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Zathurnalina is an English / French / Spanish Virtual YouTuber who streams primarily on Twitch.

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Zathurnalina's 3D Debut!

Zathurnalina's introduction


Zathurnalina is a kind and excitable fairy who loves meeting new people. She sees magic in everyone and encourages humans to find the magic within themselves.


Zathurnalina was born in the Fairy Realm but has traveled far and wide over her 322 human years. For a fairy, Zathy would be considered a young adult, roughly equivalent to a human in their 20's. Her travels brought her to the Human Realm where she eagerly learned about humans including the discovery of fried foods. Zathurnalina later learned about the virtual plane and decided it was another dimension she wished to explore!



Zathurnalina began streaming on Twitch in November 2020 and simultaneously began uploading the VOD's to her YouTube Channel. At the time, she used a still image to represent herself.[4]

Zathurnalina created her 3D model herself in December 2020 and debuted the model on YouTube on December 29th, 2020[5].


On 7 January, Zathurnalina became a Twitch Affiliate.[6]

Mascots & Fans

  • Her mascot is Puddles who is based off her real life cat. He is featured in several of Zathurnalina's emotes.
  • Her fanbase is officially called "Magical Invisible Beings"
  • Her Twitch Subscribers have three tiers: Magical Beings, Magically Attuned Beings, and Magically Empowered Beings


  • Her name pronunciation in IPA is zæθɜːrnəlinə
  • Zathy lives in the Fairy Realm but travels regularly to other worlds
  • Her favorite color is green, but she also likes purple, black, and rainbow.
  • Zathy likes to model feet and belly button pictures on Instagram.

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