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Yume Kuzukawa (夢クズかわ) is an Independent Virtual YouTuber. They are speaking English and Japanese, but mainly stream in English. They primarily stream on Twitch.

Introduction Video[]



Yume Kuzukawa's Debut Stream


Yume Kuzukawa is a lovesick menhera yandere nurse who is also a big shut-in, rambling about their various delusions and obsessions to anyone willing to listen to their chaotic word vomit. Seems like Yuyu forgot to take their own meds?


Yume has a very feminine soft face with long lashes, turquoise eyes, and two band-aids on his cheek. His physique is slender and his hair is pink with purple and baby blue streaks in them! His hair is short and fluffy except for the two hair strands in front. He also has a noticeable Heart Ahoge. He wears a blue band-aid and a pink cross hair clip as well as a nurse hat.

Yume wears a white nurse Uniform with a heart-cutout on the chest, and puffy sleeves. He tops that outfit with some red garters. He has one white stocking on the right leg and one blue colored one on the left which is in the style of bandages wrapped around his leg. He also has bandages on his right wrist and a cuff on his left. He wears normal white heels with red soles. [1]


Yume is a mentally deranged, crossdressing yandere, and as that term implies very much obsessed with his Senpai! His lovesickness knows no bounds and he is very determined to go to extreme lengths to ensure Senpai only has eyes for him, making him somewhat mischievous. He can be a bit cocky as well, if only he wasn't so clumsy, he could have been an actual threat..? For now, he is just a creep who spends his free time stalking his Senpai or having menhera breakdowns...

It's rumored that he isn't really a nurse but just dressing up as one. He also seems to be a very unreliable narrator. Not to mention Yume is very delusional and daydreams a lot, it is hard to tell what is real and what was just another one of the many fictional scenarios that occurred.. it is heavily hinted that Yume is not a real nurse, but instead a patient himself in a psych ward.[2]



Yume Kuzukawa's Lore



Yume's Twitch channel was created on 10th October 2017, however they did not start streaming on this account until 17th June 2021 which also marks the date of their first live-stream. They did not debut until July 15th 2023 and streamed under another alias ("Kawa_kunn") prior to their official name change to Yume Kuzukawa on March 11th 2023, as this was their artist Username.


  • On January 2021, Yume created their first Vtuber Twitter account and started posting promotional content. However shortly after, they switched back to their main Twitter account, which was used for art distribution. Yume started out with a PNG before switching to a small Chibi Live2D Model shortly after which was illustrated by Kuroh Kujou and rigged by RotusLotus.
  • 17th June 2021 marks the date of their first official Twitch Live stream, which was a collaboration between Yume and Kuroh Kujou due to Yume being too shy and nervous to stream, the VOD of this stream is forever lost to time.
  • 2nd August marks the date of Yume becoming a Twitch Affiliate.


  • Sometime in 2022, Yume obtained a Fanmade 3D Vroid Model and switched between the two Models. This 3D Vroid Model was made by Frinhaal.
  • 9th January 2022 marks the date of which Yume hit 800 followers on twitch
  • 12th January 2022 marks the date of which Yume hit 900 followers on twitch
  • 12th February 2022 marks the date of which Yume hit 1200 followers on twitch


  • 29th May 2023 marks the date of which Yume hit 3000 followers on twitch
  • 9th September 2023 marks the date of which Yume hit 4600 followers on twitch


  • 21st March marks the date of which Yume hit 6000 followers on twitch. This happened live during a collab stream


  • On 1st July 2023, Yume posted their Debut teaser, which unlike other teasers was not a video but a first of its kind Visual Novel game one had to play in order to find out Yumes Debut date. [3]


Yume Kuzukawa x Yoru no Machi Merch Drop


Yumes fans are "Byokis" (びょき). But Yume refers to them as "Kanja-sama" (患者さま, meaning "Patients"). Byokis are a mixture of Pills and Cats, they come in various injuries and split-colored forms. They can open up, revealing more pills and pill cats inside them. They can also morph together resulting in weird shapes, or split up, in order to reproduce. When their shell breaks, however, they can have a nightmare mode. [4]


(Self-proclaimed) Charm Points[]

  • Cute face
  • Heart Ahoge
  • Tiny waist
  • Clumsy
  • Can cook & clean
  • Mentally Ill
  • Bluge Shimapan
  • Cute, Funny, Sexy, Intelligent (real!!!)[5]


  • Likes:
    • Foods: Caprese Salad, Katsu curry, Teriyaki Salmon
    • Games: Genshin Impact, Alice Madness Returns, Visual Novels, J-RPG games & more [6]
    • Staying Inside
  • Dislikes:
    • Foods: Bananas, Natto
    • Taking their Medicine
    • Going Outside

Clipping Policy[]

The upload of clips is allowed but the re-upload of full length archives/videos are prohibited unless translated into other languages. Member only archives/videos are prohibited to be clipped.

Fanart Policy[]

The production of Fanart is allowed and highly welcomed, any type of Fanart is being uploaded into Yumes Toyhouse Gallery as a sign of appreciation. Reproducing and Selling Fanart of Yume Kuzukawa you yourself have drawn is allowed if it's prints on convention booths, but the reproduction and selling of Fanart or Commissioned art that was not produced by yourself, or just in an online store is highly prohibited. If unsure please reach out to Yume directly via their Discord Server or Email.

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