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Zentreya is a female English-language VTuber who debuted in 2017. Initially an independent streamer mostly known for VRChat roleplaying, Zen joined VTuber group VShojo in November 2020 alongside Nyatasha Nyanners, Ironmouse, Projekt Melody, Froot, Hime Hajime, and Silvervale.

She is noted for the use of a speech-to-text-to-speech system to produce a synthesized voice. She alternates between multiple forms, primarily her cyborg and dragon models.

Introduction Video


Project Zen Official VSHOJO Lore

Zentreya's introduction.



"A cyborg from a post-apocalyptic future, sent back in time to prevent the apocalypse. She's very headstrong and tends to yell at everyone around her, but loves meeting new people! She's become accustomed to 21st century culture, and enjoys memes and pranks."[1]

"A red haired half human/half red dragon, rockstar (kinda). She is very headstrong and tends to yell at everyone around her, but loves meeting new people! She tends to play pranks and loves memes. She wants to rule humanity one day, but she's too much of an air head to do it."

Born into a wealthy family, her father was a general of a large military, her mother a doctor who put all others above herself. At the age of 7, she lost her mother to a disease, and her father disappeared. Left in despair, she was thrust into the military on her father's side. Unsatisfied and worn out, she abandoned the lifestyle a few months later. She fell into a deep pit of loss, loneliness, and self-destruction. She began pleading for help. And she got an answer from something, something that has yet to be awakened, something sinister She enlisted into the military once again, this time with a new found spark. Unknown to why she developed an absolute hatred for everything lewd. Seeing this development, she was found unfit for combat in the military and thrown out. Years went by, she moved back into the family of Ashunera and Nimewe but felt different. The father of the two sisters, Magnanix, was something she did not approve of and left.

Moving forward to the present (at the time), she began raising her own military power. She was cold and calculative, going as far as to execute members of her own military who even showed signs of lewd behavior without hesitation, earning her the nickname the Red Devil, with her glowing Red Hair and blood tattered clothes. She soon amassed a large enough army and raised her own banner under the name of the A.L.A., or Anti-Lewd-Army.



Compared to other members of VShojo such as Projekt Melody and Nyanners, it is atypical for her to display risqué tendencies while streaming, even in coincidence with her sullen image, acting somewhat more virtuous and open to her community. During streams, she occasionally intervenes with something risqué but brief, usually under the awareness that there are people in her community who will indulge in it, avoiding being upfront on a constant. This is a stark contrast to how she acts while not streaming in that she is more willing to regularly apply these tendencies.


She was often called the Red Devil, who commands the most powerful military power and often seeks war, whether that's by disputes or because of Lewdest territory. She is considered violent yet conniving, but beneath the cold and manipulative exterior is something warm-hearted.

She is sassy with her community and enjoys a consistent back and forth banter with them. Both chat and Zentreya are known for trolling one another, often throughout an entire stream with the use of voice clip redeems and comebacks. Zentreya has been known to brag about her gaming skills only for the results to go horribly wrong on stream.


Zentreya tends to go through a varied looks and styles. Her first form is a cyborg in a red skin-tight catsuit with black and mint green armor around her neck and hips. She has a black jacket with her name embezzled on the sleeves, spine pattern on the back and helmet.

Underneath the helmet is her normal face with yellow eyes that can change color and short white-grey hair. Zentreya's helmet is a call back to her dragon form and shows that she is a cybernetic-dragon with interchangeable parts. Her helmet to resembles a dragon with the mouth and the antennas resemble horns of the dragon. She also is said to have interchangeable legs with either anti-gravity boots as well as heels.

Her secondary form is that of a red dragon in humanoid form, with long red hair and yellow eyes. She wears her hair in a ponytail or has a short pixie cut, and has horns with piercing in them, large wings with spikes on them, pointed ears, and a very thick tail. She wears a black leather jacket, studded belts, chains and a black skirt with black spiked heels to complete the outfit.

Her old dragon looks consisted of a black leather jacket, jean shorts and canvas shoes to complete the outfit. Her 2D model appears to trade out the jean shorts for a black leather skirt with black high heels.

In her previous human form, she wore her hair down, often with a black hat, a black overcoat/cape with a white fur trim, a black suit, and a red tie. She had red hair and yellow eyes in this form.


Zentreya would mostly stream on VRChat, with her channel being usually for uploading clips from her VRChat streams, but she made her YouTube debut when she partnered up with VShojo.[2][3] She would also dance to music clips and short songs.[4] She also streamed games such as DOOM Eternal, Dead by Daylight and Cuphead.

Zentreya's streams are still varied and often consist of chatting, meme videos, games, collabs with other VTubers or content creators, showing off fan art and more. She sometimes calls up her friends on Discord randomly to plays pranks on them. Her content is streamed mainly on Twitch. Her streams always start off with a "Just Chatting" section, then she jumps into a game later on.

Zentreya's YouTube content consists mainly of edited highlights from her streams, sneak peeks at upcoming projects she is working on as well as comedy shorts and skits.

Zentreya also hosts her own version of D&D called Guilds & Geckos, which started off as a mini series in her streams and has developed into a fully fledged campaign, in which the chat is in charge of their own character and guests RPR, Projekt Melody, CottontailVA and Apricot (Froot) on their journey. In previous sessions, chat was joined by GEEGA and OniGiri as NPCs.

Every year around September and October, Zentreya loves to host two months dedicated to Halloween, where she will watch spooky videos all month during 'Spooktember' and then in October she plays horror and spooky games as well all during the month of 'Shocktober'.



Zentreya originally came from the VRChat roleplaying community, where she was the founder of a group called the Anti-Lewd Army. She began as a mute streamer (one who streams without voice), and created primarily VRChat-based content. Zen's decision to remain mute was inspired by a desire to protect her real-life identity.

Zentrey was first exposed to VRChat while she was on YouTube looking for music when a video of Ashunera appeared. When she watched it she became instantly interested. She started watching videos with Oathmeal, Rad, and Nagzz. Something inside her told her to stop watching, but instead of listening to that thought she instead became a part of the community she enjoyed watching.

Zentreya's Twitch channel was created on 3 July 2016.


On 30 March, Zentreya's YouTube channel was created.

On 18 November, Zentreya made her VRChat account.[5]

On 26 November, Zentreya uploaded her oldest known YouTube video titled “VRChat! :4 Loli's, Snoop Dogg, Power Rangers and Aliens. SWEET.”

On 30 November she had her first Twitch stream which was a one-hour VRChat[6] Her Twitter account was created shortly after, on 2 December 2017. Although Zen was a streamer who represented herself with a 3D avatar, she did not yet consider herself a VTuber.


On 4 January, Zentreya uploaded a thank you video of 1000 YouTube subscribers.[7]

On 13 January, Zentreya showed off her new Commander Hoppou avatar.[8]

On 22 January, Zentreya started the The Adventures of a Yangire.[9]

On 25 January, Zentreya thanked her fans for the 3000 followers (Didn’t say on what platform)[10]

On 27 January, Zentreya answered why she wears her coat on my shoulders.[11]

On 2 February, Zentreya showed off her new commander look that includes feathers on her shoulders.[12]

On 8 February, Zentreya started the The Adventures of a Red Devil.[13]

It’s worth noting as of February 15 Zentreya had only three characters she would roleplay as: The Red Devil (A.L.A Commander Zentreya), The Bat Cat / Blue Neko (Nez), and The Blonde God (Lady Z).[14]

On 13 March, Zentreya’s community came together against her wishes to donate $2200.[15]

On 20 March, Zentreya uploaded a video thanking her community for 5000 followers and all the friends she made along the way. The video goes into why she entered the VRChat community and how it changed her life. She thanked her inspiration Ashunera someone who would be her canon sister along with XigneoN, Oathmeal, Rad, Nagzz and of course her own IRL Mother.[16]

On 21 March, Zentreya started the feared Anti-Lewd Army (A.L.A.) to wipe out the plague of the lewdist. There will be no mercy. No surrender. No trial. The lewdist are a vermin that must and will be cleansed.[17] #AntiLewdArmy

On 24 March, Zentreya unveiled the official insignia of the A.L.A.[18]

On 26 March, due to losing her position at work, she decided to pivot from video production to livestreaming.[19] She revealed a new VRChat avatar the following day, having long red hair, yellow eyes, and a military style outfit with a red armband representing the Anti-Lewd Army.[20]

On 1 April, WING_ow tweeted out a relationship tree that shows how Zentreya and many others are connected to one another.[21]

On 5 April, Zentreya revealed A.L.A. themed weapons and accessories. Done by Eb-chan.[22]

On 6 April, Zentreya reached 1K followers on twitter.[23]

On 12 April, Zentreya announced an EXTRA RP character at the beginning of the stream.[24] The character unveiled was her first ever functional music override and on/off mask character[25] named LuLu.

