmouse, Froot, Zentreya, Silvervale, and Hime Hajime.[55] They also released a short video by Kanauru featuring all the members.[56]

On 3 December, Haruka Karibu announced that she would be joining VShojo. She held her re-debut the same day.

On 23 December, Ironmouse and Nyanners put out a Feliz Navidad x Mi Burrito Sabanero Remix cover.[57]

At some point VShojo changed their Twitter name from @VShojoOfficial to just @VShojo.


On 4 January, VShojo collaborated with Ironside to release limited edition PC cases.[58]

On 18 January, all of the current VShojo lore videos were made available to watch in order in a YouTube playlist.[59]

On 28 January, VShojo started advertising for a maid cafe for Golden Week.[60]

On 14 February, VShojo after 2 years streamed episode 2 of "VShow Down" for Valentine’s Day featuring Melody, Zentreya, Veibae, and Kson.[61]

On 20 February, The Streamer Awards nominated VShojo for "Best Content Organization", Apricot for "Best Battle Royale Streamer", Ironmouse for "Best Just Chatting Streamer"/"Best VTuber" and Veibae for "Best VTuber".[62]

On 28 February, VShojo teamed up with Makeship to release plushies.[63]

On 11 March, Ironmouse won ”Best VTuber” in the The Streamer Awards.[64]

On 13 March, Nyanners had an IRL backpack stream with Aethelstan and VShojo staff.[65] The stream featured theGunrun singing karaoke.[66]

GShojo G Logo 2023

GShojo 2023

On 1 April, as an April Fools prank, VShojo held an event titled GShowDown, where they were invaded by the "gremolin" versions of seven members,[67] They also revealed a male version of VShojo, "VShoBro," debuting a male version of Kson, called K"son".[68]



On 25 April, VShojo's Twitter account announced that Silvervale and Veibae would be leaving the company after choosing not to renew their contracts.[69] This was followed by an announcement on 30 April that Nyatasha Nyanners would also be leaving the group.[70][71] All members retained their intellectual property and channels, and continued streaming as independent VTubers.

On 7 May, VShojo began releasing a series of short teaser videos using the hashtag #IQ999'.[72][73][74]

Smite x VShojo

Smite x VShojo

On 10 May SMITE announced a crossover event with VShojo, having current members Froot, Ironmouse and Kson, and recently graduated members Silvervale, Nyanners, and Veibae as character skins.[75]

On 11 May, VShojo announced that they would be debuting a new talent, Henya the Genius, on 13 May.[76]

On 17 May, Froot, Ironmouse & Kson had their first ever SMITE collab, in an official a SMITE x VShojo crossover event.[77]

On 26-27 May, Ironmouse and Zentreya hosted a panel at MomoCon.[78][79]

On 31 May, SMITE member Zeus made a video about VShojo and VTubers, claiming the he was a VTuber the whole time.[80]

On 9 June, VShojo announced a limited time GiGO collaboration, featuring members Kson and Amemiya Nazuna.[81] On the same day, Henya the Genius had a collab with Hololive EN's Ninomae Ina'nis.[82]

On 16 June, The VShojo Maid Cafe opened.[83] The maid cafe was a limited merchandise promotion.[84] Henya and Melody held V-IRL panels at OffKai.[85]

On 17 June, Froot, Kson and Nazuna had V-IRL panels at OffKai. Ironmouse also performed a live concert at the event.[86] VShojo also posted a YouTube video titled Kson & Sydsnap Become Maids for a Day, featuring a real-life appearance by Kson and virtual appearances by Melody, Zentreya, Ironmouse, Froot, Haruka, and Henya. The girls appeared in Japanese maid cafe "at-home cafe", where they were accompanied by maids Fuwaru, Machii, and Hime Hajime’s grandmother Sydsnap, and with Highgai as cameraman.[87]

On 30 June, VShojo announced a collaboration with Raynos by Sony to demo Sony's new mobile motion capturing system, Mocopi, at Anime Expo.[88]

On 2 July, day 2 of Anime Expo featured a VShojo Japan panel with Kson in person and Henya on screen.[89] Ironmouse also appeared alongside CDawgVT in a "Monke vs Gremolin" panel.[90] Day 3 featured a VTuber Panel with Haruka, Apricot, and Zentreya.[91]

On 26 July, VShojo began recruiting video editors.[92]

VShojo Art Gallery

In side the VShojo Art Gallery

On 30 July, VShojo announced the opening of a VShojo Art Gallery in Tokyo from 1 to 13 August.[93]

Candy Pop Explosion

Candy Pop Explosion logo

On 5 August, during Ironmouse's 6th year anniversary, the first teaser for was dropped for the first VShojo 3D concert, "Candy Pop Explosion." This was held on 26 August, with tickets being sold through YouTube's membership feature and granting access to the concert on the day and VOD. The event premiered five original songs: Sour Taste, by Ironmouse; Q-pid, by Melody and Hime; Umbrella, by Haruka and Henya; Sodalicious, by Nazuna and Kson; and Color Blind, by Apricot and Zentreya. The concert ended with a teaser featuring a sealed envelope, indicating a new member.[94] A further new member teaser appeared the following day.[95]

On 1 September, The VShojo store prematurely added merch that spoiled the identity of the new member.[96] General GEEGA made her debut on 2 September,[97] following a VShojo Triple Threat panel at San Japan that featured Mel, Zen, and Haruka, hosted by Nagzz21.[98]

On 24 September, a teaser video was uploaded on YouTube titled #UndeadK9, showing VShojo members in front of a graveyard strewn with missing person posters.[99]

On 27 September, Kuro Kurenai was announced as the next member to join VShojo.[100]

On 30 September, Kuro Kurenai made his debut as VShojo's first male member.[101]

On 8 October, VShojo released a "breaking news" teaser for another new member.[102]

On 15 October, Matara Kan made her VShojo debut.[103]

Between 17 and 18 October, the official "VShojo" YouTube channel was renamed to "VShojo Classic", while the VShojo Highlights channel was renamed to "VShojo" and is now acting as its main channel.[104][105][106]

On 18 October, Kuro and Matara had a Q&A stream where they shared about their past, how they joined VShojo, and how happy they are now.[107]

On 19 October, VShojo appeared at TwitchCon 2023 in Las Vegas with the Senpai Squad.[108]

On 29 October, VShojo released a cover of This Is Halloween, featuring Apricot, GEEGA, Henya, Ironmouse, Kuro, Kson, Matara, Projekt Melody and Zentreya, along with a music video.[109]

On 23 November, VShojo and Makeship released glow in the dark plushies.[110]

On 17 December, VShojo held a VShojo x Toys For Tots charity event.[111]

On 28 December, VShojo's Twitter account announced that Amemiya Nazuna would leave VShojo, concluding her contract with the company on 31 December 2023. She retained her intellectual property and assets.[112] She held her final stream as a VShojo member on 29 December. However, she would return to streaming as Nazuna as an independent VTuber on 8 February.


