Virtual Edgelord Deat, or simply known as Deat, is a male French virtual YouTuber who debuted on 21 February, 2018.

Since August 2018, He became a part of Eilene's VTuber studio ICETEA along with Comdost,[1] and he is now in charge of the motion capture logistics for Yomemi's new 3D model. [2] This motion capture software is known as Tracking World and is available publicly.

Introduction Video


We're Doing It

Deat's debut video


Deat's personality is not like other virtual YouTubers. He is shown to do things his own way, preferring to not do mainstream content in order to gain his subscribers. His humor can be sarcastic, resulting in him making fun of the stereotypical VTuber using his two virtual props, Generic and Generica.


  • Deat started out doing videos in English but switched to French with English subtitles to make it easier to act his character. 
  • Despite doing his main videos in French, Deat will do his live streams in English.
  • Deat is assumed to be the first French virtual YouTuber.
  • He is known for doing collabs and cameos with other non-Japanese VTubers, such as Mira Pink and Comdost.
  • On 22 January 2019, Virtual Edgelord Deat debuted his new appearance in the video "Le Projet de Renouvellement" (The Renewal Project).
  • Deat really likes nectarines.

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