On 14 April, the A.L.A. officially declared war upon Ashunera Crimson Traps.[26]

On 16 April, Zentreya declared Noble of Lost Pause an enemy of the A.L.A of VRChat.[27] To which he said “I saw your lewd side. Don't try and fight it”.

On 23 April, She began streaming regularly on Twitch, with some livestreams on YouTube. She would have her 2nd stream on Twitch. A.L.A vs L.4.L Event which by the end of it unfortunately made her question if She should continue doing VR events.[28][29]

On 24 April, Zentreya revealed three new characters Generals of the A.L.A. army, Abysma The Conqueror,[30] Hellena (later renamed to Carmella) The Butcher,[31] Hoppi the hunter (formerly Commander Hoppou)[32]. Along with LuLu given the tidal of freak[33] and Bat Cat was given a proper name Nez The Pilot of A.L.A.[34]. And Zentreya giving herself the tidal of A.L.A Leader / The Crusader.[35]

On 1 May, Someone made a page for Zentreya on the VRChat Legends Wiki.[36]

On 2 May, Zentreya and XigneoN stopped being in a RP relationship but remained great friends.[37]

On 3 May, Zentreya showed off her "Be Nice Zen!" model.[38]

On 4 May, Nagzz confessed his love for Zentreya and it caught her off guard.[39]

On 14 May she announced a return to producing videos on YouTube, with livestreams now taking place exclusively on Twitch. She continued to produce YouTube videos throughout 2018, consisting mainly of Twitch clips of VRChat streams.

On 15 May, Zenzz21 ship has been crushed but not really it's complicated.[40]

On 20 May, It was Zen’s 25th Birthday[41] She also showed off her new bikini model.[42]

On 21 May, Zentreya found out her "Be Nice Zen” model was not made from scratch and found out it was available on a model shop. She spent 300 on someone who screwed her out of a model.[43][44]

Zen's Twitch content in 2018 consisted primarily of VRChat (675 hours), making up 51.7% of all hours streamed; followed by Destiny 2 (137 hours).

On 5 June, was the first episode of Cross-Over Chronicles.[45]

On 20 June, Zentreya got an intro for her A.L.A RP.[46]

On 20 June, Zentreya tweeted out an A.L.A RP sign up form to help increase RP.[47]

On 26 June, Zentreya showed a new model.[48]

On 2 July, Zentreya teased UNIT V4LK-YR13 a new RP character, but her program got corrupted with an error 666 and was put on hold.[49]

On 4 July, Zentreya reached 10,007 subscribers on YouTube.[50]

On 19 July, Zentreya released the official concept art of the red devil commander Zentreya by KuroiEnpitsu was realist.[51]

On 30 July, Zentreya showed off a stylish new look.[52]

On 31 July, Zentreya got a twitch partnership.[53]

On 6 August, Zentreya debuted an updated commander model.[54]

On 27 August, Zentreya did her first 24 hour stream.[55] On the same day she got a Discord partnership.[56]

On 12 September, Zentreya showed a sneaky peaky at her casual wear model that has black hair.[57]

On 15 September, casual Zentreya with fox ears wore a virgin killer sweater… not in a lewd way.[58]

On 17 September, Zentreya had a dance stream.[59]

On 23 September, Zentreya held a twitter pull to see what her fans prefer her hair cooler to be red or black. Red won with 75.4%, black had 21.6%.[60]

On 27 September, Zentreya made a statement about what she thinks behind the scenes, her ADHD, depression, and being a role model.[61]

On 29 September, Zentreya revealed her first piece of merchandise which was a hoodie sweatshirt.[62]

On 14 October, Zentreya had a fun time with the new game in VRChat called murder, she killed a lot of people.[63]

On 29 October, Zentreya finally perished and found her own grave. Cause of death, she boi’d herself.[64]

On 30 October, Zentreya had her 24 HOUR SPOOKATHON where she played Variety of Horror Games / VR.[65] It ended early due to Zentreya getting food poison.[66]

On 8 November, Zentreya debuted her A.L.A LIFE model[67] that was based on the design made by KuEn that was based off of Akalis K/DA design from League of Legends.[68]

On 10 November, Zentreya released her Waifu stats.[69]

On 27 November, Zentreya reached 10,004 followers.[70]

On 30 November, Zentreya made a blind apology tweet stating "Someone asked me if I could go back and change anything or say anything to anyone, what would it be? "I'm sorry."[71] when asked for what she said “Alot”.[72]

On 1 December, Zen and Kuroi partnered up together to sell shirts on the official merch store.[73]

On 11 December, Zentreya tweeted that her canon RP husband was either JT Senpai or Youvegotthetouch.[74]

On 19 December, Zentreya revealed a brown trenchcoat model.[75]

On 22 December, Zentreya made it clear that the A.L.A had nothing to with Tumblr/Hentai Haven being taken down.[76]

On 22 December, Zentreya attended a VRC Christmas party.[77]


Zentreya streamed on Twitch throughout 2019. On 18 May she first used the term VTuber in a stream title.[78] This year marked a pivot from streaming primarily VRChat.


On 1 August, Zentreya formed the Twitch Team Virtual Streamers Worldwide in an effort to bring VTubers together. The emote "zentreTogether" (two hands holding together with white sleeves and a red heart in the background) was created to represent this and bringing the communities together.

On 6 August, Zentreya revealed her now iconic feature where she gained the ability to speak using text-to-speech. The system used the Tatyana IVONA Voice software, with a Russian accent. This replaced Zentreya's existing system which used speech recognition to display text in a speech bubble. She credited Com Dos for help setting up the system. Zen clipped the announcement for YouTube on 25 August in the video VTUBER GETS A BIG UPGRADE!!!

On 21 September, Zentreya appeared on the 7th and last Episode of Lost Pause's game show “Weeb Wars”, where she went up against Susu. She would lose the game only racking up 270 points, against Susu's 430.

On 25 September, Zentreya officially disbanded the Anti-Lewd Army and retired from the VRChat RP community.[79]

On 1 October, Zentreya debuted her new dragon form with a 3D model, retiring her previous commander outfit. The new model featured Zen with her classic red hair in a ponytail and two horns, with the outfit in the style of old punk rock with a cut-off jacket with Halo patches on it, red top and cut-off denim shorts with red tail and wearing canvas hightops.[80]

On 24 November, Zentreya re-debuted as a founding member of the VTuber group VShojo. She stepped down from her previous affiliation with the Twitch Team Virtual Streamers Worldwide, which she previously founded, though as of 22 May 2022, she remained in the rotation of streamers online on the team page.


On 24 January, Zentreya debuted her first 2D avatar created by Yuniiho. This was a step up of her dragon form with a new style, now wearing a new hairstyle of her ponytail and bangs, red vest with leather straps and spikes. For the bottom, Zen features a black leather skirt, metal choker and black high heels all with crosses attached to them.

On 27 January, Zentreya appeared on the 13th episode of Lewdcast, which also acted as an abrupt season finale, due to schedule conflicts as VShojo was beginning to expand.

On 1 February, Zentreya reached 100,000 subscribers on YouTube. The following day, she also reached 100,000 followers on her Twitch channel.

On 31 March, Anthony Padilla released his YouTube video "I spent a day with VTUBERS", in which he interviewed Zentreya along with Nyatasha Nyanners and Ironmouse.

On 1 April, Zentreya made a gag reveal of her "true dragon form". In truth, all the transformation did was turn her into a 3D gecko-like reptile wearing her attire.

On 20 April, Zentreya revealed an upgraded 3D avatar of her dragon form from the previous dragon form, with the new outfit matching her 2D model.

On 28 September, Zentreya announced that she would take an indefinite hiatus to recover from severe mental breakdown.[81] She resumed her activities on 11 October.

On 24 November, Zentreya began to tease a new project, named "Project Z3N" along with a new look, which would be revealed in 2022.

On 28 December, as a joke, Zentreya introduced a secondary animal motif to her main dragon form and became a wolf, but because the reception was so well received she decided to keep it around for a little bit longer.