On 5 January, VShojo announced that they were teaming up with BISOULOVELY to release VTuber inspired jewelry based on Haruka, Henya, Hime, Ironmouse, Froot, Melody, and Zentreya.[113]

On 6 January, VShojo members Ironmouse and Kson were featured at the V4Mirai concert at Animé Los Angeles presented by VStream, the streaming platform for VTubers, alongside Abi Kadabura, Serina Maiko, Kou Mariya, Mono Monet, Yae Yugiri, and Biscotti.[114]

On 8 January, the V4Mirai’s 3D concert featuring a VShojo encore was streamed on VStream.[115]

On 10 January, VShojo took part in the NIKKE New Year campaign where Haruka, Henya, Matara, & Melody were invited to engage with Scarlet.[116]

On January 28, the specially created modpack for VShojo's Minecraft server called "VShojoCraft" was released publically on Curseforge by TofuToons.

On 9 February, VShojo announced the VShojo x Animate Fair merchandise, featuring original illustration merch and special limited postcards of the VShojo talents.[117]

On 1 April, following in the tradition of VShojo April Fools events, Zentreya became a toaster.[118]

In April, VShojo they opened up their previously member exclusive Minecraft server to invited close friends of the group. The first wave of friends who joined included Ai Candii, Arielle, Obkatiekat, Heavenly Father, and FroggyLoch.

Between 13 and 17 April, VShojo released three promotional videos about a VShojo HQ head of security named Code Blue (played by Ify Nwadiwe) trying to figure out who stole TheGunrun's briefcase. The event announced the upcoming debut of new member Michi Mochievee, a thief who stole her VShojo invite.

On 20 April, Michi Mochievee made her debut as the sixteenth ever member of VShojo.

On 4 May, the VShojo X NIKKE ANNIVERSARY MUSIC SPECIAL event was hosted by General GEEGA and Ironmouse's friend CDawgVA.[119]

On 1-2 June, VShojo talent appeared at OffKaiExpo, hosting a maid cafe. The talents that showed up were Ironmouse, Zentreya, Kson, Mochievee, GEEGA, Henya, and Matara. Though not a member of VShojo, Mint Fantôme was also a part of the advertised VShojo roster.[120]

On 26 June, VShojo collaborated with Do Not Peek Entertainment to play ShipWrekt for the charity Gamers Outreach. Players included Haruka, Ironmouse, Kuro, and Zentreya.[121]

On 2 July, The VShojoJP Twitter account announced that they were opening applications for talent for VShojo Japan.[122]

On 9 July, The VShojo Twitter account announced that they were opening applications for VShojo.[123]


RRetired from VTubing activities
FLeft the group or agency

The complete list of current and former VShojo members is as follows:

Founding VShojo Members

The original seven members of VShojo were selected by Projekt Melody. With the exception of Hime Hajime, all were established independent VTubers before joining VShojo. All seven made their re-debuts on 24 November 2020, except for Apricot, who re-debuted on 27 November, and Hime Hajime, who debuted on 31 January 2021.

Zentreya Ironmouse Projekt Melody Apricot
Zentreya - Icon
Ironmouse - Icon
Projekt Melody - Icon
Froot - Icon
Hime Hajime Silvervale F Nyatasha Nyanners F
Hime Hajime - Icon
Silvervale - Icon
Nyatasha Nyanners - Icon

2021 Solo debutant

The first VTuber to join VShojo after its founding, Vei was an established independent VTuber who re-debuted as a VShojo member on 9 April 2021.

Veibae F
Veibae - Icon

VShojo NEXT (2022)

The first members of the VShojo Japanese branch. Kson was a veteran streamer whose Nico Nico Douga streams dated back to 2016, and re-debuted on 16 July 2022. Amemiya Nazuna was VShojo's second entirely original character, and debuted on the same day.

Kson Amemiya Nazuna F
Kson Vshojo - Icon
Nazuna Amemiya

2022 Solo debutant

Haruka Karibu was an independent VTuber who originally debuted in 2020 to an audience of just 28 viewers. She re-debuted with VShojo on December 2022, to an audience of 23,970.

Haruka Karibu
VShojo Haruka Karibu - Icon

2023 Solo debutants

General GEEGA was originally an independent VTuber before joining VShojo. Henya is referred to by the other girls as the bridge between the English and Japanese branches. Kuro marks the first time VShojo adds a male talent.

Henya the Genius GEEGA Kuro Kurenai Matara Kan
Henya the Genius - Icon GEEGA VShojo - Icon Kuro Kurenai VShojo - Icon
Matara Kan VShojo - Icon

2024 Solo debutant

Michi is the first VShojo member whose first language is Indonesian.

Michi Mochievee

Known Staff


Director of Talent
TheGunrun - Icon
MowtenDoo - Icon
Apek (VShojo) - Icon
Loutlot VShojo - Icon
Panini VShojo - Icon
Merch Manager
Talent Team
Talent Manager
Talent Manager
Poshie VShojo - Icon
Kenzo VShojo - Icon
Roxy VShojo - Icon
Jin VShojo - Icon
Otter VShojo - Icon
Outreach & Social
JP Talent Manager
JP Talent Manager
JP Staff
JP Talent Mentor
Ryo VShojo - Icon
Henyamng VShojo - Icon
Ksonmng VShojo - Icon
Highgai VShojo - Icon
Mofuku VShojo - Icon
People Logistics
AVP Finance
Design & Art Lead
Product Designer
Talent Manager
Ashe VShojo - Icon
Rio VShojo - Icon
OMGElsie VShojo - Icon
Corimon VShojo - Icon
Maiko VShojo - Icon


VP of Talent & Brand
Business Manager
JP Strategy Advisor
JP Talent Manager
Tech Lead
Radpuppy VShojo - Icon
Tomathin VShojo - Icon
Iwataiki VShojo - Icon
Nazunamng VShojo - Icon
Fugi VShojo - Icon


These are the awards that were won by the talent during their time in VShojo.

