Virtual YouTuber Wiki

The following is a list of some rules for this wiki.

This wiki contains official information about VTubers. In the main namespace, users should only post information from the vtubers themselves and from official sources such as the vtuber(s) agency, team and any corporation, studio, distributor linked with them.

When adding any information, please provide a citation in the form of a link to a reliable source of information.

What should not be on this wiki


Generally, speculation is not allowed on the main pages of this wiki. There are a few places where we've made exceptions, but only for cases where the show has clearly set up a mystery and provided clues from which logical conclusions can be drawn. For the most part though, speculation is not appropriate, so don't add it even if you think it matches the above exception.


Main article: VTuber Wiki:Neutral Point of View

This wiki should be written from a neutral point of view. That means it should include facts, not personal opinions. For example, please do not write statements about what "some fans think" on articles.

Badge Boosting

Badge Boosting is forbidden on this wiki. Administrators are free to use their personal discretion to issue either a warning or a block in response to users boosting badges.

Remember, at the end of the day, there is no material benefit to be had from earning badges. While they are a good indicator of dedicated and efficient users, there is no physical reward and ultimately a badge is simply an image on a computer screen.

What Is Boosting?

"Boosting" is the process of making either useless or maybe even malicious edits just to unlock badges, which are awarded for certain achievements in editing the wiki. It includes the following:

  • Making malicious edits and quickly undoing them. No harm is done to the page, but this is still boosting. The user could have spent his time actually correcting articles, information or otherwise.
  • Adding useless pictures to multiple pages.
  • Making multiple blogs corresponding to the amount of blogs you need to "write" to get an achievement.
  • Creating non-functional or irrelevant categories or misusing established categories.

What Is Not Boosting?

Some things may appear to be boosting, but are not always so. For instance:

  • Edit wars between a normal user and a vandal, who is trying to vandalize the page, and the user who is quickly undoing his edits. If the user is simply signing out and in again to vandalize/undo, we can tell by the IP address. All edit wars are to be reported to an Administrator.
  • Sometime editors will update a page in stages, perhaps one section at a time, particularly when making major or extensive alterations or improvements to the entire article. Users may also notice a mistake after making their edit, and will then edit again to correct it. Multiple edits such as this allowed, although within reason.

Valid contributions with the aim of garnering an achievement is of course allowed. However, contributors should exercise great caution in ensuring that these additions are pragmatic, useful and accurate. Instances where boosting is suspected will be investigated and reviewed by an Administrator.

Where you can post unofficial content

You are allowed to post things like opinion, and speculation only on your own user profile page, talk page, or user blog.


We won't allow the internal upload of explicit NSFW content of any kind. Depending on gravity of the case, the user may be banned and reported for the Fandom staff for evaluation and major actions.

User pages, talk pages, and signatures

Please do not edit other people's user profile pages. You may leave messages on users talk pages, but do not alter or delete messages from other people's user talk pages.

Note that administrators may edit your user page(s) if they contain things like incorrect categories, or incorrect use of templates, as these may cause errors visible elsewhere on the wiki.

Invasive/obstructive floaters and forced audio are not allowed on any page. They block links and make navigation difficult, especially for mobile users. The use of floaters is allowed on the corners if not being too big. Audio is allowed if they contain a control panel.

You may not delete or alter existing posts on any talk pages, even your own, with the exception of archiving your talk page or to fix things like vandalism or broken formatting. Be aware that if you have warnings against you on your talk page, deleting them doesn't really hide them, because anyone can see the past history of the page. So don't bother.

As always, and in any wiki, remember to sign your messages on talk pages with four tildes (~~~~) or by pressing the signature button.

Vandalism and bad edits

When fixing vandalism or bad edits, the best thing to do is look at the page's history by clicking the "History" link on your toolbar. If only the last edit was bad, click the "Undo" link next to it. If there are several bad edits, find the last good version of the page, go to the old version by clicking the date, then edit that version of the page to revert it. To learn more, Wikipedia's article on vandalism is a good place to start.

If you can't figure out how to fix it, then leave a message with an admin telling them about the problem.

After fixing vandalism, leave a (polite) message on the user's talk page. When dealing with a vandal, leave a message with an admin, so they can block the user if necessary.

There's no need to respond to vandals with angry messages. Doing so just encourages them to vandalize more, because they are probably trying to provoke that kind of reaction.

Code of Conduct

Main article: VTuber Wiki:Code of Conduct

Violations of the Code of Conduct are the same as violations of the rules. Please see the main page for further info.

Manual of Style

Main article: VTuber Wiki:Manual of Style

The manual of style regulates the article's composition, writing style and rules. Please see also the Notability Standard for further info.

Dealing with rules violations

Only admins can block users. The following are warnings and responses that admins may use against users who break the rules, policies, or code of conduct. They are listed from least serious to most serious:

  1. A polite first warning explaining what the user did wrong and asking them not to do it again.
  2. Blocks of a week (7 days) duration for minor violations, if the user has continued to break rules after receiving one warning. A second week block will be given if the the violation is persistent.
  3. One year block is usually reserved only for the following:
    • Users that engage in persistent, serious vandalism, especially if the account is used only for vandalism.
    • Users who have come back from multiple temporary blocks in the past, but still continue to break the rules.
    • Accounts that are confirmed to be sock puppets can be blocked permanently. Also, it is against the rules to create a new account to get around an existing ban. Such accounts should be blocked permanently, but only if it is known with certainty that the account is used by the same person who used a currently-blocked account.
  4. Permanent block is usually for major and against the law violations:
    • Users performing political edits, messages, campaign, propaganda on article pages, user talk pages, blog pages and forum regardless of user's past behaviour.

Generally, if a user continues to break rules, they will incur progressively more serious punishments from this list. For minor violations, users might receive many warnings without necessarily being blocked. However, for very serious offences, administrators can skip directly from a first warning to a long block. Admins can choose the response—including block duration—based upon their judgment of the severity of the violation.

Administrators should provide a clear explanation when performing any block. If a block is neither permanent nor for vandalism, the admin should leave a polite message on the user's talk page explaining why they were blocked and asking the user to return if they can follow the rules in the future.