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Yuki Chihiro (勇気ちひろ, Yuuki Chihiro) is a female Japanese Virtual YouTuber affiliated with NIJISANJI. She is part of the first generation of NIJISANJI members along with Tsukino Mito, Elu, Higuchi Kaede, Shizuka Rin, Shibuya Hajime, Suzuya Aki, and Moira.

Her surname "Yuuki" means "courage" while "Chihiro" is a common female first name in Japan.

She is an 18-year-old girl who was transformed into a child when she accepted a contract to become a magical girl. She wears a magical blue girl dress with two ribbons and a pair of white gloves.

She is eternally 10 years old but can change her age and gender with magic. When she becomes a boy she refers to herself as "Chii-kun".

Introduction Video



Chihiro's introduction.

A 10 years old primary school student and a magical girl.

The real body is 18 years old, but during the contract she became 10 years old. She likes talking and playing FPS games. Using her magic, she can transform into her 18 years old body and also a male body.[2]

In used until 2019/09/04
A 10 years old primary school student. Being magical girl, she has been fighting for the goods, but with how the world is in peace, she is out of job and has a lot of free time. Recently she bought a machine called "smartphone" and started doing livestream with it.


Chihiro is generally cheerful, sweet, and fun-loving. She takes her work very seriously and loves her fans dearly. She tries to connect with her viewers as best as she is able to, even if the viewer speaks in a language she does not understand. Though she tries to keep things upbeat, she is actually a self-proclaimed introvert and feels at loss when dealing with new people. She also has moments when she feels shy and gets discouraged.

She is well-known for her tremendous streaming stamina, especially when playing Apex Legends for 12 or more hours in one seating.

As a big fan of Apex Legends game, she has participated in several tournaments and sometimes she was asked to be the in-game leader. There were moments where she was so frustrated with her gameplay that she ended up crying.



Chihiro's YouTube channel was created on 1 February 2018 and her Twitter account also created in same month. Her first tweet was made on 1 February 2018.


On 27 June, Chihiro reached 50,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel.[3]

On 10 September, Chihiro reached 60,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel.[4]


On 15 January, Chihiro reached 70,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel.[5]

On 11 February, Chihiro reached 80,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel.[6]

On 10 March, Chihiro reached 90,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel.[7]

On 16 April, Chihiro reached 100,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel.[8]

On 20 June, she received her silver plaques from YouTube in commemoration of reaching 100,000 subscribers.[9]


On 10 January, Chihiro reached 150,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel.[10]

On 26 March, Chihiro created her Twitch channel.[11]

On 27 May, Chihiro reached 200,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel.[12]

On 31 July, Chihiro reached 250,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel.[13]

On 5 September, Chihiro reached 300,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel.[14]

On 10 November, Chihiro reached 350,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel.[15]


On 20 February, Chihiro reached 400,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel.[16]

On 7 May, Chihiro reached 450,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel.[17]

On 24 May, Chihiro showed Chii-kun's official Live2D model in a stream. Before this date, only Chii-kun's illustration used when streaming.

On 16 July, Chihiro reached 500,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel.[18]

On 30 September, Chihiro reached 550,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel.[19]


On 28 March, Chihiro reached 600,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel.[20]

On 18 April, Chihiro released her official LINE stickers.[21]

On 12 May, Apex Legends News announced Chihiro as #2 most-watched female Apex Legends streamer on Twitch in Season 12, with 856,000 hours of total stream watch time.[22]

On 7 June, Chihiro reached 100,000 followers on her Twitch channel.[23]

On 12 August, Apex Legends News announced Chihiro as #1 most-watched female Apex Legends streamer on Twitch in Season 13, with 695,000 hours of total stream watch time.[24]





  • On 24 July, she participated in Apex Legends "RAGE×LEGION Doujou Cup" as team "ChroNoiRChii" (くろのわちー) along with Kanae and Kuzuha. The team took 9th place in overall ranking.[26]
  • On 2 August, she participated in Apex Legends "VTuber Most Cooperatitive Tournament Season 1" as team "KanaChiiKuzu" (KCK) along with Kanae and Kuzuha. The team took 3rd place in overall ranking.[27]