Year Talent Ceremony Category Ref.
2021 Projekt Melody Chaturbate 10th Anniversary Award Creative Cam Show Visionary [124]
2023 Ironmouse The Streamer Awards Best VTuber [125]
2023 Ironmouse The Game Awards Content Creator of the Year [126]
2023 Projekt Melody VTuber Awards LEWDTUBER OF THE YEAR [127]
2023 Ironmouse VTuber Awards MISS VTUBER [128]
2023 Ironmouse’s Subathon VTuber Awards BEST STREAMED EVENT [129]
2023 Henya The Genius VTuber Awards RISING STAR [130]
2023 Ironmouse VTuber Awards VTUBER OF THE YEAR [131]
2024 Ironmouse The Streamer Awards Best VTuber [132]

List of Game Show episodes

Series Episode Contestants Broadcast date
VShowdown Episode 1 pilot: Do VTubers really know anime? Ironmouse, Silvervale, Zentreya, Nyanners 2021/04/04
V-Riety Show Episode 1 Nyanners, Veibae, Projekt Melody, Zentreya, Silvervale, Ironmouse, Apricot, Hime Hajime 2021/11/08
VShowdown Episode 2 Valentine's Day Special! Veibae, Projekt Melody, Zentreya, Kson 2023/02/15
GShowdown Episode 3 Gremolin Takeover! Kson, Nyanners, Zentreya, Ironmouse, Veibae, Apricot, Haruka Karibu 2023/04/01


  • The name VShojo is a pun on the Japanese word "bishoujo" meaning "pretty girl." The letter "V" stands for "virtual," as in VTuber.
  • VShojo does not use "generations." All current and future talents are considered part of the same "generation."[133]
  • The Lewdcast podcast has been viewed as the precursor to VShojo, originally featuring founding VShojo members Melody, Ironmouse and Silvervale, and Nyanners as a prior guest.
  • VShojo has a reputation for positive support of members, both in terms of time and money. They offer to pay for members' therapy, legal support, costs in members' projects, and various other support services. They don't take money from community donations. They won't even allow members to sign without having the contract checked by an independent lawyer.[134][135]
  • VShojo operates closer to a cooperative, where all talents are free to upgrade or replace their models and outfits as they see fit, leading to a number of "styles" across 2D and 3D.
  • It is common for members to retain the rights to their models after leaving VShojo.
  • VShojo CEO theGunRun is one of the founders of Twitch, the main platform for VShojo streams.[136]
  • Itasha cars were produced of Projekt Melody[137] and Nyanners.[138]
  • Although Kson and Henya are in the Japanese branch, they are both American.
  • VShojo is nicknamed the "VTuber Retirement Home" for its support of existing VTubers.
  • VShojo teamed up with Japanese cosplayer Mr. Izu[139] to hand out VShojo T-shirts in front of the Don Quijote Akihabara store 25 June 2022, and again in 1 July with cosplayer Sithle011.[140][141]
  • Kuro is the first male talent to join VShojo.
  • Haruka is potentially the only member recruited from the 2021 auditions.[142]


VShojo Merryweather Comics Achieving the dream
Title Characters Release date  
#1: Visiting Froot's Castle For Spooktober Apricot, Nyatasha Nyanners, Silvervale, Projekt Melody and Zentreya 2021/10/05
#2: Lost In Translation Nyatasha Nyanners, Ironmouse and Hime Hajime 2021/10/17
#3: Mel's Real World Experience Projekt Melody 2021/11/03
#4: The Beach Episode Hime Hajime, Veibae, Silvervale, Nyatasha Nyanners, Zentreya, Projekt Melody, Apricot and Ironmouse 2021/11/15
#4.5: The Beach Episode True Ending Hime Hajime, Veibae, Silvervale, Nyatasha Nyanners and Zentreya 2021/11/15
#5: The Regular Checkup Mamavale, Zentreya, Apricot, Projekt Melody, Nyatasha Nyanners, Ironmouse and Hime Hajime 2021/12/07
Special: Achieving The Dream Ironmouse, Silvervale and Nyatasha Nyanners 2021/12/17
#6: The Alchemy Lesson Ironmouse and Froot 2021/12/28
#7: VShojo Squid Game Nyatasha Nyanners, Veibae, Silvervale, Projekt Melody and Froot 2022/01/07
#8: We Get That Feel Veibae, Projekt Melody, Ironmouse, Hime Hajime, Zentreya and Nyatasha Nyanners 2022/01/07
Special: Love is in the Air...and the Geckoverse Silvervale, Zentreya and Veibae 2022/02/13
#9: The Cooking Contest Nyatasha Nyanners, Veibae, Silvervale, Ironmouse, Projekt Melody, Hime Hajime and Froot 2022/03/07
Special: Invasion of the Geckos: Part 1 Zentreya 2022/03/30
Special: Invasion of the Geckos: The End?? Zentreya and Froot 2022/03/31
#10: Familiar Business Bubi, Goro and Ironmouse 2022/04/30
#11: The Princess and the Peepo Nyatasha Nyanners, Veibae, Silvervale, Projekt Melody, Hime Hajime, Froot and Lord Aethelstan 2022/05/11
#12: Frootea Apocalypse Froot and Projekt Melody 2022/05/18
#13: Life Hack: Bathing Projekt Melody, Silvervale, Ironmouse and Veibae 2022/05/26
#14: Dice & Doggos Projekt Melody, Silvervale and Ironmouse 2022/06/02
Special: The Wedding Crasher Nyatasha Nyanners, Veibae, Silvervale, Ironmouse, Projekt Melody, Hime Hajime, Froot and Trash Taste 2022/06/04
#15: Melody's Space Adventures Projekt Melody 2022/06/08
#16: Who Kissed The Peepo!? Ironmouse, Veibae, Silvervale, Zentreya, Nyatasha Nyanners, Projekt Melody, Hime Hajime, Froot 2022/06/22
Special: Anime Expo 2022 Nyatasha Nyanners, Ironmouse, Zentreya, Hime Hajime, Veibae, Silvervale, Projekt Melody, Froot, Bubi, CDawgVA, Kson, Amemiya Nazuna 2022/07/04
#17: Summer Games: Part 1 Hime Hajime, Zentreya, Projekt Melody, Froot, Ironmouse, Veibae, Kson, Bubi, Nyatasha Nyanners, Silvervale, Amemiya Nazuna 2022/09/01
#18: Summer Games: Part 2 Veibae, Nyatasha Nyanners, Silvervale, Amemiya Nazuna, Kson, Hime Hajime, Zentreya, Projekt Melody, Froot, Ironmouse, Bubi 2022/09/04
Special: The Many Uses of Henya's Wondercube Ironmouse, Projekt Melody, Henya the Genius, Haruka Karibu, Zentreya, Kson, Hime Hajime, Amemiya Nazuna 2023/05/14