On 20 May, Zentreya went through a rebrand, retiring the dragon model and transforming to the new version of Zen, beginning the new era of "Project Z3N". To introduce this new version, in her lore video she was said to have been sent back to the present from the future to stop "Melware" (Melody's alter-ego character). Zen's look and new attire features a new silver short hair color in a jacket with her name on the sleeves, a skin-tight catsuit, metal armor around her neck and hips, anti-gravity boots, and a new visor in resemblance of a dragon face, which opens to reveal her face. This Zen is said to have swappable cybernetic parts.

On 21 May, Zentreya appeared on episode 21 of Ironmouse's talk show Speak of the Devil. On this episode, Zen speaks more about the idea behind the motif of her new cyborg look and what inspired her to make it. She explained that ever since she started using her STTS, it gave her the idea of the cyber idea rather than the dragon idea, as she felt it would fit better but did not have the money at the time to make it a reality until after she went full time on Twitch and her streaming career. Also in this episode, she spoke about her love for horror movies, Tokusatsu and Kamen Rider. She also spoke about her music interests as well as that she's still practising drumming, guitar and piano.

On 31 July, Zentreya debuted a new 3D model of her cyborg form, with new tracking capabilities with hand tracking.

On 27 October, Streamy Awards nominated Zentreya in the VTuber category, along with her fellow VShojo members Ironmouse, Nyanners and Veibae.[82] On the same day Zen tweeted that she has “already put my withdrawal in for the Streamy VTuber category so that someone more amazing can get their moment to shine”.[83]

On 28 November, VShojo celebrated its 2 year anniversary by releasing their cover of DECO*27 - Zombies, which features Zentreya alongside Nyanners, Projekt Melody, Ironmouse, Froot, Silvervale, and Hime Hajime.


On 14 February, Zentreya debuted a new outfit specially made for Valentine's Day. This outfit features Zen in a maid costume with multiple different hair style options, including her classic cyber short pixie haircut, twin-tails and long white hair. For the accessories, she wields a long sword, big purple gun as well as belts, arm pads and straps. For this stream, she ran a skit section called “Q&A with The Love Doctor Zentreya”, which featured the audiences' burning question about love and dating, then Zen would attempt to answer them in the best way she could. This segment was featured on Twitch's front page for Valentine's Day.

On 24 February, Zentreya released a video titled "Dragon Zen Comes Home To Twitch" on her YouTube channel, which announced that Dragon Zen was coming back to Twitch as a community idea where she can switch from Cyber Zen and Dragon Zen at will, whenever she wishes to.

On 25 February, Zentreya held a reverse subathon (subs decrease the timer instead of raising it) with 15-20% of the proceeds going to St Judes and with many objectives to obtain when goals had been reached, including doing Fortnite dances on stream, a day when Haruka and Geega take over the stream (she isn't allowed to watch until after), finish Donkey Kong Country and many other goals. Because this was a reverse subathon with the timer going down, the stream was abruptly ended when the timer hit 0 and lasted for 7hrs and 40mins.

On 1 April, Zentreya revealed a new 3D outfit specially made for April Fools' day and for reaching 3,000 subs on her reverse subathon. Zentreya unveiled herself in a 3D banana suit, equipped with a banana and a banana-phone. She spent the stream pranking her friends on discord as well as a day filled with banana puns and other banana related content.

On 15 May, Zentreya's Twitch channel reached 400,000 subscribers.

On 20 May, Zentreya debuted her 2D 2.0 Cyber outfit as a part of her birthday stream. She revealed a little funny skit video where all the members of VShojo try and help Zen find an outfit that helps her not stand out as much. This new model features two new hair styles, long high up in a messy ponytail or in a short shoulder length hairstyle, with a red visor which reacts when she talks and two red stripes on her cheek. For her outfit, she wears a red white and black jacket, a white bodysuit with her name on her chest, red accents and mesh catsuit with tights. This outfit is fitted with skulls, black and red leather straps, with red white and black shoes to tie it off.

On 16 June, Zentreya did her first Kick stream, though due to backlash from the community as well as the dislike for the platform, she decided she wanted to remain on just Twitch for the time being.

On 25 June, Zentreya debuted her new 3D model "Cowgirl Zentreya", this outfit being themed around her hometown of Texas and cowgirls. This outfit features Zen as her dragon form with long red hair or pigtails. She is in an bikini in the colors in the American flag with leather brown cut-off jacket, thigh high brown boots and denim shorts.

On 18 August, Zentreya debuted her latest update to her 3D cyborg model with new features added, such as new facial tracking, lips, a new hairstyle resembling her hair form her dragon form and new cybernetic legs.

On 26 August, Zentreya was featured during VSHOJO's first 3D Concert "Candy Pop Explosion", singing in three songs as well as a comedy skit with Apricot (Froot).

On 22 September, Zentreya debuted a new "comfy" themed outfit. This outfit features Zen wearing a lilac colored sweater, with yellow tank top underneath (togglable) and for the lower half, sweatpants or shorts with cybernetic joints that are visible, as well as slippers that resemble Pablo. On the same day, her first song cover was released on YouTube "I Really Want To Stay At Your House" along with the music video.

On 6 October, Zentreya debuted a new 3D model "Wolftreya" for Halloween, new tracking features have been added and outfit. This look features Zen with white spiked up hair, wolf ears, black lipstick and more detailed facial expressions. The outfit has a black tank top with a ripped front to look like a monster face and a pink vest underneath. For the lower half, cut-off jean shorts, ripped tights, belts, fluffy tail and platform shoes that have claws on the front. This look can be toggled to remove the ears and tail. She showed a 3D world with monsters, jumpscares and interaction for chat.

On 29 October, VShojo released of “This Is Halloween” which features Zentreya, Apricot, GEEGA, Henya, Ironmouse, Kuro, Kson, Matara and Projekt Melody for Halloween, along with a music video.

On 31 October, Apricot, with Zentreya collaborating on vocals, released a song cover of "Rainy Day" along with a music video (which Zen also makes a cameo in the video).

On 17 November, Zentreya debuted a new her new “RTX model” with hyper realistic face, hair, expression, armor and lights. This model was actually a fan made model by G-Kaida and turned into an official model by Baffler.

On 26 November, for her 6 year anniversary Zentreya debuted her 2D version of her new Dragon Zen model, she also debuted a new song cover of Face My Fears. She confirmed the Dragon and Cyborg Zen will remain the main characters of the channel. Her new dragon form, she now wears her hair in a ponytail or in a short pixie cut, and has horns with piercing in them, large wings with spikes on them, pointed ears, and a very thick tail. She wears a red and black t-shirt with lace, black leather jacket, studded belts, chains and a black skirt with black spiked heels.

On 27 November, Zentreya was nominated for 3 categories at Filian's award show "The VTuber Awards": League Of Their Own, Funniest VTuber and Best Tech VTuber. She was also included in the award for Best Concert Event as well as VShojo being nominated for Best VTuber Org. This year in response to her nominations, she confirmed she isn't going to drop out of the awards but that people should vote for whoever that want to, if you vote for her then she's honoured but if you don't then she's happy either way.

On 3 December, Zentreya was revealed to be one of the next character skins to be added to the VShojo roster of SMITE due to fans being upset that she wasn't included in the original roster (Ironmouse, Froot, Kson, Veibae, Silvervale and Nyanners). It was decided that she would be added this time around, with the character being released and showcasing on their Twitch channel on 6 December, as shown in the teaser video.

On 10 December, Zentreya and Apricot's original song from "Candy Pop Explosion" released on the VShojo YouTube channel, called "Color Blind".

On 17 December, Zentreya debuted her winter 3D model for the Christmas season. This outfit features Cyber Zen in a light brown cardigan, brown gloves and boots. White and red dress with white tight, short white hair decorated with Xmas accents and charms. She showcased a new 3D world for Christmas, with interactive features and chat interactions. Zen also started a charity event to Toys for Tots for a whole week.

On 23 December, a cover of "Snow Halation" released on Matara Kan's YouTube channel featuring Zentreya alongside Matara, Henya, Kson, Ironmouse, Apricot and Kuro for Christmas, along with a music video.

On 25 December, Zentreya released a cover and music video of "Grandma Got Ran Over by a Reindeer" released on her YouTube channel featuring Haruka for Christmas.