  • On 16 January, she appeared in VARK live event "Heaven girl’s & Virtual Baiser" along with Moira, Hanabatake Chaika, and Joe Rikiichi.
  • On 6 June, Chihiro, along with Kuzuha and Kanae, appeared in the APEX Legends Global Series APAC North Finals as guest MCs for the pre-tournament event, and as well as players for the Arena Battle Twitter campaign. After the Arena Battle, they were able to amass around ¥651,000 worth of amazon gift cards that will be given to 21 random viewers who applied for the campaign.
  • On 18 July, she participated in Apex Legends "FFL SELeCT Cup" as "Team Yuuki Chihiro" along with Shomaru (SunSister God) and Tosh1 (ORTHROS MAGICAL). The team took 15th place in overall ranking.[28]
  • On 23 July, she participated in Apex Legends "Crazy Raccoon Cup #6" as team "Mochimochi Manta Maria Gou" (もちもちまんたマリア号) along with Mondo (Crazy Raccoon) and Shiromanta (mangaka). The team too 2nd place in overall ranking.[29]
  • On 22 September, she participated in Apex Legends "VTuber Most Cooperatitive Tournament Season 3" as team "Youjosenki" (幼女戦姫) along with Amatsuka Uto and Morinaka Kazaki with Tempplex and Eden as coaches. The team took 19th place in overall ranking.[30]
  • On 14 September, she participated in Apex Legends "VCC Apex #2 organised by VAULTROOM" as Team 12 along with Tonakaito Hendy and rpr (Scarz). The team took 17th place in overall ranking.[31]
  • On 18 September, she participated in Apex Legends "Reignite Cup #2" Arena Tournament as team "Mahou no Tempura to Ei no Karaage" (まほうのてんぷらとエイのからあげ) along with Tempplex (Reignite) and Shiromanta (mangaka). The team won Block E match but lost on the quarterfinal match and took 5th place in final ranking.[32]
  • On 25 September, she participated in Apex Legends "RAGE PARTY 2021 Autumn - Apex Legends Arena Challenge Cup" as team "Tsuda and VTuber" (つだとVTuber) along with Tsuda Atsuhiro and Ratna Petit. The team took 3rd place in final ranking.[33]
  • On 9 October, she participated in Apex Legends "Crazy Raccoon Cup #7" as team "Chii Poppo ato 1" (ちーぽっぽ@1, Chii Poppo plus 1) along with Kinako (Crazy Raccoon) and Tonakaito 'Hendy'. The team took 16th place in overall ranking.[34]
  • On 31 October, she appeared in the first NIJISANJI 1st generation concert "initial step in NIJISANJI" along with her fellow Ikkisei Shusshin.
  • On 19 December, she participated in Apex Legends "Zeroichi Cup" as team "Namae wa mada nai" (なまえはまだない, No Name Yet) along with Elu and Asumi Sena. The tournament consisted of 4 races and the team took 9th, 5th, 18th, and 16th place for each races.


Fans & Greetings

  • Chihiro's fans are called "Niinii" (older brother) / "Neenee" (older sister).
  • Greetings:
    • Opening: "Yahoo" (やっほー)
    • Evening: "Konbanchii" (こんばんちー)
    • Ending: "Otsuchii" (おつちー)


  • "Ikkisei Shusshin" (1期生出身, 1st generation origin) - Chihiro, Tsukino Mito, Elu, Higuchi Kaede, Shizuka Rin, Shibuya Hajime, Suzuya Aki, and Moira. They are the first generation of NIJISANJI.
  • "KanaChiiKuzu" (KCK) - Chihiro, Kanae, and Kuzuha.
    Their group name was previously ChroNoiRChii, but it was changed to KanaChiiKuzu because Kanae felt that simply adding Chii to the end of ChroNoiR was excluding Chihiro.
  • "NsN" (なんもしてねぇ, Nanmoshitenee, I did nothing) - Chihiro, Ibrahim, and Ratna Petit.


  • Color: #7BB3EE[38]
  • She has three forms. Her 10 y.o self (which she uses the most), her 18 y.o avatar who often referred as Chii-san, and her male persona Chii-kun.
    • These three forms play a pivotal role in her Grand Theft Auto V streams. Her 10 y.o self is used when playing as Michael, Chii-san as Franklin, and Chii-kun as Trevor. She will switch forms depending on the character being played.
  • She is the eldest daughter of three siblings; a younger brother who sometimes joins her on her Apex Legends stream and a younger sister.
  • She is fairly good at a number of video games, including Apex Legends (where she is highly ranked). She will usually play with other NIJISANJI members when streaming it. It’s because of her that Aiba Uiha and Aizono Manami started playing.


  • Likes:
    • Food: sweets, choco pie, gratin, hamburg steak.
    • Drink: green tea (especially Oi Ocha brand), Calpis, orange juice.
    • Item: English Rose fragrant toilet paper.
  • Dislikes:
    • Food: banana.

Apex Legends

Chihiro's guru: Sumomo (DetonatioN Gaming)
Chihiro's coach: Yukio (Riddle Order)

  • Despite not understanding English, she plays Apex Legends in English because she likes how some of the voice actors sound.

Live Chat Etiquette

  • Common VTuber chat etiquette is summarized here: "VTuber Chat Etiquette"
  • Additional rules on Chihiro's Live Chat that can be found on her YouTube stream description:
    • Do not use abusive language, as it will lower her motivation.
    • Please use moderation when commenting. People other than Chihiro also read the comments.
    • Do not be a backseat gamer.
    • Please do not fight in the comment section. If you found inappropriate comments, it is recommended to exercise RBI (Report, Block, Ignore).
    • Avoid making a conversation with the other listeners. Please remember that you are there to watch Chihiro, not the comments section.

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