External links


  1. Official Website VShojo
  2. VShojo [VShojo]. (2020, November 24). We Are VShojo [Video]. YouTube.
  3. Froot [LichVtuber]. (2020, November 13). DEBUT STREAM ANNOUNECMENT [Tweet]. Twitter.
  4. VShojo Japan [@VShojoJP]. (2020, November 28). VShojo公式のRedditがオープンしました!日本ではまだあまり馴染みが無いかもしれませんが、語るもよし、Memeを見るもよし、他のファンの動向チェックするもよしな場所です!日本コミュニティのみんなもぜひ参加してみてね! [Tweet]. Twitter.
  5. Lewdcast [@lewdcast]. (2020, December 2). Lewdcast happens this Friday! Special Guest: @LichVtuber [Tweet]. Twitter.
  6. FreshCut [@freshcut]. (2021, March 12). It's Friday and we've got a treat for you 🙌

    Explore the magical world of VTubers with @VShojoOfficial's Top Moments Playlist featuring their star-studded creators @NyanNyanners @Iron_mouse @ProjektMelody & more!

    Live in the Metaview iOS app & on web:
    [Tweet]. Twitter.
  7. VShojo [@VShojo]. (2021, March 15). [✨Announcement✨]
    Official VShojo Merch is Now on Sale!
    - T-Shirts/Sweaters/Hoodies
    - Hats
    - Beanies

    [🔥Limited Edition🔥]
    Talent merch only available until March 29th‼️

    [Tweet]. Twitter.
  8. Padilla, A. [AnthonyPadilla]. (2021, March 31). I spent a day with VTUBERS [Video]. YouTube.
  9. VShojo [@VShojo]. (2021, April 3). [✨Stream✨]
    We're 🔴LIVE with the premier stream of VShowdown. Join with the link below to see who will be crowned our first ever champion!

    Will it be 🐉Zentreya, 👻Nyanners, 😈Ironmouse, or 🌸Silvervale?!

    [Tweet]. Twitter.
  10. VShojo [@VShojo]. (2021, April 6). [Tweet]. Twitter.
  11. VShojo [@VShojoOfficial]. (2021, April 14). [🔥Collab🔥]We're 🔴LIVE with the #VAmongEarth collab!JP Members🎀@aichan_nel🍁@HiguchiKaede🐬@SIROyoutuber VShojo Members 👻Nyanners💀Froot😈Ironmouse🌸Silvervale🖤Veibae [Tweet]. Twitter.
  12. VShojo [@VShojo]. (2021, April 25). 🚨Last Chance🚨

    1 hour remaining until the first Kizuna AI Virtual US Tour is live!


    Get your tickets while they last!

    [Tweet]. Twitter.
  13. Nyanners, N. [@NyanNyanners]. (2021, April 22). Big Nyannouncement ❕


    I will be releasing my first single: Foolish Heart! 🤍

    Please join me this Saturday at 3PM PDT for a special release party stream on my Twitch channel!

    I can't wait to see you there and finally share this song with you all!! 💜
    [Tweet]. Twitter.
  14. VShojo [@VShojoOfficial]. (2021, June 16). 🔴LIVE Now #KiaranyanJoin @takanashikiara & @NyanNyanners for the first ever Hololive x VShojo collab! [Tweet]. Twitter.
  15. Mori, C. [@moricalliope]. (2021, June 19). ♡✿{TONIGHT'S STREAM}✿ Hanging out in the Underworld with @ironmouse ! Ask us your questions, we might answer! You guys have 1 hour. B}…Calli X Ironmouse Collab Streame [Tweet]. Twitter.
  16. VShojo [@VShojo]. (2021, June 22). We would like to give a HUGE thanks to @panoravr for including VShojo in Nagoya VTuber Exhibit at PARCO!

    We're honored to be featured in Japan!#ナゴヤVTuber展
    [Tweet]. Twitter.
  17. VShojo [@VShojo]. (2021, June 24). #Pikamouse⚡️😈 is 🔴LIVE!

    The special Pikamee and Ironmouse playdate starts now!

    [Tweet]. Twitter.
  18. VShojo [@VShojo]. (2021, July 5). “VShojo Presents: The V-Riety Show” is LIVE!

    Remember to grab your ticket!

    Our VOD will be available on AX until July 16th.
    [Tweet]. Twitter.
  19. VShojo [@VShojo]. (2021, July 15). 🔴LIVE on Twitch!

    VShojo & friends dramatically read the script of "The Room"!


    Featuring:@NyanNyanners @_Silvervale_ @Veibae @ironmouse @ProjektMelody @snuffyowo
    [Tweet]. Twitter.
  20. VShojo [@VShojo]. (2021, July 17). [✨Announcement✨]

    VShojo is partnering with V-Clan!

    A VTubing project by Nippon TV, Japanese television company, to deliver more interesting content with them and other partnered VTubers!
    [Tweet]. Twitter.
  21. VShojo [@VShojo]. (2021, July 21). #POMELODY is 🔴LIVE on Twitch!

    Join the best bomb 💣 defusal squad of @PomuRainpuff & @ProjektMelody for Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes! 💥💥💥

    🔽Stream Link🔽
    [Tweet]. Twitter.
  22. VShojo [@VShojo]. (2021, August 4). #BONIRON is 🔴LIVE Now on Twitch!

    Come watch the professional ghost hunters in action as they hunt down every ghost in Phasmophobia!

    😈 @ironmouse
    🎣 @bobon_pranaja

    🔽 Mouse Stream Link🔽
    [Tweet]. Twitter.
  23. vei [@Veibae]. (2021, August 6). mine & @LichVtuber BBC interview aired today, i hope we represented the vtuber scene well & converted a few boomers ψ(`∇´)ψ mwahaha [Tweet]. Twitter.
  24. VShojo [@VShojo]. (2021, August 12). 🔴 Live on Twitch!

    Join @ironmouse for the first ever episode of Speak of the Devil, with @Sykkuno as her first guest!