On 12 January, an update was made to Zentreya's Cyber model. Baffler and Zen worked on the lighting, textures and tracking for the model. This model was made to look more cel-shaded and "game-like", and updates were made to the helmet, outfits and hair.

On 23 January, Zentreya announced that she and 3D modeler, Mao, would be releasing a 3D model of the chat Gecko for public access to use. In doing so, Zen wants to allow members of her community to have a model they can use and play around with. It includes two outfits: the original spacesuit from her 2D plushie design in 2022, and a spacesuit inspired by the game Lethal Company.

On 10 February, Zentreya released the first 4 panels of her new comic titled "My Life with a Cyborg from the Future Who is Also a VTuber!?", titled "Fate In Red". Written by herself, it is a 4-panel comic drawn from the reader's point of view, with a new comic released every 2 to 4 weeks.

On 13 February, a voice pack of Zentreya was released for Valentine's Day, completely free as a sample. The voice pack is described as "Experience a unique Valentine's Day with Zentreya's movie theatre date night as she guides you through a spine-chilling horror film, creating an unforgettable and thrilling evening!"

On 14 February, Zentreya debuted another outfit in tradition for Valentine's Day. This outfit features a school uniform style outfit, with a red blazer, white shirt and blue tie. She also wears a mini-skirt with stockings and school style shoes. This outfit has all of Zen's previous hair toggles from many of her previous outfits. On this day also, Zen also released a cover of "Take Me Home, Country Roads" with a music video as well as she showed us some updates to her 3D program she had been working on with Baffler. These updates feature the 3D Gecko (made by Mao) in her 3D world and being able to interact with it, have it follow her around, hit it and have the chat react with it too.

On 25 February, Zentreya announced she was in collaboration with M.RAGE,[84] bringing a bomber jacket to their website inspired by her own cyber jacket from her 1.0 Cyber Zen model. Jackets went on sale on 29 February and international shipping was added on 18 April.

On 28 March, Zentreya revealed a "new" outfit, which in fact is an old outfit of her maid outfit from 2022 (before her cyber redebut), rebuilt and remodelled to fit her new 3D program. It features Zen in her dragon form with a black and white maid dress, white ruffled headpiece and white thigh high tights with small black heels. This is part of a throwback series of old outfits that Zen wants to reuse and bring back for new viewers that were not around during this time.

On 1 April, Zentreya unveiled a new model in tradition for April Fools day: the new toaster model, which features Zen as an actual toaster. This came from a joke which started amongst the VTuber community as well as her own community when she debuted her cyber/cyborg persona for the very first time back in 2022. This model was made by Triglop.[85] The toaster is red, black and teal like her original Cyber 1.0 model and it has a face like her helmet. It also dispenses toast with pictures of her fellow VShojo members on it. Zen also announced a new gecko plushie in a dino onesie in partnership with Makeship.

On 5 April, Zentreya showcased another "New" model: a new version of her previous "Cyber Mirko" model. which original debuted in Easter 2023. This outfit is her own version of the character Mirko from My Hero Academia, complete with jumpsuit, stockings, gloves, bunny ears and feet.

On 13 April, Zentreya rereleased another outfit, bringing back the the Summer Goth red bikini with shorts and sandals from 2022. This time, she updated the textures and also added a new world for her to roam around in her 3D program, which was rebuilt (due to tech issues within the program and hardware issues on Zen's side). The toggles include wolf ears, shorts changeable to bikini bottoms, and arm/legs straps which can be removed.

On 20 April, Zentreya debuted another new outfit, consisting of a black shiny bunny suit with white tights, black pumps for shoes, a black and blue coat and a hat with bunny ears on top. This outfit was inspired by Fate Grand Order and the Fate Series. She also debuted a new world in her 3D program to go along with this outfit.

On 30 April, Zentreya revealed a trailer in partnership with ViteRamen, teasing that she will be getting a new flavor as well as other things in the drop coming on 20 May.

On 2 May, Zentreya released the second part of her comic series "My Life with a Cyborg from the Future Who is also a VTuber!?" - "A Brief Moment".

On 16 May, Zentreya released a video with ViteRamen on her channel in the run up to the release of her new flavor as well as her new knife with them "Circuit Breaker". The knife is based from Zentreya's lore cyber lore and is based off of her Cyber weapon "Rhodonite" which she wanted it to be something people would use for everyday usage as that was her most important goal from this partnership. The knife is made from Damascus steel and it is a Gyuto fusion based design for precision for cutting up ingredients

On 4 May, as part of NIKKE: Goddess Of Victory's 1.5th anniversary,[86] Zentreya took part in a special event for the game in which she did a musical performance and released a music video of We're Never Giving Up alongside the event. She also was designed an outfit based on the character Nihilister from the game that was featured in the music video.

On 19 May, Zentreya reached 500,000 followers on Twitch.[87]

On 20 May, Zentreya celebrated her birthday with a debut of her newest model "Bowsette" inspired from the Super Mario meme of the same name. This outfit feature Zen's dragon form (by Nanoless), in a black torn dress with gold trim pattern and ripped flowy skirt portion with also comes up and reveals a one piece underneath. She has a tortoise shell on her back, much like Bowser/Bowsette and her signature wings/tail from her previous dragon forms. For her accessories, she has spiked collar, wrist cuffs and blue bauble earrings. She wears a crown on her head in between her horns and she can switch hairstyles from short to long ponytail with the gecko on her head, much like her Rocker dragon form. On this day, Zen also revealed new merch feature two mousepads, Cyber and Dragon Zen, the knife "Circuit Breaker" and Spicy Tonkotsu flavour ramen from Vite Ramen, as well as a new music video for Zen's cover of the Linkin Park song "One More Light".

On 26 May, Zentreya released her third panel from her comic series "My Life with a Cyborg from the Future Who is also a VTuber!?" - "A Small Bump".

On 27 May, Zentreya revealed a new product in partnership with AdvancedGG, her original flavour "Zen's Watermelon".[88] This is the second after "Zentreya's "Cherry Ice" which will still remain on sale, and the shakers and cups were back in stock.

On 8 June, Zentreya revealed she had bought a leopard gecko and he'd been settling in over the weekend. At first she didn't have a name for him yet but during the stream, with help from the chat she finally named him Chester. He has a little angry emoji in his pattern markings and Zen now keeps a picture of him on her stream.

On 21 June, Zentreya revealed her newest outfit added to her collection, featuring Zen's cyborg form, with her hair in different styles, a short bob cut and long flowing locks. She wears a black and red classical style overcoat, with a red blouse and golden broach across the chest as well as a black choker with a red jewel to match one on her broach and glasses. From the waist down, she wear a black and red corset, sheer black skirt and stockings with a small pump styled heel. This outfit was created by Yuniiho and rigged by Kevin (Kvart Studio). Zentreya also released her cover of Hatsune Miku's Popippo on her YouTube channel along with a music video

On 23 June, Zentreya appeared, in her cyber attire, as a musical guest alongside Unnämed for their 3D debut concert, singing Echo (Original by Crusher).[89] O the same day, she made an appearance as a cameo for Dokibird's new outfit reveal trailer as a little bird dressed in her dragon attire.[90]

On 4 July, Good Smile announced the upcoming addition of a Zentreya figure to their Nendoroid series. This has been in the works for almost 2 years, since Zentreya's cyber debut.

On 5 July, Zentreya announced that the Gecko model is being released publicly for free. This is so that members of her community can use them to stream, put them into projects and other ventures. These must not be used for commercial purposes like merch and other things. The model can be customised but not so that is no longer recognisable as the gecko base.[91]

On 10 July, Following the announcement that VShojo was putting out auditions for new members, Zentreya revealed that she had been pushing for this for a very long time as she's excited to meet new people and help creators flourish. [92]The following day she held a Q/A style stream for viewers, applicants and other talents to ask burning questions of what VShojo were looking for.[93]

On 12 July, Zentreya announced she would be releasing two plushie "shoulder riders" with Youtooz, one of cyber Zen and another of her gecko mascot. Both plushies will drop on 27 July and will be available for 4 weeks.[94]

On 14 July, Zentreya reached 500,000 followers on her Twitter account. [95]



  • On 13 February, Zentreya attended Sorry and PoisonTrap VRChat wedding.[96]
  • On 14 February, Zentreya held a Valentine's Day event for her community.[97]
  • On 23 February, Zentreya raised $471.03 during her charity stream for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.[98] Then add another $70 for tax reasons to get a total of $540.[99]
  • On 6 March, Zentreya held a SCP community day.[100]
  • On 27 October, Zentreya attended a VRChat Community Party at the Pug.[101]
  • On 4 November, Zentreya held a VRC Soul Calibur Tournament. This was the first time she had hosted a tournament. The winner was Mimiika and the stream was raided by Lost Pause to which she called him a nerd. The grand prize was $100.[102]
  • On 3 December, Zentreya held a Meme Me Contest were the winner well get $100.[103]
  • On 16 December, Zentreya started a Toys for tots charity stream.[104]


  • On 14 February 2021, Zentreya raised over $42,069 for St. Jude's Children's Hospital.[105]
  • On 3 April 2021, Zentreya participated in VShojo's own game show "VShowdown". She competed in the pilot episode "Do VTubers really know anime?" when she competed against Silvervale, Ironmouse and Nyatasha Nyanners.
  • On 13 December, Zentreya took part in a Twitch Rivals event for Halo Infinite Showdown, she teamed up with Hutch, RPR and SeaNanners.


