Virtual YouTuber Wiki

On the Virtual YouTuber Wiki, the main goal is to provide useful, complete information. However, to give out the best information, one must be neutral and without any bias or opinion. This is what is called Neutral Point of View, or NPOV.

What is it?

NPOV is when one writes or edits articles with a completely neutral point of view. That is to say, without bias, opinion, or general advice. Doing this is quite easy; read on to find out.

How do I do it?

NPOV is easy. Just write/edit without use of words like "I", "I think", or "I like, I hate." Avoid writing about what "some people" or "many fans" say or think.

Write about facts, such as events seen directly in the vtubers own streams or videos You may also include information from official sources such as the vtubers agencies, but please be sure to provide a link to the source so that other users can verify it's veracity.

What if I don't do it?

NPOV is not a requirement. Granted, it helps a lot, but if you really, truly cannot follow the NPOV guidelines, then this isn't a problem. Edits can be reverted or edited in a short time; nothing is permanent. However, if you blatantly just disregard NPOV, repeated violations can be found as vandalism, a serious offense. After a certain amount of NPOV-free edits, you will be notified about this by a user. If you don't understand, ask an admin or trusted user on their talk page for assistance.

If you have any more questions, please ask any admin. Thank you!