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Yokomara Yuziko often shortened as Yuziko is a is a female Spanish/English-speaking Virtual Streamer from Chile. She debuted streaming in facebook, but for unkowns reasons change his principal media to Twitch.


Yuziko is a girl with brown skin, purple hair with pigtails and different colored eyes, some of her clothes are strongly inspired by the world of motorsport. her standard appearance is a crop top with a strap skirt, long socks and some cloth shoes.


  • Yuziko went through 3 previous models.
  • Yuziko's followers are regularly called "Chat" since she has not yet named her fanbase name.
  • Yuziko was the host at an event on VRChat called Expo Virtual. (Sadly the map was erased by the creators of the event) .
  • Yuziko can speak English in a fluent way.
  • Yuziko is afraid of insects and balloons.
  • She usually makes engine sounds with her mouth like "Vroom".
  • She has a "pet" named "Ñusiko"(Niu-ziko) which has a similar appearance to her.
  • In her own words, she likes racing games much more than others games. Even she calls herself one of the few Hispanic Vtubers who specialize in those games.
  • There are no records about the first stream she made on Twitch.

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