  • On 30 September, Zentreya took part in a Twitch Rivals event for GUNDAM EVOLUTION Launch Assault, teamed up with Dunmuir, EvilToaster, itskylarr, Stahly and xrayPC.
  • On 7 October, VShojo's Twitter account announced that Ironmouse, Nyanners, Melody, Silvervale, Froot, and Zentreya would be attending Twitch Con.


  • On 15 February, Zentreya participated in Valentines Day Special version of VShojo's game show "VShowdown" with Melody, Kson, and Veibae.
  • On 2 April, Zentreya played in VShojo's game show "GShowdown" (usually named VShowdown) where she, alongside her VShojo crewmates Mouse, Nyanners, Haruka, Froot and Kson answered questions in their "gremolin" models in a Gremolin takeover.
  • On 12 May, Zentreya took part in a Twitch Rivals event for Fall Guys Creative Launch NA, teamed up with Chibidoki, Fream and sarahthesock, they placed 4th.
  • On 30 June, it was announced that Zentreya would be attending San Japan this year. She tweeted about how happy was about being able to do a meet and greet in her home state of Texas and that she was happy to do it for free, as she didn't want payment for doing so.
  • On 14 September, Zentreya took part in Ironmouse's Zero Build Fortnite Invitational with Mouse and CDawgVA as commentators. She was in a team with RubberRoss, Froot and Giwi.
  • On 19 October, VShojo's Twitter account announced that Zentreya would be attending TwitchCon Vegas with Haruka for their meet and greet panel.
  • On 30 October, Zentreya took part in a charity stream alongside Ironmouse and Projekt Melody for DoNotPeekEntertainment and GamersOutreach's Spooktacular Streamathon 2023, a one-shot dnd Halloween campaign. The total raised was $27,475.64.
  • Through 17-24 December, Zentreya was part of a charity stream relay for Toys for Tots for Christmas, along with other VShojo members. The total amount raised was $91,065.00, with $50,000 raised by Zen in just one stream. As a reward, Zentreya promised the chat a toggle on her Dragon model to turn her bald.
  • On 29 December, Zentreya took part in Ironmouse's Lethal Company Invitational "Quota Or Fired" as team leader with Heavenly Father, Froot and Henya as her teammates to raise money for charity.


  • Zentreya took part in a two-day tourney, hosted by Connor (CDawgVA) called “VTubers vs Flesh”, an Apex Legends tourney with a prize pool of $50K. Her teammates were Ironmouse and K9Kuro, they placed 2nd.
  • On 22 April, Zentreya took part in a charity one-shot dnd campaign "Throne Of Heresy alongside Ironmouse, Kuro, Bubi, GEEGA and Melody for with DoNotPeekEntertainment,[106] raising money for the Immune Deficiency Foundation. The total amount raised was $69,430.69.[107]
  • On 19 May, Zentreya took part in a Tekken 8 fighting tournament, Sajam Slam 2 hosted by streamer Sajam, alongside her teammates KawaiiFaceMiles, Roy Chiato, Amaz and LoganRDJ. They placed 4th in the tournament.[108]
  • On 26 June, Zentreya took part in one-shot dnd charity stream, ShipWREKT, alongside Ironmouse, Haruka Karibu and Kuro Kurenai for DoNotPeekEntertainment and GamersOutreach’s #VtuberSummerSlam. The total raised at the end of the stream was $26,288.18.[109]


Year Ceremony Category Result
2022 Streamy Awards VTuber Nominated
2023 The VTuber Awards Best Tech VTuber Nominated
2023 The VTuber Awards Funniest VTuber Nominated
2023 The VTuber Awards A League of Their Own Nominated
2023 The VTuber Awards Best Concert Event: Candy Pop Explosion Nominated
  • In 2022, Streamy Awards nominated Zentreya in the VTuber category, along with her fellow VShojo members Ironmouse, Nyanners and Veibae.[82] On the same day Zen tweeted that she has “already put my withdrawal in for the Streamy VTuber category so that someone more amazing can get their moment to shine”.[83]


  • "I need to make this clear as I fear people have gotten the wrong idea of me. I've never claimed any disability. I am not "Mute IRL". I'm "Muted". I would not and never will take advantage of a disability. I sincerely apologize for not clearing that up. And if you feel that I've wronged you or deceived you in this way, I'm truly sorry. I did hope to show even without talking, you could do so much. I should have stated this sooner with my growth. It is my fault. I chose TTS in today's times cause I'm absolutely scared of someone recognizing my voice. Of being stalked or doxxed. I wanted to live my IRL life without fear of someone recognizing me. I love what I do and making people laugh, but at the same time, people are also unpredictable. I'm sorry if there's been any confusion at all and again, wish I had stated earlier, what's done is done. If you choose to not support me anymore, I understand, I by all means wish you such an amazing life. Thank you for watching and I will be going in a new direction with this."- Zen's explanation of why she chose to use STTS instead of her own voice[110]
  • "Yeah, I-I was just scrolling on Twitter and somebody said I was... super lewd....I'm-I'm not sure how we got to that point. Apparently they also think I am one of the lewdest members now.... So listen, if they're saying that, then they haven't watched the fucking stream, dude. I-I don't know what the fuck to tell you, man. I guess... making sexual jokes every 30 to 45 minutes, counts as, incredibly lewd? I-I don't know."- Zen on being called "lewd"
  • "So, first off" and "So, on today's agenda"- Zen when she's just starting the stream
  • "Thank you so much, be sure to go check them out, go give them lost of love" and "Much love" - Zen's thanks for raids, shoutouts and gift subs/praise
  • "I was a manager once", "When I worked retail", "Back when I was a manager" - Zen will often bring up times from the past when she worked as a retail manager for a store
  • "Stay safe, stay strong and as always, Rock On. Adios."- Zen's stream, video and signature sign off.


  • Zentreya has a strong friendship with her fellow VShojo members and often appears in collabs with the girls frequently. She's often referred to as the 'Mother' of the group as she likes to help them with tasks or issues they are having. Even Matara has referred to Zen as Mama Zen.
  • Zentreya is one of Haruka Karibu's wives, though tends to deny this very often.
  • Zentreya has a really strong friendship with GEEGA, so much so that on her VShojo debut, she unveiled a t-shirt titled "Tee of Friendship". Dedicated to Zen, this t-shirt is plain white with the words "Zemtraya Sucks" on the front in big bold letters.
  • Shortly after Froot's debut, Zentreya declared Froot to be her waifu and Froot reciprocated. FeFe tweeted back that she was ready to fight Zentreya for her.
  • Zentreya is good friends with many people in the VTuber community, often arranging collabs with them regardless of audience size or popularity.
  • Zentreya is in an eternal conflict with one of her VIPs named Fatman (previously a mod for Zentreya) and often plays it out on stream.


  • Zentreya's fans are currently known as the Geckos. During her streams where they often tease her and make fun of her but know their place and are very supportive of her. On occasion, she pretends to shake or hit the camera because they tease her. While there is a lot of bantering in her streams, she also makes them aware that it is all in good fun as well as insisting that they do not act this way in other streams or channels.
  • During stream, Zentreya usually will have a little red gecko in the corner of the screen or near her that talks. This is powered by a TTS similar to Zen's own, and speaks when Twitch bits are donated with a message. This red gecko is the same one that Zentreya used as her plushie concept but after she found a way to use it, thus it came to represent the chat. It had 2 main outfits, a spacesuit and a dinosaur onesie, though Zen will often dress it up and give it new hats. The gecko's name is Chad, due to a mistake when trying to say "Chat", as her TTS program will often change it to "Chad".
  • Zentreya's fans are formerly known as the Soldiers.
  • Zentreya's fans were formerly known as the Red Knights.
  • Zentreya's fans were formerly called the A.L.A., aka the Anti-Lewd Army, in reference to a group she created in VRChat.

