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Yang Nari (양나리) is a Korean female Virtual YouTuber affiliated with Nijisanji KR as the fourth generation alongside Ryu Hari, Oh Jiyu, and Shin Kiru.

A mysterious girl from a different world. Nari acted heavily as a 19 year old student, but everyone seemed to pretend they didn't know even though they did.[1]

Intorduction Video


【初配信】 ˗ˋˏ이몸등장ˎˊ˗ 나리 데뷔방송 대기방 【NIJISANJI KR】

Nari's Introduction.


Nari has an adorable child-like personality. She has a cute voice that depicts the stereotypical voice of Loli in general. Even though she is a cheerful person, Nari can still act calm and not over do it.



Yang Nari created her YouTube channel on October 6, 2020 and debuted 10 days later, on October 16, 2020 to be precise. Her Twitter account was also created in the same month as the month her YouTube channel was created.


  • Her fans are called "OTO_NARI"


  • Color: #FFF8C8[1]
  • She studied Japanese, but she can only read hiragana katakana and simple kanji fluently. Simple conversation is also possible.
  • Nari is very good at drawing, and she often creates illustrations for her own thumbnails.
  • She often refers to herself as "Maoo", although the origin of this title is still unclear.

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