This name is officially written using the Japanese name format, the family name is Watson.

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Watson Amelia is an English Virtual YouTuber associated with hololive, debuting as part of its English (EN) branch first generation of VTubers alongside Ninomae Ina'nis, Takanashi Kiara, Mori Calliope and Gawr Gura.

Introduction Video


【Debut Stream】The Investigation Begins hololiveEnglish holoMyth

Amelia's introduction.


Amelia heard strange rumors surrounding Hololive online: talking foxes, magical squirrels, superhuman dogs, and more. Soon after beginning her investigation on Hololive, and just out of interest, she decided to become an idol herself! She loves to pass her time training her reflexes with FPS games, and challenging herself with puzzle games. It's elementary, right?[5]


Amelia is a rather eccentric girl who is often seen mingling or teasing her fellow holoMyth members. She is usually kind, supportive, and sweet as shown when she frequently watches her fellow members' streams and often willingly helps Gura in Minecraft. However Amelia also likes to joke around with the other members and sometimes even doing lewd remarks such as naming one of her mines in Minecraft "Gura's Backdoor."

Despite this, she also harbors another side of her personality that is often referred by her fans as "Gremlin Mode," she can be greedy, prideful, and unsportsmanlike in competitive online games such as, Apex Legends, and Valorant. For these reasons, fans often refer to her as a "True Gamer." She is not above of trolling and calling out her chat if the opportunity arises such as as when she trolled her viewers in one of her Minecraft streams by adjusting her shader's brightness very darkly and acts innocently in claiming that she fixed the shaders for them. Despite these circumstances, she tries her best to moderate her gremlin-like behavior.

Possibly her best-known joke is "ground pounding your mom," which she said once during a Super Mario Odyssey playthrough and has since become almost synonymous with her character. Generally, Amelia's voice will shift towards a naughtier tone when she says something gremlin-like.

Overall, her multiple sides of her personality and having a balanced chemistry of it are what makes her very lovable as noted by her fans.



Ame was introduced simultaneously on both hololive's regular and English Twitter accounts and on hololive English's YouTube channel in a small video with the rest of the first generation on 8 September 2020.[6][7][8] Her Twitter account was created in July, with her first tweet on her official introduction going out on 8 September.[9] Her YouTube channel was created on 16 July, with her debut on 13 September (JST) during a stream.[10]


On 25 October, Ame reached 500,000 subscribers on YouTube.[11]


On 11 February, she reached 1,000,000 YouTube subscribers, making her the 9th hololive member to reach that milestone and the 3rd member of the English branch to do so after Gawr Gura and Mori Calliope.[12]

On 1 April, all holoMyth members revealed new chibi models based on popular fan designs by Walfie.[13]

On 30 April, hololive's Twitter account announced that every member of holoMyth would get their second 2D costumes.[14]

On 7 May, Amelia debuted her second 2D costume, in this costume she wears a dark brown beret that has Bubba on top of it, her hairstyle remains mostly the same but now she has a small side ponytail, Ame uses heart shapped earrings, a white blouse with black suspenders and skirt, the suspenders have a holster, the outfit also include a plaid brown coat, with a Bubba and magnifying glass pins and a black bag decorated with a golden mustache. She can also wear glasses with this outfit.[15]


  • On 12 March 2021, as part of their six months celebration the holoMyth members announced that they would get an official BGM image soundtrack featuring Camellia, with a release date of 14 March. The song inspired by Amelia is titled "Misteavous Myth-buster."[16]

Mascots & Fans

  • Her mascot is Bubba, a dog. Bubba is based on her real life pet dog who can occasionally be heard during her livestreams.
  • Her fanbase is officially called "Teamates".[17][18] It is a pun on "tea", a popular British drink and one listed in her debut stream among her favorite things. However, Amelia prefers iced tea, more common in the United States than Britain, and in the first collab stream she instead said that her favorite drink was water.
  • Rejected names for her fanbase include Amelionnaires, Holmies (a reference to Sherlock Holmes), and Lads (a British term for male friends).
  • Her YouTube channel Members have three tiers: Investigators, Investamigators, and Investamigatorators.


