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Yoruno Neon (夜乃ネオン, lit. Neon Night) is a Female Japanese Virtual YouTuber, who debuted on 28 July, 2018. Since 14 February 2019, she is endorsed by the agency of Virtual Talents upd8 [1]

Introduction Video


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Neon's introduction



  • Her voice pitch and intonation is almost identical to Kaguya Luna's, to the point her fans call her "Generic Kaguya Luna" (ジェネリック輝夜月)
  • Coincidentally, Neon did a collaboration with Luna's kouhai Pinky Pop Hepburn along with MonsterZ MATE [2][3] on 27 February 2020.
  • After the collab Neon and PPH exchanged a series of funny tweets involving Neon teasing PPH about the latter's bust size [4]
  • Neon's music was used by Mirai Akari on her DJ set at the Re:animation 14 on 8 December 2019 [5][6]. Since then Akari and Neon have been on good terms and they have talked to each other on Twitter.[7]. Neon even donated to Akari in one of her livestreams.
  • She was one of the several vtubers who submitted a video for the Nico Nico Douga companion stream of the NHK Virtual Nodo Jiman.

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