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Yashiro Kizuku (社築) is a male Japanese Virtual YouTuber affiliated with NIJISANJI (formerly of NIJISANJI SEEDs).

A reasonably skilled 30-year-old programmer at an IT company. Humble, gentle, and always tired when speaking, Kizuku began streaming in his free time off because he wanted to discover something interesting. [1]

Introduction Video

Yashiro's introduction.


Is quite fatherly, a humble and gentle soul. Is a bit restless. Shown through his activities in Dokuzuhonsha he is seen as mature as well.

Yashiro is usually very kind and gentle, and he has a reputation of giving easy to understand explanations to things and gives good advice on problems. He tends to get very excited and passionate when his favorite things or hobbies are mentioned.

He's NIJISANJI's self-proclaimed "otaku liver." He has a deep knowledge of both anime and manga, and retro games. He has a deep passion for Beatmania IIDX, he loves talking about the songs in IIDX and just about the game in general.

In streams, he makes a lot of otaku-culture related references, talks about his hobbies and his interests.



Kizuku made his YouTube debut on 6 June 2018 with a reupload of his Mirrativ livestream from 5 June 2018.


On 23 June, Kizuku debuted the 2.0 brushup of his Live2D model.


On 17 February, Kizuku held his official 3D model debut livestream on YouTube.

On 10 April, Kizuku and Sasaki Saku began hosting "ヤシロ&ササキのレバガチャダイパン" on the official NIJISANJI YouTube channel, a regularly scheduled 3D 30-minute program where various NIJISANJI Livers are invited to play games and try to make Kizuku lose to them.[2]

On 24 August, it was announced that he was commissioned by SEGA feat. Hatsune Miku Project to play the upcoming game, Project SEKAI COLORFUL STAGE! feat. Hatsune Miku, in which he failed to clear the song Hibana -Reloaded- by DECO*27 on MASTER difficulty.[3]


On 3 June, to celebrate his third anniversary, he released his first solo cover, Time Machine

On 7 September, it was announced that Kizuku, Fuwa Minato, and Hoshikawa Sara were releasing time-limited perfumes on U.Health&Beauty ONLINE.[4]


On 5 June, in commemoration of Kizuku's 4th anniversary on 6 June, it was announced that he would be releasing an original single entitled "BlackFlagBreaker!!" produced by Sasakure.UK, a Vocaloid producer.[5] The MV was released along with the announcement while the song would be released on various music streaming platforms the following day day.


  • On 2 August 2020, He was participated in Vtuber most cooperative tournament ver. APEX LEGENDS & Teamed up with Ex Albio & Ibrahim as team "Japan Representatives". The team ranked 7th in final ranking.
  • On 24 January 2021, he was participated in Vtuber most cooperative tournament ver. APEX LEGENDS Season 2 and teamed up with Shiina Yuika & Yorumi Rena as team "YaYuYo". The team ranked 17th in final ranking.
  • On 22 July 2021, he was participated in Vtuber Fall Guys Sports Festival and teamed up with Hayama Marin, Sasaki Saku & Mashiro (Nijisanji) as team "Berry Destroyer". The team ranked 5th place & 6 pt. In final ranking.
  • On 22 August 2021, he was participated in Vtuber most cooperative tournament ver. APEX LEGENDS Season 3 and teamed up with Kaga Sumire & Kaga Nazuna. The team ranked 8th in final ranking.
  • On 18 March 2022, it was announced that she would team up with Honma Himawari and Makaino Ririmu in Season 4 of (VTuber最協決定戦 Vtuber Saikyou Ketteisen) Apex Legend Tournament hosted by Shibuya HAL.[6]



  • Color: #B6C6F2 [7]
  • His fans are called "飲み友" (Nomitomo, drinking friend).
  • He's a big fan of the Japanese Baseball Team Yokohama DeNA Baystars. His location on his Twitter account is "DeNa fanclub", he follows them on Twitter and usually retweets news related to the team.
    • His favorite player is Toshiro Miyazaki.
  • He's not good at horror games. He often mentions this, and when he does play a horror game or one that contains jumpscares, he becomes a completely different person.
  • According to the other livers, his cooking tastes really good, and whenever anyone eats his food, they always compliment it.
    • His staple food is curry. He eats it five times a week, and he even shared a recipe for it once on his Youtube Community Page.
  • When he gets nervous, he gets sleepy. He slept before his 3D debut for 30 minutes.
    • And he can sleep everywhere. Waiting chair in the arcade, or on the floor of the 3D studio.
  • Won the "NIJISANJI the King of Typing" tournament after joining it last minute.
  • A huge fan of Hacka Doll, who are characters from DeNa's news app. He has numerous piece of merch like T-Shirts, wall scrolls and figurines, and even has all of the anime episodes on BD.
    • He even got the opportunity to talk with one of the Hacka Dolls, and he mentioned after this stream that this was the happiest moment of his life.
    • He got the nickname "Hackadoll No.846"
    • When it was announced that the Hacka Doll franchise would be ending, a lot of his fans were worried for him. Even Sasaki Saku said she was worried about him.
    • His APEX name is HackaChannel.
    • When he first moved houses, the first thing he put up on his wall was a Hacka Doll wall scroll.
  • Becomes a completely different person when he is drunk. However, after the retirement of Nakao Azuma, he doesn't drink while he is streaming.
  • He is friends with DJ Genki, a Japanese producer, who also produced DoKuzuHonSha's first original song, Fam Fam Time.
  • When his character design was first revealed, a lot of people compared him to Nozaki from Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun. Because of that, in his debut stream, he tried speaking like Nozaki's voice actor, Nakamura Yuichi. He gets embarrassed when anyone mentions it now and doesn't like rewatching his debut stream because of this.
  • Well known for his helpfulness in NIJISANJI. If one of the livers ask him to do a favor, he will do it without asking any questions about it.
    • He was the one who calmed down and encouraged Saegusa Akina before Akina's debut
  • According to other NIJISANJI members, he was playing Project Sekai in the NijiFes2021 waiting room.
    • While he was watching all the other members who didn't join NIJISANJI with singing as their goal try their best to sing during Nijifes performances, he wanted to work hard on his singing as well.
    • He asked Kagami Hayato for singing advice.
  • He was first sponsored by SEGA to try out Project Sekai but now he plays it out of genuine interest, and sometimes streams gacha pulling or just the rhythm game itself.
  • Kizuku is very fond of rhythm games. His favourites are "beatmaniaIIDX, beatmania, beatmaniaIII
    DDR and pop'n music.

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