  • "Time we will never get back—but it was all worth it."[19]


  • In Japanese, her name is written 「ワトソン・アメリア」, "Watoson Ameria".[20] This is direct transliteration of her name in katakana, normally used in Japanese to write foreign words and names. It is written in Japanese name order, with surname first; in English, it would normally be written "Amelia Watson".
    • When speaking in English, Ame usually gives her name in the English order, as does Calliope Mori. The other three holomyth members (Gawr Gura, Ninomae Ina'nis, and Takanashi Kiara) put the surname first even when speaking English.
  • She likes roller coasters, sleeping, clear noodles, the color green (because it's the color of trees, plants, and money), iced tea, and dogs.
    • She has three pets: a hunting terrier named "Bubba", whose barks can occasionally be heard on her streams; another hunting terrier named and "Mikki/Nikki" (she says she calls her both); and a cat named "Wellington".
  • Her favorite cake is "yellow-flavored" with chocolate frosting.[21]
  • Amelia likes video games from a variety of genres:
  • Amelia's favorite anime include Mob Psycho 100, Inuyasha, Golden Kamuy, Deca-Dence, Girls' Last Tour, and Made in Abyss.
  • On occasion, Amelia will display her love of marine biology by talking about her knowledge of aquatic life, including random obscure trivia and methods to care for them.
  • She dislikes dirty monitor juice, loud/high-pitch noises, going outside, wearing clothes to sleep, onions, and peppers. Later Amelia also revealed that she doesn't like soda, as it hurts her throat.
  • Her goals are reaching 100,000 subscribers (an achievement that she got during her debut stream), investigate more hololive members, improve her Japanese, debut a 3D model, and make a game based on hololive.[22]
  • On 16 September 2020, during her first Fall Guys stream, she revealed that she is a time traveler and the watch she carries is her tool to do so.[23]
  • She is the second hololive EN member and eighth hololive member overall to join the official Hololive Subreddit as a moderator.
  • Prior to her debut, there was much speculation as to whether Amelia would have a British or American accent. In her debut stream, Amelia began using a British accent, but quickly revealed that it was a cover identity for use in investigations. She primarily uses an American accent.
  • She shares a name with Dr. John H. Watson, the assistant of fictional British investigator Sherlock Holmes. Amelia is also seen with a doctor's stethoscope and syringes; in the original stories, Dr. Watson is a medical doctor who provides medical care for Holmes, among them the provision of various drugs.
    • On 25 September 2020, in her membership promotional video, she revealed her name as "Amelia H. Watson", further reinforcing the reference. However apart from her mentioning this, the "H" in her name is not featured on her social media accounts or her official hololive profile page.[24]
  • She has a little brother, who mostly plays ROBLOX and Minecraft with a computer she built for him using old parts along with paint. She has also mentioned that he spent the money he got for Christmas on Fortnite.
  • She frequently hiccups during streams. This is caused by swallowing a lot of air, causing what are technically burps, which she makes sound sound like hiccups because burps are gross. Ame has stream emotes which spell "HIC" for this purpose.
  • She can play the ukelele.
  • Her birthday, 6 January is supposedly the birthday of Sherlock Holmes. This speculative date was popularized by Sherlock enthusiast Christopher Morley.
  • In her debut stream, Amelia gave her height as 150cm, or 4'9" "in freedom units", or 8.427 bananas. However, 150cm is actually equivalent to 4'11". According to the website Banana Length Convertor, which takes the length of a banana as 7 inches, 8.427 bananas is indeed equal to 150 cm.
  • Ame invented a cocktail known as the Amenade, consisting of blueberry ramune, Malibu coconut rum, and lemonade. She invented it by accident on New Years 2021 when she added too much rum to chilled ramune which had gone flat, which she previously had in a Japanese snack taste testing event with Ina. Ame had to dilute the mix with lemonade, resulting in a delicious drink where Ame couldn't taste the alcohol. A commenter noted, referencing Pop on Rocks: "Take it slowly, this drink is dangerous."[25] Other VTubers to invent a cocktail include Nyatasha Nyanners, who invented the Vodka Poggers.
  • She is the first Vtuber with a butt scratch animation on her character model.[26]