Dungeons & Dragons

Death and Debts


Death and Debts

Death and Debts is a campaign set on Kalkatesh. This campaign features players that are all VTubers. The campaigns were was streamed on Arcadum's Twitch channel.

The premise is that six adventurers answer the call of Baba Yaga, the Witch Queen, to Witchtown to help solve the problems of Dolten. They infiltrate a ball in order to find a traitor selling the secrets of Dolten to foreign nations, leading to the group investigating a mystery and collecting nipples.

The campaigns had Bunny GIF as Madeleine a wood elf Swashbuckler, Ironmouse as Umi a triton mermaid bard, Momo as Vaeri a kobold fighter, Zentreya as Zara a red orc Monk/Fighter (Samurai), Silvervale as Revlis Tiefling (Asmodeus) Part Succubus Warlock and Projekt Melody as Terryn Zabi a Changeling Warlock (The Great Old One).[111]

List Death and Debts episodes

Episode Broadcast date Runtime
Episode 0 2020/07/26 2:59:51
Episode 1 2020/07/29 3:08:46
Episode 2 2020/08/05 3:04:55
Episode 3 2020/08/19 3:30:39
Episode 4 2020/08/26 3:21:40
Episode 5 2020/09/09 3:16:10
Episode 6 2020/09/16 2:19:53
Episode 7 2020/09/23 3:18:51
Episode 8 2020/09/29 3:01:11
Episode 9 2020/10/14 3:06:36
Episode 10 2020/10/28 3:21:53
Episode 11 2020/11/11 3:38:57

Steel and Silence


Steel and Silence

Steel and Silence is a campaign set on Kalkatesh. It is the 2nd season of Death and Debts. The campaigns were was streamed on Arcadum's Twitch channel. With the same cast as the previous campaigns.

The premise is that the adventurers begin their journey across Daborak to meet the Lord of Blades to ask for assistance in the incoming fight against the Enemy.[112]

List Steel and Silence episodes

Episode Broadcast date Runtime
Episode 1 2020/12/02 3:15:59
Episode 2 2020/12/16 2:50:30
Episode 3 2021/01/13 2:48:38
Episode 4 2021/01/27 3:24:38
Episode 5 2021/02/03 3:04:57
Episode 6 2021/02/10 3:42:40
More info & Episode recaps can be foun : here


Likes and dislikes

  • Zentreya loves horror, RPGs, MMOs, otome games, playing the drums, music, memes, strawberries, halloween and anime (mostly romance or slice of life).
  • Zentreya really loves mechs, Tokusatsu, gunpla/gundam, Godzilla/Kaiju monsters and Warhammer 40K, she is also a huge fan of the Armoured Core franchise.
  • Zentreya loves to challenge her friends and sometimes her chat to various games. She often challenges her chat to games of Connect 4, or Mario Party with Haruka and GEEGA. If there's a challenge, Zen is most like going to be involved.
  • Zentreya's favorite Pokemon is Snom, who she calls Pablo and he sometime makes an appearance in streams with his own custom armor, as slippers for her comfy outfit or somewhere in the background.
  • Zentreya's favorite color is red and her lucky/favorite number is 7.
  • Zentreya's favorite horror movie is John Carpenter's " The Thing".
  • One of Zentreya's favourite game is Halo, she loves it so much she never fails to tell people that if she didn't take up content creation, she could have gone "pro". Zentreya has a reached Onyx Level.
  • Her favorite genres of music are rock, metal, screamo, death metal and dubstep.
  • She hates predictable horror movies, the banana suit, broccoli, Mario Party, mustard and losing.
  • Zen is a big animal lover, she's especially a big lover of Dogs, Geckos/Lizards and Penguins


  • Zentreya was the leader and founder of the A.L.A, the Anti-Lewd Army. She officially disbanded the A.L.A. in September 2020 and retired from the VRChat community.
  • Zentreya has a close connection with the VRChat community, seeing as her main content for several years was VRChat, as well as the fact that the character of Zentreya was created and developed through the VRChat community.
  • Zentreya has role-played at least 10 different characters.
  • Zentreya in her role-playing days had a kid named IceReaper with Joey Bagels AKA Nagzz21.
  • She is still waiting to go on her second date with Nagzz21.
  • Zentreya actually has a blood sister, only known as Medusa.
  • Zentreya was adopted by Shiro alongside Medusa and Kirbynite.
  • Zentreya has several other RP characters she played as, including LuLu, Nez, Carmella, Lady Z, V4LK-YR13, Hoppi, Abysma, Zenchi and Zentreya's estranged sister, Medusa. And a Sora Fantasy version Zentreya.
  • Zentreya was going to appear in a fan-made VRChat RPG game named VRChat Heroes, as an NPC. The Game was then cancelled.
  • Zentreya was a part of the VRC group “The Demon Dogs” for 2 days.
  • Zentreya has gone through several iterations of models over the years do to being a role player. Her traditional garb at the time consisted of a sharp military-esque uniform.
  • Commander Zen's hair glows in the dark.


  • Zentreya was not originally a VTuber, but instead began as a mute YouTuber.
  • She can sing (through a similar system like her STTS), play the drums and a little bit of the piano. She has also expressed interest in learning to play the guitar.
  • Zentreya has gone though three re-brandings.
  • She lives in Texas with her two dogs Millie (traditional beagle and oldest of the two) and Marley (youngest, lemon beagle). She posted photos of Millie and Marley (Marlo for short) on her Instagram page. Zen, now also has a leopard gecko named Chester, she got his name from suggestions from chat, named after Chester Bennington (Singer of Linkin Park) as well as due to him markings.
  • It was noted by Haruka on stream, that one of the reasons Zentreya's TTS often has issues with capturing what she is saying is due to her thick Texan accent. This is why Zen has issues with getting people's names right.
  • Her love for catgirls has led to her being nicknamed Zentrenya.
  • Zentreya's Myers Briggs personality type is ENFP (Campaigner), These are described as true free spirits – outgoing, openhearted, and open-minded.
  • Zentreya has stated many times that she wears glasses because her eyesight is "terrible", so often when she is focused or is looking at her screen, she will look mad or sleepy when this is not the case. It's just her glasses in front of her eyes making her look like she is squinting or her eyes are half closed.
  • Zentreya has a few running gags on her streams. Overkill by RIOT is her opening song as "Operation Overkill" is her theme song and is the name of her protocol in her lore. On Tuesdays she will play "Taco Tuesday" by Lil John because she loves Tacos (any kind of taco). On Wednesdays (which is very rare as Zen usually has Wednesdays off) she'll play a remix of the meme "It's Wednesday my dudes" and Fridays she will play the meme "Go Mufasa". All of these are to help hype up the chat, you will see each stream that chat members will post emotes in hype for the songs and the start of the stream.
    • One of her most notable running gags, as stated above, is playing "Taco Tuesday" by Lil Jon per every Tuesday in which she is available to stream. However, contradictory to the theme of the gag, she does not eat tacos per every Tuesday and the gag serves more as a joke gag based on the day of Tuesday itself.
  • The speech-to-text-to-speech voice Zentreya previously used was TATYANA IVONA VOICE. Now she uses a different program which is undisclosed as she is not allowed to distribute it.
    • Zen's original TTS made her sound Russian.
  • Due to her STTS slip ups, Zentreya has many nicknames for Haruka, GEEGA, Henya and others with a list of names she calls them.
  • Zentreya was the founder of the Twitch Team Virtual Streamers Worldwide.
  • Zen is willing to insult her audience as well as giving them the middle finger (mostly in a joking way).
  • She is very upfront about her opinions, stating whether or not she hates something.
  • She has exceeding levels of affection towards her friends and community both.
  • Zentreya has made it widely known that she has ADHD (she often has this in her Twitch streamer tags). While she does not use this as an excuse, she often has issues remembering things, seen as chaotic at times and sometimes struggles with focus.
  • Zentreya has stated that she is of Mexican-American[113] descent and that she is 100% hispanic, though she doesn't know a lot of Spanish due to not being taught when she was younger.
  • In a stream, Zen explains to the chat that the helmet to resembles a dragon with the mouth and the antennas resemble horns of the dragon.
  • Zen used to street race when she was in school, she explained she was one of the popular kids in school and her friends at the time, would street race with her and do tons of crazy stuff as a teenagers.
  • Zentreya worked in retail for 10+ years as a management before she became a streamer and she also did some floral work.
  • Zentreya is very good at drawing, though doesn't believe that and thinks she is actually very bad at drawing.
  • Zentreya has a geographical tongue (looks like a bunch of vines). This means her tongue is super sensitive to tastes, spices and sweet foods.
  • During Henya the Genius' lore video, Chapter 4: The Cube, Zentreya makes an appearance and can be seen rescuing Henya.
  • In the video for Ironmouse's animated short "Ironmouse: Unleashed", Zentreya appears twice in the video (as Dragon Zen and Cyborg Zen) as well as red and teal toaster behind Bubi in reference to Zen.
  • Zentreya makes a cameo twice, along with other VTubers, in Henya's music video for "強風オールバック", once as a pigeon fighting with Haruka and again as a cat in her "Candy Pop" concert outfit.
  • Zentreya makes an appearance, along with other VShojo members and VTubers, in Unnamed's music video for "Queen of Hearts".
  • After changing from dragon to a cyborg, Zen made the decision to continue using both forms. Her decision was inspired by hololive member Haachama, who uses two personas (Haachama and Akai Haato).[114]