    [Tweet]. Twitter.
  25. VShojo Japan [@VShojoJP]. (2021, August 18). 🔴 配信開始!

    VShojoのApexコンビ、 @zentreya と @LichVtuber が@NIJISANJI_World のApex マスター @Selen_Tatsuki と一緒にApexで大暴れコラボ!?

    🐲 Zen 視点:
    💀 Froot 視点:
    [Tweet]. Twitter.
  26. VShojo [@VShojo]. (2021, August 20). [🎉 BIG Announcement 🎉] Auditions to join VShojo are now OPEN‼️ [Tweet]. Twitter.
  27. VShojo [@VShojo]. (2021, September 30). Auditions are officially closed!

    Thank to those that have applied, and we should have more info for you later this year!
    [Tweet]. Twitter.
  28. VShojo [@VShojo]. (2021, November 4). ✨ Audition Updates ✨

    Thank you to everyone who applied to our auditions!

    After sorting through thousands of applications, we sent an email to EN applicants who are advancing in the application process.
    [Tweet]. Twitter.
  29. Nux [@Nux_Taku]. (2021, November 22). Recently there was a group of doxxers that have been harassing vtubers and swatting them by impersonating vshojo. We spent the last month tracking them down. Please share this video.

    Go watch:
    [Tweet]. Twitter.
  30. VShojo [r/VShojo]. (2021, November 23). Official VSJ Cybersecurity Statement [Post]. Reddit.
  31. VShojo [@VShojo]. (2021, November 23). For those unable to access Reddit. [Tweet]. Twitter.
  33. holo degEN [holo degEN]. (2021, November 25). Nux taku releases apology video about doxxing/vshojo incident [Video]. YouTube.
  35. VShojo [@VShojoOfficial]. (2021, December 11). We are happy to announce the start of our partnership with @GoodSmile_US [Tweet]. Twitter.
  36. VShojo [@VShojoOfficial]. (2021, 3 March). 【 SPECIAL EVENT WEEK 】 Starting Friday, various members of VShojo will be streaming to raise money for Project HOPE - providing essential medicines and medical supplies to assist Ukrainians. #HOPEforUkraine Learn more about Project HOPE: [Tweet]. Twitter.
  37. VShojo [@VShojoOfficial]. (2022, March 16). ✨ VShojo News ✨Today we announce our seed funding round led by Anthos Capital.We can’t wait to continue the development and growth of VTubers in the West! [Tweet]. Twitter.
  38. Snuffy [@snuffyowo]. (2022, March 13). THOSE MY FUCKING GIIIIIIRRRRRLS RIGHT THERE CONGRATS TO MIKO 😭 amazing to see vtubers get a category for these [Tweet]. Twitter.
  39. The Streamer Awards [@StreamerAwards]. (2022, March 13). For pioneering new kinds of VTuber content and bringing in entirely new audiences, we are happy to honor @thecodemiko as the winner of #TheStreamerAwards award for Best VTuber Streamer! [Tweet]. Twitter.
  40. VShojo [@VShojoOfficial]. (2021, April 1). It has begun [Tweet]. Twitter.
  41. VShojo [@VShojoOfficial]. (2021, April 1). [ Special Announcement ] Introducing our newest members!! [Tweet]. Twitter.
  42. VShojo [@VShojo]. (2022, June 24). Come check out our official VShojo x Senpai Squad Itasha wrapped GT-R at Anime Expo! [Tweet]. Twitter.
  43. VShojo [@VShojoOfficial]. (2022, July 2). [🔔 ANNOUCEMENT 🔔]Please welcome our newest members and the NEXT steps for VShojo!!🍕 @ksononair🍭 @AmemiyaNazuna Debut Streams:July 16th #VShojo #VShojoNext [Tweet]. Twitter.
  44. VShojo [@VShojo]. (2022, July 17). 📢 DEBUT START 📢

    The re-debut stream for @ksononair is now underway!!

    Make sure to use #VShojo tonight for any reactions you may have!
    [Tweet]. Twitter.
  45. VShojo [@VShojo]. (2022, July 17). 📢 DEBUT START 📢

    It's time for you all to FINALLY meet the sweetest angel, @AmemiyaNazuna 🍭

    Be sure to use #VShojo to show us your live reactions and thoughts!
    [Tweet]. Twitter.
  46. VShojo Japan [@VShojoJP]. (2022, July 26). 🙏JPメンバーのライブ翻訳者募集🙏
    VShojo is looking to bridge the gap between our Japanese speaking content creators and the English audience.
    [Tweet]. Twitter.
  48. VShojo Japan [@VShojoJP]. (2022, August 30). この後、、、
    ニコニコ生放送「VTuberにこんな生霊が憑いてました」にksonが出演します!#ミライアカリ 氏、#市松寿ゞ謡 氏、#はこわけあみ 氏、#のろいちゃん 氏、#シークエンスはやとも 氏と共演。

    [Tweet]. Twitter.
  49. VShojo Japan [@VShojoJP]. (2022, September 6). 🔴LIVE
    ミライアカリ 氏と kson の初コラボ
    「ミライアカリ様 × kson総長✨✨」
    Guest: ミライアカリ @MiraiAkari_prj
    [Tweet]. Twitter.
  50. VShojo [@VShojo]. (2022, September 26). Spanish translator applications are now open!

    😈 Apply Here:
    [Tweet]. Twitter.
  51. VShojo [@VShojo]. (2022, October 6). 📢 Announcement 📢

    VShojo will be partnering with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (@BCRFcure) this month for Paint Gaming Pink charity!

    Our special initiative will be revealed next week!

    Learn more here:
    [Tweet]. Twitter.
  52. Streamy Awards [@streamys]. (2022, October 27). Vtuber Nominees
    🔹 @codemiko
    🔹 @ironmouse
    🔹 @NyanNyanners
    🔹 @Veibae
    🔹 @zentreya#streamys
    [Tweet]. Twitter.
  53. Zentreya [@zentreya]. (2022, October 28). Thank you all for your kind words and support, but I have already put my withdrawal in for the Streamy Vtuber category so that someone more amazing can get their moment to shine. I am proud of my friends for being able to get on the list!
    And can’t wait to see who they choose!
    [Tweet]. Twitter.
  54. VShojo [@VShojo]. (2022, November 24). Happy Thanksgiving & 2 Year Anniversary for VShojo!

    Due to Thanksgiving falling on the same day, we will officially be celebrating our anniversary on November 28th this year!