Childhood stories

Ame frequently tells stories about her childhood. She had at least 13 injuries:[27]

  • She received an injury in her childhood when she and her brother were jumping on a bed and Amelia fell off, hitting her head on the corner of a drawer. She needed to have her head stitched up. She claims to still have a "head hole" that she can feel air go through when she breathes.[28]
  • In another instance, while very young, Ame tripped on a wet floor while eating ice cream, and bit off her tongue almost completely. It was still hanging on by a thread, but the doctors were unable to stitch it back together because tongues do not work that way. It eventually healed, but she still has a scar.[28]
  • Ame's brother once threw a soccer ball at her face, knocking out three of her teeth. "Yeah, they were baby teeth. It was really bloody though. That's how siblings are."[29][28]
  • Ame once cut the top off her thumb when trying to peel an orange with a knife.[28]
  • A tire ran over her ankle, but it didn't break.[28]
  • Someone kicked the trainer wheels of her bike, and she fell and scraped her knee.[28]
  • She got bitten by dogs a lot. On one occasion she was bitten in the face, and when they tried to give her a rabies shot at the hospital, she tried to bite the nurse and ended up not receiving the shot.[28]
  • She once tried to pet a cactus. "I thought it would be soft, but then I had a bunch of pricklies in my hand."[28]
  • When she was around four, she was swinging between two chairs at Christmas and broke her arm. She didn't tell anyone and nobody noticed.[30]
  • Ame once fell at Disneyworld and smashed her face into the ground.[30] Her brother swung on a rope, so she tried too and fell onto concrete, and her teeth went through her bottom lip and she had to get taken away by medics in a limousine.
  • She once cut her eyelid on a piece of ice from a cup of beer.
  • She was once left inside a car hot enough to melt crayons.
  • Her arm was crushed by a big dude in a mosh pit.
  • She got permanent ear damage from being near speakers in concerts.

Ame has also told childhood stories that don't involve her receiving injuries:

  • As a kid, she liked to eat sand. "I liked the texture."[28]
  • She once literally drank her friend's tears.[28]
  • Her sibling would step on her tummy and make her burp.
  • Her grandma had a hole in her ear because her earring got stuck in a vacuum.[28]
  • When her grandma was younger she liked to mess around with other women's husbands, with the result that someone cursed her family line. However, this also caused Ame to be exceptionally lucky.[28] Ame describes luck as her highest stat.
  • She once almost got kidnapped by private investigators looking for another girl who happened to have the same first name.[28]
  • Her mother was once kidnapped in Morocco and held hostage for $300.[28]
  • Another kid was being pushed on a shopping cart, and his pinky got stuck underneath the wheel and came off.[28]
  • She used to eat frozen waffles.[28]
  • She used to read Team Fortress 2 gay fanfiction of Sniper x Spy.[28]
  • Once, Ame was unfairly blamed for stealing money from a neighbor. The real culprit was her brother, who used the money to buy Ame a Nintendo DS.
  • Once, her brother tried microwaving a plastic toy leg to see if he could make it bend. The house caught fire, and Ame nearly died because she was hiding in a closet.
  • Once at school, she bought pizza at lunch for $1, but had to go to the bathroom and asked her friend to hold it. Her friend dropped it cheese side down, but Ame ate it anyway because it was a good deal.[31]
  • Once, she had a birthday party which she invited her whole class to and had her mother order a variety of food, presents, and decorations, but only her best friend showed up.
  • Around age 7 or 8 she ran away from home, but accidentally swallowed a moth and went back home. It was creamy.[32]
  • Ame once cut her own hair and put it in a big salad bowl to make "hair soup", which she gave to her mother.[19]

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