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  21. o.o [@WING_ow]. (Apr 1, 2018). Made a ships tree for this communityXD [tweet]. twitter.
  22. zentreya [@zentreya]. (Apr 5, 2018). The A.L.A is always looking for officers to defend the world from lewdists. [tweet]. twitter.
  23. zentreya [@zentreya]. (Apr 9, 2018). While I was having fun running across Twitter, I never payed attention to my followers thing until a few posts told me congratulations haha. [tweet]. twitter.
  24. zentreya [@zentreya]. (Apr 12, 2018). I'm SO excited to announce an EXTRA RP character. [tweet]. twitter.
  25. zentreya [@zentreya]. (Apr 13, 2018). Yesterday was the unveiling of my first ever functional music override and on/off mask character. [tweet]. twitter.
  26. zentreya [@zentreya]. (Apr 14, 2018). As of this moment, the A.L.A has officially declared war upon@AshuneraGamesCrimson Traps. [tweet]. twitter.
  27. zentreya [@zentreya]. (Apr 16, 2018). Lost_Pause_I want you to know, the entire time, I was telling you that you were the lewdest person in the room. [tweet]. twitter.
  28. zentreya [@zentreya]. (Apr 23, 2018). [VRChat Livestream 2nd stream on Twitch. And Community A.L.A vs L.4.L Event later!] [tweet]. twitter.
  29. zentreya [@zentreya]. (Apr 23, 2018). Today's Twitch stream went very well, unfortunately the A.L.A and L.4.L was [tweet]. twitter.
  30. zentreya [@zentreya]. (Apr 24, 2018). There will always be war, the only way to win it is to make the first move. And make it the last." - Absyma, A.L.A General [tweet]. twitter.
  31. zentreya [@zentreya]. (Apr 24, 2018). There are two types of soldiers on the field [tweet]. twitter.
  32. zentreya [@zentreya]. (Apr 24, 2018). No matter where ya are, I'll hunt ya to the ends of the Earth [tweet]. twitter.
  33. zentreya [@zentreya]. (Apr 24, 2018). I lost everything. And...when there's nothing left, when you can't see the light, you finally just... snap. I like it." LuLu, A.L.A General [tweet]. twitter.
  34. zentreya [@zentreya]. (Apr 24, 2018). I'm not going to kill you, lewd, anti-lewd, people don't need a war to change. They can change themselves [tweet]. twitter.
  35. zentreya [@zentreya]. (Apr 24, 2018). When I look down on you, when my pistol is at your head, I want you to scream how disgusting you are [tweet]. twitter.
  36. Lamango [Lamango]. (1 May 2018‎). History: Zentreya [Page].
  37. zentreya [@zentreya]. (May 2, 2018). Due to time changes/ responsibilities / and general time, me and Xigneon are no longer in an RP relationship [tweet]. twitter.
  38. zentreya [@zentreya]. (May 3, 2018). I believe the "Be Nice Zen! [tweet]. twitter.
  39. zentreya [@zentreya]. (May 4, 2018). @Nagzz21I didn't know you felt this way.. This caught me off guard. Who knew..~ ♥ [tweet]. twitter.
  40. zentreya [@zentreya]. (May 15, 2018). And the Zenzz21 ship has been crushed [tweet]. twitter.
  41. Nagzz [@Nagzz21]. (May 20, 2018). Happy birthday zentreya [tweet]. twitter.
  42. zentreya [@zentreya]. (May 20, 2018). Birthday Stream, New Bikini Model, Drinks, Fun, and just alot of love [tweet]. twitter.
  43. zentreya [@zentreya]. (May 21, 2018). Better news, the model supposedly made from scratch, it wasn't haha! So I spent 300 on someone who screwed me out of my model [tweet]. twitter.
  44. zentreya [@zentreya]. (May 21, 2018). Before anyone goes after the wrong person, no, the bikini model was one I had help with, it was this model [tweet]. twitter.
  45. zentreya [@zentreya]. (Jun 5, 2018). [VRChat Cross-Over Chronicles Episode 1] [tweet]. twitter.
  46. zentreya [@zentreya]. (Jun 20, 2018). Like... just woah AND HYPE. YES. AH. 😳😳❤️❤️❤️❤️ [tweet]. twitter.
  47. zentreya [@zentreya]. (Jun 25, 2018). This is to help with the current A.L.A Arc [tweet]. twitter.
  48. zentreya [@zentreya]. (Jun 26, 2018). [ (New Zentreya Model...Why...) VRChat (NON-RP/ RP Character Reveal) : She (New RP Character)] [tweet]. twitter.
  49. zentreya [@zentreya]. (Jul 2, 2018). [ A.L.A Bio/Mech Log #231 ] [tweet]. twitter.
  50. zentreya [@zentreya]. (Jul 4, 2018). What a way to kick of the 4th of July [tweet]. twitter.
  51. zentreya [@zentreya]. (Jul 19, 2018). This is freaking sick, like, video game level art design [tweet]. twitter.
  52. zentreya [@zentreya]. (Jul 30, 2018). I'm ready for the day, wanna join [tweet]. twitter.
  53. zentreya [@zentreya]. (Jul 31, 2018). Oh my God, thank you EVERYONE for your continuous support and love and oh my god, I'm freaking out [tweet]. twitter.
  54. zentreya [@zentreya]. (Aug 6, 2018). I FINALLY finished the new model [tweet]. twitter.
  55. zentreya [@zentreya]. (Aug 27, 2018). So I've determined the best time to do the 24 Hour Stream Challenge will be [tweet]. twitter.
  56. zentreya [@zentreya]. (Aug 27, 2018). By the way, before the 24 hour stream [tweet]. twitter.
  57. zentreya [@zentreya]. (Sep 12, 2018). I know I should be sleeping, but... new model, new me [tweet]. twitter.
  58. zentreya [@zentreya]. (Sep 15, 2018). This ain't lewd right [tweet]. twitter.
  59. zentreya [@zentreya]. (Sep 23, 2018). I totally passed out after work when I got home [tweet]. twitter.
  60. zentreya [@zentreya]. (Sep 17, 2018). Remember when they said I couldn't dance? Sit down and shut up [tweet]. twitter.
  61. zentreya [@zentreya]. (Sep 27, 2018). I told you guys I had something I needed to say [tweet]. twitter.
  62. zentreya [@zentreya]. (Sep 29, 2018). So this comes in on Thursday, custom print, the sizes will be 1 of each : S , M , and L. XL can be included of needed [tweet]. twitter.
  63. zentreya [@zentreya]. (Oct 14, 2018). Had such a fun time last night with the new game in #VRChat called murder. I killed alot of people [tweet]. twitter.
  64. zentreya [@zentreya]. (Oct 29, 2018). Well, I finally perished guys [tweet]. twitter.
  65. zentreya [@zentreya]. (Oct 29, 2018). Tomorrow will be the 24 HOUR SPOOKATHON, starting at 8-9 PM CST, OCTOBER 30th [tweet]. twitter.
  66. zentreya [@zentreya]. (Oct 30, 2018). Unfortunately, I had to end the 26 hour stream unbelievably early due to Food Poisoning and throwing up [tweet]. twitter.
  67. zentreya [@zentreya]. (Nov 8, 2018). Welll damn,you know I'm ready. [tweet]. twitter.
  68. zentreya [@zentreya]. (Nov 6, 2018). YOU READY FOR THIS? [tweet]. twitter.
  69. zentreya [@zentreya]. (Nov 10, 2018). Zentreya's Waifu Stats [tweet]. twitter.
  70. zentreya [@zentreya]. (Nov 27, 2018). So that's a pretty big milestone that my Community reached [tweet]. twitter.
  71. zentreya [@zentreya]. (Nov 30, 2018). Someone asked me if I could go back and change anything or say anything to anyone, what would it be [tweet]. twitter.
  72. zentreya [@zentreya]. (Nov 30, 2018). Alot [tweet]. twitter.
  73. zentreya [@zentreya]. (Dec 1, 2018). The official partnering w/@KuroiEnpitsuis here [tweet]. twitter.
  74. zentreya [@zentreya]. (Dec 11, 2018). Oh yeah. My RP husbando is either@JT_Senpaior@Youvegotthetou1.Trying to figure that out [tweet]. twitter.
  75. zentreya [@zentreya]. (Dec 19, 2018). Just woke up [tweet]. twitter.
  76. zentreya [@zentreya]. (Dec 22, 2018). Just in case [tweet]. twitter.
  77. zentreya [@zentreya]. (Dec 25, 2018). It's that day of the year to come together [tweet]. twitter.
  78. Zentreya - Stream May 18, 2019, TwitchTracker.
  79. Zentreya [@zentreya]. (2020, September 25). Today was an emotional stream for me as I opened up about the future possibility of rebranding and disbanding. It is a huge change for me that I will think hard on. The changes would be character/brand and its very tough. Thank you for listening to me and supporting me. [Tweet]. Twitter.
  80. Zentreya [@zentreya]. (2020, October 1). Later today, A LOT happening. Its freaking go time. 🔥 [Tweet]. Twitter.
  81. Zentreya [@zentreya]. (2021, September 28). Hello On Sunday, without going too much into detail, Zentreya went into a severe mental breakdown. Zentreya will be on break until therapy is given and are confident enough to continue work. Thank you. [Tweet]. Twitter.
  82. 82.0 82.1 Streamy Awards [streamys]. (2022, October 27). Vtuber Nominees
    🔹 @codemiko
    🔹 @ironmouse
    🔹 @NyanNyanners
    🔹 @Veibae
    🔹 @zentreya#streamys
    [Tweet]. Twitter.
  83. 83.0 83.1 Zentreya⚡🐲 VSHOJO [zentreya]. (2022, October 28). Thank you all for your kind words and support, but I have already put my withdrawal in for the Streamy Vtuber category so that someone more amazing can get their moment to shine. I am proud of my friends for being able to get on the list!
    And can’t wait to see who they choose!
    [Tweet]. Twitter.
  84. Zentreya [zentreya]. (2024, February 25). ⚠️ YOU ARE NOT SEEING THINGS ⚠️
    Make sure you save up and get ready to rock the world with this sick jacket and show everyone you mean business.
    Cause I only know how to ⭐️ GAME ⭐️
    ( Limited Stock / Preorder after OOS )
    [Tweet]. Twitter.
  85. Triglop [triglop]. (2024, April 1). Who's the best Toaster out there? That's right! You are!!!@zentreya #zentreart #zentreya
    Hello & Welcome fellow geckos! ♥
    [Tweet]. Twitter.
  86. VShojo [VShojo]. (2024, May 4). The #VShojo X #NIKKE 1.5 Anniversary Music Special has begun with hosts GEEGA & CDawgVA!