    A preview of our upcoming anniversary video:
    [Tweet]. Twitter.
  55. VShojo [@VShojo]. (2022, November 28). 【 VShojo Cover Song 】

    DECO*27 - Zombies

    Nyanners / Projekt Melody / Ironmouse / Froot / Zentreya / Silvervale / Hime Hajime

    ⏰ Nov 28, 1PM PT / 4PM ET
    [Tweet]. Twitter.
  56. VShojo [@VShojo]. (2022, November 28). Celebrating 2 Years of #VShojo [Tweet]. Twitter.
  57. VShojo [@VShojo]. (2022, December 24). Feliz Navidad x Mi Burrito Sabanero Remix
    ft. @ironmouse & @NyanNyanners

    🎄 Full Song 🎄
    [Tweet]. Twitter.
  58. VShojo [@VShojo]. (2023, January 4). The Ironside x VShojo limited edition PC cases are now available for pre-order!! [Tweet]. Twitter.
  59. VShojo [@VShojo]. (2023, January 18). All of our current VShojo lore videos are now available to watch in order and all in one place!! [Tweet]. Twitter.
  60. VShojo [@VShojo]. (2023, January 29). ✨ Coming Soon ✨

    Golden Week 2023
    [Tweet]. Twitter.
  61. VShojo [@VShojo]. (2023, February 15). Our VShowdown Valentine's Day special stream is now LIVE!

    Starting Soon
    [Tweet]. Twitter.
  62. VShojo [@VShojo]. (2023, February 20). VShojo has been nominated at the Streamer Awards!

    Be sure to send in your votes before closing on March 4th.

    Big thanks to the community for helping us get here!
    [Tweet]. Twitter.
  63. VShojo [@VShojo]. (2023, February 28). ✨ GIVEAWAY ✨

    We’re giving you the chance to win 1 of 11 VShojo Plushies!

    How to enter?
    1. Follow @makeship & @VShojo
    2. Retweet this post
    That's it!

    Giveaway ends March 3rd, 11:59pm PST. Good luck!
    [Tweet]. Twitter.

    [Tweet]. Twitter.
  65. VShojo [@VShojo]. (2023, March 13). The IRL backpack adventures of Nyanners, Aethelstan, and VShojo staff have begun!

    [Tweet]. Twitter.
  66. VShojo [@VShojo]. (2023, March 14). [Tweet]. Twitter.
  67. VShojo [@VShojo]. (2023, April 1). 😈 #GRUBFORGREMOLINS [Tweet]. Twitter.
  68. VShojo [@VShojo]. (2023, April 1). ✨DEBUT✨

    The VShoBro has arrived!!
    Time to meet the brand new K"son"
    [Tweet]. Twitter.
  69. VShojo [@VShojo]. (2023, April 25). To our comunity... [Tweet]. Twitter.
  70. VShojo [@VShojo]. (2023, April 30). [Tweet]. Twitter.
  71. Nyanners, N. [@NyanNyanners]. (2023, April 30). [Tweet]. Twitter.
  72. VShojo [@VShojo]. (2023, May 7). Chapter 1: The Lab #VShojo #IQ999 [Tweet]. Twitter.
  73. VShojo [@VShojo]. (2023, May 8). Chapter 2: The Great Escape #VShojo #IQ999 [Tweet]. Twitter.
  74. VShojo [@VShojo]. (2023, May 9). Chapter 3: All Alone #VShojo #IQ999 [Tweet]. Twitter.
  75. SMITE 2 [@SMITEGame]. (2023, May 10). With the power of the Gods and anime on our side, we're excited to announce the SMITE x VShojo Crossover Event headed your way in the 10.5 Update!


    [Tweet]. Twitter.
  76. VShojo [@VShojo]. (2023, May 11). Follow @henyathegenius today to prepare for her VShojo and Twitch debut this Saturday! 📛 May 13th, 9pm PDT / May 14th, 1PM JST 📛 Twitch: YouTube: #VShojo #Henya #IQ999 [Tweet]. Twitter.
  77. VShojo [@VShojo]. (2023, May 18). ✨COLLAB✨
    The SMITE x VShojo crossover event is here!

    Join @LichVtuber, @ironmouse & @ksononair for their first ever SMITE collab to check out the all new event!

    🔴LIVE #Smite
    [Tweet]. Twitter.
  78. VShojo [@VShojo]. (2023, May 26). 🔴LIVE!
    Join us for VShojo at MomoCon!

    The @zentreya & @ironmouse panel is starting now!
    [Tweet]. Twitter.
  79. VShojo [@VShojo]. (2023, May 27). 🔴LIVE!
    Join us for VShojo at MomoCon!

    The @zentreya & @ironmouse panel is starting now!
    [Tweet]. Twitter.
  80. SMITE 2 [@SMITEGame]. (2023, May 31). Hey Zeus! What's a... VShojo? [Tweet]. Twitter.
  81. VShojo [@VShojo]. (2023, June 9). A limited time collaboration for @ksononair & @AmemiyaNazuna with GiGO will begin on June 23rd!! 🎁 [Tweet]. Twitter.
  82. VShojo [@VShojo]. (2023, June 10). 📛 COLLAB START! 🐙

    Join @henyathegenius and @ninomaeinanis for their first ever collab of Nintendo Switch Sports!! ✨

    🔻Henya POV🔻
    [Tweet]. Twitter.
  83. VShojo [@VShojo]. (2023, June 17). 【ANIMATION】

    The VShojo Maid Cafe is open! ❤️❤️
    [Tweet]. Twitter.
  84. VShojo [@VShojo]. (2023, June 17). The VShojo Maid Cafe collection is now available to purchase online!

    ❤️ 9 Maid Acrylic Standees
    ❤️ Maid Cafe Deskmat
    ❤️ Maid Cafe Poster

    Only available until July 2nd #OffKaiGen2
    [Tweet]. Twitter.
  85. VShojo [@VShojo]. (2023, June 15). From June 16-17, VShojo talent will be exploring OffKai at these times virtually!

    If you're attending #OffKaiGen2 this weekend, you may just bump into them during the convention!
    [Tweet]. Twitter.
  86. VShojo [@VShojo]. (2023, June 18). The Grand Finale of the OffKai Live concert is up next!

