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Yunoki (ユノキ Yunoki) is a Female Japanese Virtual YouTuber that debuted on 11 September 2018 and also the part of Yunoki Set along with the Kawasaki Sisters, Ao Nishida

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Yunoki is literallly a 17-year-old girl who always wanted to be an famous artist and wanting her original anime to air on Japanese TV, also known for her bizarre adventures with her sister Ao Nishida.

She always tell people to report the haters (for example, Yunoki always tell people to report the fake version of Mirai Akari.)

She is also known for her 3D model problems and her unstoppable obsession for MMORPG games.


  • Yunoki was prank called by Kawasaki Sisters as seen in the video "How to Caught A MapleStory Scammer ft YunokiRoom" which was a joke.
  • Yunoki's voice actor also voice acts Sakurairo.

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