    🔴LIVE on talent channels

    Join us now for 5 cover song premiers by:
    Hime Hajime
    Projekt Melody
    Matara Kan
    [Tweet]. Twitter.
  87. Zentreya [zentreya]. (2024, May 20). I put in as many hours as I can to make sure that I make you smile at least once. I push myself everyday so I can change the world, just a little bit, whether that's by giving to Charities or telling someone to have an awesome day. This is all for you.
    Thank you for everything.🫶
    [Tweet]. Twitter.
  88. Zentreya's Watermelon Hydration Gaming Supplement. (2024, May 27). AdvancedGG.
  89. Unnämed [Unnämed]. (2024, June 23). 【#Untitled3DShowcase】I'm not giving up until the very end [Video]. YouTube.
  90. Dokibird [Dokibird]. (2024, June 23). 【#DOKIBOUNTYHUNTER】New Skin Suit Reveal【Dokibird】 [Video]. YouTube.
  91. Zentreya [zentreya]. (2024, July 5). I wanted to do this for a very long time!
    You all have done so much for me, so let me give you something you will have fun with and have fun with others.
    The Zentreya GECKO is now available to the public, so go nuts, and have fun!
    I am very happy for all of you! 🫶
    [Tweet]. Twitter.
  92. Zentreya. (n.d.). We'll be looking for all sized content creators big or small, we want to see your creativity and help you. I’ve been pushing for this, so I am excited to meet new people and see what all of you can do! So give it your best shot and I can’t wait! Get in there! 💛. Twitter.
  93. Zentreya. (n.d.). [ So with auditions open and a lot of peeps trying to figure out what to do Let me help you! I have gone through A LOT of content through my time as a vtuber SO TODAY It's an educational stream and I take your questions!]. Twitter.
  94. Zentreya [@zentreya]. (2024, July 12). ⚠️ NEW MERCH DROP COMING SOON ⚠️
    WHEN? JULY 23rd @ 2 PM CT
    [Tweet]. Twitter.
  95. Zentreya. (n.d.). ❤️‍🔥 THANK YOU FOR HALF A MILLION FOLLOWERS ❤️‍🔥. Twitter.
  96. zentreya [@zentreya]. (Feb 13, 2018). Congratulations [tweet]. twitter.
  97. zentreya [@zentreya]. (Feb 14, 2018). VALENTINES DAY EVENT WITH MY COMMUNITY!! HAPPY VALENTINES DAY [tweet]. twitter.
  98. zentreya [@zentreya]. (Feb 23, 2018). @VRChatNet@afspnationalHad to edit my name out and stuff for personal reasons, but thank you to my community [tweet]. twitter.
  99. zentreya [@zentreya]. (Feb 23, 2018). I'll also be adding $70 [tweet]. twitter.
  100. zentreya [@zentreya]. (Mar 6, 2018). [ SCP SECRET LABORATORY + VRCHAT COMMUNITY EVENT DAY] [tweet]. twitter.
  101. zentreya [@zentreya]. (Oct 27, 2018). I'll be livestreaming in a bit! I'll be relaxing with some drinks and jamming out before the VRChat Community Party [tweet]. twitter.
  102. zentreya [@zentreya]. (Nov 4, 2018). THE VRC Soul Calibur Tournament was intense [tweet]. twitter.
  103. zentreya [@zentreya]. (Dec 3, 2018). I got such a good contest for you guys that's simple and fun [tweet]. twitter.
  104. zentreya [@zentreya]. (Dec 16, 2018). Hey you nerds [tweet]. twitter.
  106. Do Not Peek Entertainment [dnpeek]. (2024, April 16). Monday, April 22nd at 6PM ET/3PM PT 😈👑@ironmouse, @BubiVT, @ProjektMelody, @zentreya, @K9_KURO, and @GeneralGEEGA are teaming up to support the Immune Deficiency Foundation @IDFCommunity in an epic D&D one shot

    You won't want to miss this..
    [Tweet]. Twitter.
  107. 💖ironmouse😈VSHOJO💖 [ironmouse]. (2024, April 23). Thank you all so much for watching our adventure and thank you to my friends for joining me! I can't wait for our next dnd adventure! We raised over $69k for the @IDFCommunity !!! Thank you all so much for the incredible support! I love you guys!!! [Tweet]. Twitter.
  108. Sajam Slam Tourney Rankings
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  114. TripleVTubing [TripleVTubing]. (2023, November 26). HAACHAMA Inspired Zentreya To Do THIS... [Video]. YouTube.