    Come watch @ironmouse perform at #OffKaiGen2
    [Tweet]. Twitter.
  87. VShojo [@VShojo]. (2023, June 18). Kson & Sydsnap Become Maids for a Day | At-Home Cafe ❤️✨

    Premiering June 18th, 7PM EDT / June 19th, 8AM JST

    🔻Waiting Room: #OffKaiGen2
    [Tweet]. Twitter.
  88. VShojo [@VShojo]. (2023, July 1). We're excited to announce that #VShojo will be teaming up with @raynosbySony to demo Sony's new mobile motion capturing system, Mocopi at Anime Expo!

    Stop by Booth #2615 from July 1-4 for live demos, along with a few of our talent Meet & Greets powered by #mocopi!
    [Tweet]. Twitter.
  89. VShojo [@VShojo]. (2023, July 2). Anime Expo Day 2 has begun with our first panel of the event!

    📢 Watch Here:
    VShojo Japan with Kson and Henya! #VShojo
    [Tweet]. Twitter.
  90. VShojo [@VShojo]. (2023, July 2). It's time for Monke vs Gremolin!!

    📢Day 2 Panel 2 Starts Now!
    😈 #VShojo
    [Tweet]. Twitter.
  91. VShojo [@VShojo]. (2023, July 3). Anime Expo Day 3 is here along with the 3rd VShojo panel!

    📢Watch Here:
    VTuber Panel with Haruka, Apricot, & Zentreya! #VShojo
    [Tweet]. Twitter.
  92. VShojo [@VShojo]. (2023, July 27). 【✨ Recruiting: Video Editors ✨】

    VShojo is currently looking for editors with experience in Highlight style videos and TikTok/Shorts!

    🔻Apply Today:
    [Tweet]. Twitter.
  93. VShojo [@VShojo]. (2023, July 31). V少女世界 -VShojo Art Gallery-

    We are excited to announce the VShojo Art Gallery in Tokyo! Open August 1st to the 13th.

    Enjoy our VShojo talent inspired artwork, with each original piece available for purchase online!

    For More Information:
    [Tweet]. Twitter.
  94. VShojo [@VShojo]. (2023, August 27). 💥~Candy Pop Explosion~💥

    VShojo's first 3D concert starts in just 10 minutes!!

    For reactions and screenshots, please use #VShojoCandyPop

    🔻Stream Link

    🔻For Access ...
    [Tweet]. Twitter.
  95. VShojo [@VShojo]. (2023, August 27). #VShojoDebut [Tweet]. Twitter.
  96. Hexer n°1 gachikoi [@Schizo_Moe]. (2023, September 2). Your webdev already ruined the surprised [Tweet]. Twitter.
  97. VShojo [@VShojo]. (2023, September 2). 【✨DEBUT✨】Please welcome the legendary mid-boss @GeneralGEEGA as the newest member of the VShojo family! Debut stream starting!! [Tweet]. Twitter.
  98. VShojo [@VShojo]. (2023, September 2). We're LIVE at San Japan for our Triple Threat VShojo Panel!!

    [Tweet]. Twitter.
  99. VShojo [@VShojo]. (2023, September 24). 🪦 #UndeadK9 [Tweet]. Twitter.
  100. VShojo [@VShojo]. (2023, September 27). 📢ANNOUNCEMENT📢

    We're thrilled to introduce you to the newest member of VShojo, Kuro!!


    Debut this Saturday, September 30th at 6PM PT / 9PM ET #VShojoDebut #VShojo
    [Tweet]. Twitter.
  101. VShojo [@VShojo]. (2023, September 30). Almost 3 hours away until the God of Undead Miracles @K9_KURO makes their exciting VShojo debut!

    Tonight, 6PM PT / 9PM ET

    If you would like to watch the debut on stream, please add #VShojoDebut to your title.#UndeadK9 #VShojo
    [Tweet]. Twitter.
  102. VShojo [@VShojo]. (2023, October 8). #VSJBreakingNews ⚠️🚨 [Tweet]. Twitter.
  103. VShojo [@VShojo]. (2023, October 12). 【🚨 Debut Announcement 🚨】

    Introducing the newest member of VShojo! Appearing in her first Twitch Television Debut:


    🗓️Sunday, October 15th, 3:30pm PT / 6:30pm ET
    🤍 #VShojoDebut #MATARAKan
    [Tweet]. Twitter.
  105. VShojo Highlights [VShojo Highlights]. (2023, October 15). A Message From Matara Kan [Video]. YouTube. Archived 2023-10-17.
  106. VShojo [VShojo]. (2023, January 11). Haruka saw too much... - Best of Haruka Subathon [Video]. YouTube. Archived 2023-10-18.
  107. VShojo [@VShojo]. (2023, October 18). Kuro and Matara interview is just getting started! #VShojo #Kuroach

    [Tweet]. Twitter.
  108. VShojo [@VShojo]. (2023, October 19). 🌟We have arrived in Las Vegas🌟

    If you're attending TwitchCon 2023, stop by the Senpai Squad booth (#259) for daily Meet & Greets and to check out the official #VShojo Itasha!
    [Tweet]. Twitter.
  109. VShojo [@VShojo]. (2023, October 30). 🔥OUT NOW🔥

    This Is Halloween 🎃
    Cover by VShojo

    Music Video

    Streaming Platforms
    [Tweet]. Twitter.
  110. VShojo [@VShojo]. (2023, November 23). ✨ COMING SOON ✨

    VShojo Glow in the Dark plushies releasing on November 23rd!! #MakeshipGITD #VShojo
    [Tweet]. Twitter.
  111. VShojo [@VShojo]. (2023, December 17). We're starting off this weeks fundraising event with our first collab of Lethal Company!

    🔻 Multiple POVS

    🔻 Donate to Toys 4 Tots Charity
    [Tweet]. Twitter.
  112. VShojo [@VShojo]. (2023, December 29). [Tweet]. Twitter.
  113. VShojo [@VShojo]. (2024, January 5). 💎 VShojo x @bisoulovely 💎

    Start off the new year with a fresh set of VTuber inspired jewelry for @haruka_karibu @henyathegenius @HimeHajime_VSJ @ironmouse @LichVtuber @ProjektMelody @zentreya

    ✨ Available January 5th - February 5th ✨
    [Tweet]. Twitter.
  114. V4Mirai [@V4Mirai]. (2024, January 5). TOMORROW TOMORROW TOMORROW!

    SEE ABI, SERINA, MONO, YAE, BISCOTTI, AND MARIYA LIVE AT ANIME LOS ANGELES!!! At our concert presented by Vstream, who’ll be streaming the event for those who can’t make it.

    Ironmouse and Kson are swinging by too! Hope to see you there! 🌟
    [Tweet]. Twitter.
  115. V4Mirai [@V4Mirai]. (2024, January 9). It's time for an online encore!👏👏👏👏

    V4Mirai's 3D Concert featuring @VShojo will be debuting on @VStream_EN this Saturday, January 13th. The show starts at 6:30PM PST | 9:30 PM EST so get your penlights ready!

    🔻Tickets can be purchased on VStream.
    [Tweet]. Twitter.
  116. VShojo [@VShojo]. (2024, January 10). We're excited to be part of the @NIKKE_en New Year campaign!

    Where Haruka, Henya, Matara, & Melody were invited to engage with Scarlet:

    Now is the best time to try GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE for the "New Year, New Sword" update:…
    [Tweet]. Twitter.
  117. VShojo [@VShojo]. (2024, February 9). ✨ VShojo x Animate Fair Announcement ✨

    Secret Japan Vacation Coming Soon!

    Featuring original illustration merch and special limited postcards of the #VShojo talents on the Animate website!

    🔻 April 13th - May 6th
    [Tweet]. Twitter.
  118. Zentreya [@zentreya]. (2024, March 31). ⭐️THIS IS NOT A JOKE ⭐️
    ⚠️- APRIL 1ST
    ⚠️- 11 AM CT
    ⚠️- BRAND NEW

    [Tweet]. Twitter.
  119. VShojo [@VShojo]. (2024, May 4). The #VShojo X #NIKKE 1.5 Anniversary Music Special has begun with hosts GEEGA & CDawgVA!

    🔴LIVE on talent channels

    Join us now for 5 cover song premiers by:
    Hime Hajime
    Projekt Melody
    Matara Kan
    [Tweet]. Twitter.
  120. VShojo [@VShojo]. (2024, May 30). ❤️ Meet Your Oshi ❤️

    Come by the OffKai Maid Cafe this weekend for interactive Robot Walk-Arounds powered by VShojo!!

    🗓️ Saturday, June 1st & Sunday, June 2nd#VShojo #OffKaiGen3
    [Tweet]. Twitter.
  121. VShojo [@VShojo]. (2024, June 26). 🌞 NOW LIVE! 🌞

    Dive into the #VTuberSummerSlam D&D adventure with Haruka, Ironmouse, Kuro, and Zentreya!

    Join @DNPeek & #VShojo for fun in the sun to support @GamersOutreach!

    Tune in now for an unforgettable stream! 🌴🎲
    [Tweet]. Twitter.
  122. VShojo Japan [@VShojoJP]. (2024, July 3). 🌟🎉 重大告知 🎉🌟

    VShojo JAPANのタレント応募申込を開始いたします‼️

    申込締切は本日より日本時間8月1日(木曜日)午後3:59まで 🔥🔥

    🔽詳細&応募フォーム🔽 ...
    [Tweet]. Twitter.
  123. VShojo [@VShojo]. (2024, July 10). [🎉 BIG Announcement 🎉]

    Applications to join VShojo are now OPEN‼️

    Apply starting today, July 9. We will begin contacting applicants 1 month after we close applications on August 6th 🔥🔥

    🔽 Info & Form 🔽 ...
    [Tweet]. Twitter.
  126. VShojo [@VShojo]. (2023, December 8). Congratulations @ironmouse 🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊🎊 [Tweet]. Twitter.
  127. VTuber Awards [@VTuberAwards]. (2023, December 17). The award for LewdTuber of the Year, presented by @fansly, goes to @ProjektMelody! Congratulations!✨ #VTuberawards [Tweet]. Twitter.
  128. VTuber Awards [@VTuberAwards]. (2023, December 17). Congratulations to @ironmouse on winning the Miss VTuber award, presented by @StreamilyLive! #VTuberAwards [Tweet]. Twitter.
  129. VTuber Awards [@VTuberAwards]. (2023, December 17). You watched it, you loved it, you voted for it! The @ironmouse Subathons wins the Best Streamed Event award, presented by @PhaseConnect ✨ #VTuberAwards [Tweet]. Twitter.
  130. VTuber Awards [@VTuberAwards]. (2023, December 17). Shining so bright ✨ @henyathegenius wins the Rising Star award, presented by @PhaseConnect! #VTuberAwards [Tweet]. Twitter.
  131. VTuber Awards [@VTuberAwards]. (2023, December 17). And last but definitely not least, the award for VTuber of the Year goes to @ironmouse! Congratulations! ✨ #VTuberAwards [Tweet]. Twitter.
  132. (n.d.).
  133. VShojo official FAQ
  134. ViClippy [ViClippy]. (2024, April 30). Michi Mochievee contract denied by VSHOJO until she consulted a Lawyer [Video]. YouTube.
  135. RexxDroid [RexxDroid]. (2024, April 28). Michi Mochievee was Shocked VShojo pays for Therapy [Video]. YouTube.
  137. VShojo [@VShojo]. (2021, April 27). Did someone say Vshojo itasha?

    Check out this awesome @ProjektMelody inspired itasha from the talented people below!

    Video & Design By:
    emismashu (TikTok)

    Wrap By:
    Vinyllabz (Instagram)

    [Tweet]. Twitter.
  138. VShojo [@VShojo]. (2021, December 15). 🏁 Itasha Sighted 🏁

    Check out this amazing @NyanNyanners inspired itasha from @RatNotch!
    [Tweet]. Twitter.
  139. VShojo Japan [@VShojoJP]. (2022, June 26). 突然ですが、本日ドン・キホーテ 秋葉原店さん前でVShojoTシャツをお配りしております。
    Tシャツと写真を取り、#VShojo をタグ付けすることにより、ロゴTをプレゼント中です。


    ゲストは イズ氏 ( @is_izu_is )様。
    [Tweet]. Twitter.
  140. VShojo Japan [@VShojoJP]. (2022, July 2). 突然ですが、本日ドン・キホーテ 秋葉原店さん前でVShojoTシャツをお配りしております。
    Tシャツと写真を取り、#VShojo をタグ付けすることにより、ロゴTをプレゼント中です。

    [Tweet]. Twitter.
  141. VShojo Japan [@VShojoJP]. (2022, July 2). ・12:30 〜 13:30
    ・13:45 〜 14:45
    ・15:50 〜 16:50
    ・17:00 〜 18:00
    ゲストはシスル ( @Sithle011 )氏。
    [Tweet]. Twitter.